McCarthy AK Massacre 3/1/1983 *Louis Hastings vowed to kill everyone in McCarthy; pled no contest, received 594 years in prison*

Christopher Richards, 29 [survived]
Donna Byram, 32 [survived]
Maxine Edwards, 52
Les Hegland, 64
Flo Hegland, 58
Harley King, 61
Tim Nash, 38
Amy Nash

I was not able to find pictures of any of the victims. If you have one you would like to share, please let me know.

Louis Hastings release date: Scheduled Release Date: 03/04/2406 – my guess is that he just may not make it.

Murderpedia: Louis D. Hastings
Gunman Kills Six in Alaska Village
Gunman goes on rampage, kills six
Man Pleads No Contest To Charges Of Killing 6
Killer may have intended to slay others
McCarthy killer gets 634 years
Louis D. Hastings v. State of Alaska
The End Of The Road
McCarthy Alaska

Murder at 40 Below: True Crime Stories from Alaska

Alaska: Ice Cold Killers: Frozen Terror


Offender ID:1200
Date of Birth:01/01/1944
Age: 68
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Spring Creek Correctional Center

Scheduled Release Date: 03/04/2406

13 Responses

  1. I saw a documentary of this murder spree on The Discovery channel this evening. It was really shocking. That Alaska town, McCarthy, has no electricity, no phone service, no running water, and no plumbing. It’s really that last frontier, but it’s residents wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

  2. It just goes to prove that a person is not safe anywhere on Earth

  3. Louis Hastings was released in 2003. So, he served less than 20 years on his 600 year sentence for murdering 6 people. Our justice system at work.

    • jonathan,

      I don’t know where you got your information, but according to the Alaska DOC, you are incorrect. I just got off of the phone with them and the information I posted under INMATE INFORMATION is correct. He is incarcerated at the Spring Creek Correctional Center.

      • This is one time I hope I am incorrect. I got this information today off the Federal Inmate Locator site. Says he was “released” in 2003. But maybe that means he was actually transferred into the custody of the state?

        • Yes, he is not a federal inmate. He is in the custody of Alaska DOC. If he had been in federal custody and it says released, that does not mean released to the streets. If an inmate has state time, they go to state prison. The federal inmate locator is very limited in the information presented.

  4. I just saw the documentry and it sent chills down my spine. Are we ever safe in this cruel world?

  5. I am watching it now….agree with chills and just total disbelief anyone could be so cruel. Instead of life they should have shot him. Someone in his past had to have known he was not right…..he is just a sick person who should not be allowed to live. In this case I firmly believe in the death penalty.

  6. I dont think there is anything cruel enough to payback for his cruelty to those innocent people. We can never understand what , why he did this.

  7. just finished watching this documentary. i find it rather disturbing and sick that one man would so such things to innocent people for no reason.

  8. Louis Hastings was an eco-terrorist. He was an extreme environmentalist, and he intended to kill all of the residents in McCarthy so he could then blow up the trans-Alaskan pipeline without being stopped and without the police being called in immediately.

  9. someone please tell me how I can just packup and move to place like that. minus the Louis hastings. I have got to go live in a remote place . its the life stile I have alwas can I do it broke!! p.s will be in Wasilla ak 08/11/2014 maybe I can get an awnser then..if you have any tips let me know.

  10. Unreal. So very sad that a person could take another life. I moved from Oregon in 1984 to Kotzebue, Alaska. I really loved it there. No running water, no electricity. I chose to live like that. As a young adult it was challenging, but so rewarding. I lived there for 8 yrs. There were murders, suicides!!!! I remember being so frightened. The book store murder, next to the Post Office where I worked. Bullets came through the walls. These small remote places are very dangerous to those with mental health problems, etc. It still gives me the chills. I’m sorry for the loss of your loved ones in McCarthy.

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