• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Boyfriends From Hell: Felix Jesus Chapa charged with killing his girlfriend and her two sons

Michelle Hughes
Ivan Hughes
William Hughes

Texas man charged with three counts of capital murder
Alice Man In Custody, Accused of Triple Murder
Felix Chapa Arrested In Triple Murder Of Michelle Hughes & Her 2 Sons Ivan & Billy
Alice Triple Murder – Full Coverage
Alice police arrest man, 24, in stabbing deaths of woman, two sons
Chapa Charged With Three Counts Of Capital Murder; Bonds Set At $2.25 Million

Felix Jesus Chapa

**Note from blog owner**
Please read my comment policy before you comment. I will not approve any comments that are negative in any way about the victim. If you do not understand domestic violence, I suggest you research it. It is not so easy to just up and leave your abuser. Sorry, does not usually happen. Many times the victim has become emotionally dependent on their abuser and cannot just leave. Yes, I know this because I have been going thru this. Learn compassion and empathy towards victims. And think of their loved ones. They do not need to read how the victim deserved to be abused and/or killed. And yes, there have been comments, and more than one, that these victims deserved this. NO THEY DID NOT DESERVE THIS. Learn compassion.


28 Responses

  1. Real nice! What was the reasoning for this? Not that any reason is a good one , just wondering WHY?

    • this is funny how everyone that “knew her”, says she was in an abusive relationship YET NOBODY did anything to help…and NOBODY did anything to help him with his problems……

      • Um excuse me but didn’t know her , just fan of this site. Like ppl knew she was gonna be murdered..

  2. Ok I served with this guy in Iraq and Afghanistan , ya what he did was horrible but did you ever stop to think about the emotional damage or hidden scares combat veterans go through, so before people start passing judgment think about that. Im not excusing his actions ,but what was he going through , what hidden hell was he living ???

    • Chris,

      Yes, maybe he had a rough time during deployment as thousands of other soldiers did too, but killing your girlfriend and her grown kids (one is 15 and one is 20) is not the answer. He made a choice to kill them. He disgraced the military, he did not honor his service there. He stabbed Michelle to death. One of the kids, 15-year-old William was handicapped, in a wheelchair. There is no excuse for what he did. If he was having emotional issues, was he getting help? Did he tell anyone? I know he was drinking when this happened, but that is no excuse either. It takes thought to do what he did. He had to chase down the victims to kill them. No, I am not going to think about what he is going thru. Have you thought about the hell their loved ones are going through now? It was also said that domestic violence had occurred before with him. That is why she was leaving him. It is offensive for you to suggest that people need to worry about what he was going thru. That is why many victims just live with the abuse. But that stops here. Michelle, Ivan and William are the victims here. Not Felix. He made a choice to kill and it has ruined many lives.

      • Like I said I’m not excusing what he did it was horrible and as for disgracing the military , they do nothing or at least very little to help us with problems like PTSD they say to do a lot but really were tossed aside and when they do focus on the veteran it’s a group thing not a 1on 1 like it should be , yes be sad for the victims it’s horrible and there family’s have suffered a great loss and I hope one day they can find peace cause no one diserves what has happened but you know nothing about Felix or what he saw and did , what horrible things we witnessed so in turn you have no right to speak about his character , again I’m sadden for the family and their loss I truly am , it’s inexcusable and unforgivable but I’m also sadden for my friend, who obviously snapped under the pressure of His PTSD , ask yourself this , of he was this crazy murderer that people are making him out to be why didn’t he try and leave the state or fight the police, he gave up without incendiant because he snapped back into reality a reality . So again I’m really saddened by the loss this family has suffered I really am and it’s unforgivable what he has done but my friend needs help and like so many other veterans he was tossed aside.

        • My opionion he doesnt deserve to live he derserves to suffer and be put to sleep like the Hughes family did…He had no excuse if he knew he had mental issues then he should have got help and maybe ask the girl friend to help him instead of beating her on a daily basis and beating Ivan..Oh yeah he argued with Ivan the week before and told him that he would come back and kill them…. Yeah quit supporting some soldier boy..He of course will be different with you and be differnt around a woman that he used and took advantage of..What the hell do you know…what ever..You men are asholes and will never respect.

          • laura,

            Not all men are assholes or do not respect women. It just seems like those that are overshadow the good men, which there are plenty of. In fact, most men do not hit or disrespect women. It goes the other way too. There are women who abuse men or disrespect them. It is not gender specific.

          • What a joke. he was a fun loving guy full of life. there is always another side to the story that people refuse to accept. she didn’t make it any easier for him either. they didn’t deserve what happened to them but at fhe same point she knew what she got herself into. civilians think they know it all and we know what’s going on because we “watch tv” & see movies but truth is that isn’t the half of it. he was never the same when he left thw military and to feel you have right to pass judgement on him while you assume is just stupid. none of you people will ever experience what he did bc u have too much to lose, well this guy put his life on the line to protect you and the ones you “lovr” something you would never do. he made the sacrifice.

          • Michelle,

            How arrogant can you be to claim that no one who reads this will understand what he felt because he was in the military. You are insinuating that none of readers have been in the military, only Felix Jesus Chapa was in the military. Not even you. (You specifically say “none of you”) Well, you are wrong. I have many readers who were in the military, including my husband. And yes, he was deployed. But I guess since his opinion is different, he does not count. But my husband and all other members of the military ALSO made the sacrifice, as well as their families (and yes, I was one of those – my husband was deployed most of the first years of our marriage). Yes, those military people who have been deployed have seen a lot worse than many others. And many of them have PTSD. That is very true. But they still know right from wrong. Even those of us who have PTSD (not from military experience) still know right from wrong. If Mr. Chapa did not know right from wrong, he should not have been in the military either. He is not the only soldier to come home and murder people. Those soldiers were also convicted of those crimes.

      • Why was she dating someone just 4 years older that her twenty year old son?

    • dude, screw you. Hell no I don’t think about it and why should I ? PLenty of soldiers return home and don’t MURDER their girlfriend and her CHILDREN. That is pathetic and a disgusting excuse and yes, by the way, you are excusing what he did.

      If he was in hell, he should have killed himself and let that family live.

  3. And also as for the domestic violence who is to say she didn’t start any of that were all quick to judge the man , and have you ever served in combat ? And not just been deployed I mean really served in COMBAT and as for he planned it out no I know my friend he snapped you don’t have to plan this out of you just snapped I looked up definitions for PTSD domestic violencemutder exc and all pretty much say the same thing people can snap and not know what they are doing so please do your reaserxh befor commenting especially on such a fragile subject .

    • Chris,

      I did not mean plan as in days. Just like premeditation, it only takes minutes. And no, I have not been in combat or deployed, but my ex-husband was. I was there when he came home from both deployments. As for domestic violence, it is obvious that you have not read anything else in my blog. I am just getting out of a domestic violence situation. Do not tell me that I do not know or understand domestic violence. I have survived so far. What the future brings when he gets out of jail, I don’t know. I am not optimistic about it, so I am not thinking about it.

      What have YOU done for your friend??? It does not appear that you got him any help.

      • My friend can always turn to me for help it’s kind of hard me being in California and him in Texas but I am always there for my brothers and domestic
        Violence is a horrible thing but like I said who’s to say she was not the one that cause some of it the problem with domestic violence is the women can damn near say anything she wants and the man goes to jail for it I’ve seen it first hand with friends and it doesn’t matter if your husband served over seas or not if you weren’t there you’ll never understand no amount of talking will come close to understanding things like holding your friends hand as the light goes out its something you can’t even fathom it stays with you , and i have to remind myself day after day to not get mad about it cause i cant change it , i live with it every day so like I said I’m sorry for the family and their loss it’s a horrific thing for anyone to have to go through and I feel bad for my friend that he felt this was an acceptable thing to do and saddened that he snapped and the system let another soldier down again there’s a lot veterans don’t talk about that they have seen and it builds up and up till sadly something like this happens and innocents are harmed . It doesnt make it right but sadly it happens .So the family’s are in my thoughts an prayers BOTH of them cause it’s not just one family that is suffering . And to my friend Felix I hope he gets the help he deserves and can one day come to terms with the horrific thing he has done , and have the decencey to apologize to the family’s he has forever changed no amount of sorrrys will bring them
        Back but I believe he needs to face the family face to face maybe it will give them
        Closure in time hopefully wounds will heal

        • Closure is a myth. It will not happen. Michelle’s family and friends will live with this every single day, as will Felix’s loved ones. Even with a conviction, there is never closure.

          • Thank you mylifeofcrime…

          • Ty. You are right closure is a myth. My sister and nephews will be dead for three years this Monday. And my tears still flow and my pain still exists. As to his friends that say my sister caused it pfft you have no clue as to what you are talking about. He was very convincing and sly when others were around. But when he was alone with my sister and nephews it was a complete 360. So never assume stuff bout my sister and nephews that you know nothing about. Ty to those with kind words….. Friend or foe it doesn’t matter

    • Michelle was a beautiful person and very loving..She was one that would always be supportive of every man she had..She took care of her ex husband who also beat her and hurt her and used her..No one every understood why men would hurt her..You know she had a huge heart and she did whatever she could with money or no money.. Yea she struggled but soldier boy was on drugs too and he for some reason took advantage of her vehicle to.. She would be at home while the asshole was out doing what ever he wanted. Men are dicks wheather you want to read it or accept it you men are just pigs thinking they know it all and thinking that they can screw every girl they see or that are dumb enough to do it. Men are men and no one can change an obsession. He knew she was a good person and she did alot for him apparently he felt that if he got rid of her no one could have her…its okay cause he isnt getting away with his little disturbed excuse..Bullshit he will get punished…\

  4. First of he didn’t plan….or this n that…..he was seeking help the army took more then a yr to give it too him. He wasn’t drinking when he did it he started drinking after. Plus cops didn’t get a call he turned himself in. How I know that’s my cousin. Please dont be posting negative things if u don’t know the story. They had a bad and violent relationship. From my cousin sister she told me she used to beat him so.there’s always 2 sides to every story so like I said if u don’t know don’t comment.. its just not her family who is suffering but also his…over a stupid relationship argument things went far n god bless her family but let ours try to accept Wat has happened and just pray.

    • he did not turn himself in…No he called the cops worried that someone hurt his girl friend… OMG you people …He gave himself away out of guilt it bothered him to know he commited a crime and after it was done he realize and asked himself more than once what happened and why and why and he watched them suffer and watched them as they seeked for help.. Dude was nuts to even allow himself to even live… HE knew if he ran it would have gotten worse as a soldier your taught not to run but to follow thru and not to be a coward of your own crime. The military doesnt teach you to kill your family it teaches you to protect our country not your family. Its sad for soldiers …

  5. Poeple justice will be served for Michelle, Ivan & William..Please let them rest and quit talking about something no one really knows or understands why Felix killed . No body will know the truth or will ever know and he will never admit to his reasoning just that it was done..Let them rest as they are . Felix well he needs to left alone no matter what they can never return to this earth so drop the case and let the judge decide what is best for him.. No one needs to be talking about this crime anymore…Michelle would say this one thing. Oh you know how people are always talking and Im not worried about it.. So she would say let them say what they want becasue Im ok . So there I will speak on her behalf she is okay and in a better place away from all who envied her and who hurt her.

  6. Love you Michelle, Ivan, & William you will be missed and never forgotten….God now has all of you and has u all safe and Sorry for such a horrible death….Your an angel above …The Lord has a better place for all of you…

  7. Chris they will never know Felix and the joy he brought us I’m not going to bad mouth her even though that’s what I feel like doing There is no justifying what he did but just know she wasn’t a angel like they say

    • Eloy,

      It does not matter if she was not an angel. She is the VICTIM here, not Felix. Here on my blog, the focus is the victim, not the accused or convicted. The victim is the one everyone needs to remember. Look at it this way, if your loved one was murdered, how would you feel if all anyone spoke of or cared about was the accused/killer? Have compassion for the victim.

      • eloy just drop it and let it rest already…Im sure your related to him and im sure there were good things about him but killing someone or people wast an excuse..I would never defend someone after what he has done..
        everyone needs to let the girl and her kids be already she isnt asking anyone for anything for stop

        • lauralee33,

          Your other comment will not be approved. Not due to content as I did not read it. But according to my comment policy, I do not allow comments in ALL CAPS. Sorry. If you want to redo it, I am sure it will be approved.

    • Believe it or not but chapa was a wonderful man who made a grave unforgivable mistake!!! Nobody can change that nor do a time warp…I’m sorry but if everyone knew how bad it was for that woman and cared like y’all are saying also and knew so much about what she was going through with him….then where were you at her time of need? Can’t just accuse chapas friends for something they had no idea was going on since all of his military brothers and sisters are scattered across the world but y’all were right there with her as y’all talk saying y’all know so much so once again yes she and her babies were the victims and chapa was the murderer but you can’t change the past so remember next time when a friend is going through the same put itself right in the middle to help before things get this bad and out of hand no matter how much thy want ur nose out of it!!!! Bless that family and God let chapas family find forgiveness for him.

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