Family Annihilator: Christian Michael Longo



MaryJane Longo, 34 – strangulation
Madison Longo, 2 – strangulation
Sadie Longo, 3 – dropped into icy water, stuffed in rock-filed pillowcase
Zachery Longo, 4 – dropped into icy water, stuffed in rock-filed pillowcase

Find-A-Grave: MaryJane Irene Baker Longo
Bodies of mother and child found in bay
Family washes up on Oregon coast
Father is suspect in death of family in Oregon
FBI Arrests Top Murder Suspect
Christian Longo Arrested In Mexico
FBI Arrests Top Murder Suspect
Christian Longo arraigned in deaths of wife, 3 children
Death penalty to be sought in Oregon family slayings
Jail papers allowed in Longo murder trial
Longo takes the stand in his own defense
Longo describes affair, church ‘shunning’
Longo pleads guilty to two killings
Longo found guilty of killing children
Oregon jury begins debating sentence for Christian Longo
Death penalty for Longo in family slayings
The jury didn’t buy it
Murderpedia: Christian Michael Longo
His victim’s sister calls Christian Longo a ‘monster’ who won’t let the family heal
Wikipedia: FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives #469
A heartfelt vote for Christian Longo’s death wish
Oregon court upholds Longo death sentence
Court upholds death sentence for Longo
Excerpt From ‘True Story’

True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa
Love, Daddy: The True Story of Accused Con Man and Family Killer Christian Longo

True Story
Deadly Sins: Envy
48 Hours: The Pretender Unmasked
FBI Criminal Pursuit: Broken Trust



SID# 14509855
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 00”
Weight: 180 lbs
DOB: 01/1974
Race: White
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Caseload: 00107 Edsall , Ron
Status: Inmate
Institution Admission Date 04/18/2003
Earliest Release Date: Death



10 Responses

  1. Oh my heart! What an awful crime. This man needs to die himself. Sorry if that’s to harsh but its true. R.I.P


  2. That nasty rotten low life ! How could he possibly
    look at those little sweet children and his good wife,
    and kill them so heartlessly..?

    I just hope the inmates torture him and beat him up
    good everyday. He makes me vomit.!
    Would anyone seriously want his donated body
    part in them.. NOT ME ! I think no one will !


  3. […] under water. Squeezed inside one was Mary Jane and inside the other was young Madison. According to Bonnie’s Blog of Crime, Mary Jane and Madison had been strangled to death and Sadie and Zachery had died from drowning in […]


  4. Its too horrible to even comprehend! I consider myself to be a compassionate person but he def got what he deserved!


  5. Does anybody know what Christian Longo’s birth name is? He was adopted by his stepfather Joseph Longo after his mother divorced his abusive father.


  6. What’s going on with this pond scum? Has an execution been set yet? I don’t usually celebrate a death but for this guy, I’ve got a nice bottle of Jameson in wait.


  7. all I can think of is how the mother, and each one of those little babies felt in their final moments. the last thing they saw was her husband, their daddy.
    just grateful that tonight they are in the comfort and strong arms of Jesus…safe forever. so sorry for all of them and all those who love them. ♡


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