Angie Raye Dodge murder 6/13/1996 Idaho Falls, ID *Christopher Tapp convicted of her murder; However, recent DNA test shows he is not a match to DNA left at the scene*

Angie Raye Dodge

This is a case that I believe needs to be reopened and re-examined. The DNA does NOT match the convicted man, Christopher Tapp. But the police in Idaho Falls apparently do not care about that, as so far, even with the Dateline expose, no one is doing anything. I hope that they do not allow an innocent man to languish in prison for a crime he did not commit.

In Loving Memory Angie Dodge
Motives mystify probers in 2 Idaho murder cases
New lawyer claims prosecutors have insufficient evidence
Convicted Idaho Falls Killer Fighting For New Trial
Idaho Falls man convicted of rape and murder can argue for new trial
Angie Dodge murder still unsolved
Convicted man requests his confession be thrown out
Tapp’s Ex-Attorney, Mayor Fuhriman Take Stand In Murder-Confession Hearing
Jan. 29, 1997 Witness Testifies At Final Day Of Tapp Hearing
Judge dismisses Tapp motion
If man confessed to murder
Attorney says killer remains at large
Tapp attorney: ‘There’s a killer out there’
Dodge Murder Story to Air Nationally
Outside expert to look into 1996 E. Idaho killing
New DNA tests don’t connect convicted murderer to crime
Attorneys give judge update on DNA testing in Chris Tapp case

Dateline: The Confession


Status: Inmate
Mailing Address:
PO Box 70010
Boise ID 83707
Phone Number: 208-331-2760

IDOC Sentence Information
The sentence information shown is for active sentences under the jurisdiction, custody, and/or supervision of the Idaho Department of Correction only.
Offense : RAPE
Sentencing County: BONNEVILLE
Case No.: CR97-481
Sentence Satisfaction Date: 01/28/2017

Sentencing County: BONNEVILLE
Case No.: CR97-481
Sentence Satisfaction Date: LIFE
Parole Eligibility Date: 01/30/2027
Last Parole Activity: 02/01/1999

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  1. This is a sad case for both sides. The judicial system is so messed up. I hope someone finally does the right thing and frees this innocent man Christopher Tapp. I know him personally and I am a studying paralegal in the criminal law field. I can only say that for cases like this is why I reached out 2 Chris Tapp and going to school for the law aspect of it. So sad how can people sleep at night knowing a innocent man is behind bars becuz they don’t want 2 continue the search for the real killer. Politics should b left for Washington and stop screwing around with peoples lives……..

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