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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Regina Hartwell murder 6/29/1995 Austin, TX *Love Triangle Murder: Regina’s girlfriend, Kim LeBlanc testified, charges dropped; Justin Thomas, Kim’s boyfriend, convicted of killing Regina, sentenced to life in prison*

Ex-fitness trainer convicted
Justin Thomas v. State of Texas
Lipstick Lesbian Murder
Wasted by Suzy Spencer
Suzy Spencer’s blog (has pictures of all involved & a ghost story!)
Wasted (very good book)

Deadly Sins: Carnal Appetite
Scorned: Love Kills (coming soon, do not know title yet)


SID Number: 05468818
TDCJ Number: 00765661
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1971-11-03
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: TEMP RELEASE
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2025-07-07

Offense History:
Offense Date: 1995-06-29
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 1996-08-27
County: TRAVIS
Case No.: 945512
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99


23 Responses

  1. Just saw the program Investigation Discovery on Glutteny, and it was very suprising. Regina Hartwell was a vulnerable woman jumped by a meth punk. I had a former good friend on it a couple of years ago and he stayed awake for weeks at a time. He lost weight and didn’t care.
    That dude Justin has alot of time to think about what he did in prison and I wonder how he feels, does it bother him at all.
    I used to workout all the time for 14 years and competed in local contests and I have to admit you believe that you are on top of the world, everyone looking at you in public and you are invincible! But now Justin has nothing. No meth in prison, I’m sure he gets by. How can you kill someone under any circumstances? What a show, what a reality check, I really enjoy this program and am hooked on it. See ya.

  2. I just can’t believe that the girl friend is not doing no time at all in jail. And now she living happily ever after with her husband. No justice.

    • That’s because the courts favor women. They’ve been getting away with murder forever. Just browse through most of these cases and you’ll notice how they always get a much lighter sentence if any. Look at the Laura Hall and her bf Pitonyak case.

      • I don’t think that is true at all. I would even say that the courts even disfavor women. How many times were female rape victims blamed for their clothes or why they were in a certain place at a certain time? That’s just one perspective to look at. Also, cases such as the murder of Jennifer Cave seem to be exceptions. Laura Hall was an accomplice, if I am correct, and she got the maximum sentence (for an accomplice) with denied parole.

        • Umm.. He was talking about murders, not rapes, and he is absolutely correct. Women don’t get convicted ANYWHERE near as often as men, and when they do, they get INCREDIBLY lenient sentences most of the time. You are naive to think anything different.

  3. Justin Thomas has since been found guilty of a previous murder in California and now is on death row. (And thank you for saying “Wasted” was a “very good book.”)

  4. Today is Tue. Apr. 24 and I’m addicted to Investigative Discovery channel otherwise known as ID. The Regina Hartwell Story about Sins & Secrets Gluttony just aired again and my heart just goes out to her! Her story just really moved me the first time I read about it but then to actually see it on Tv years later It really had an impact on me. Kim LeBlanc should be held accountable for playing a role in her murder for sure. Let;s be logical here, b/c if it weren’t for her introducing Justin to Regina and egging the relationship on and pitting them against each other and fueling the fire between them I really think Regina would be alive today. Kim is the evil one who was the master manipulator in this whole deal and she needs to be held accountable b/c she is an accessory to the crime! Justin hung on to every word Kim told him and when you throw drugs in the mix and a manipulative vixen and she tells a man to jump off a cliff he’ll ask which cliff? It’s just a sad deal. My heart and prayers go out to Regina’s real friends and family.

    • Ummm…conspiracy to commit murder, anyone? She’s just as responsible (culpable) for the murder as freaky Justin.

  5. For those of you saying Kim LeBlanc should be held responsible, she has broken no laws as it pertains to this case. She killed no one; the only laws she has violated, are drug laws. Yes, if not for her, Regina would have never met Justin and would hopefully be alive today. However, introducing someone to someone else without the intent to have someone killed, is not a crime.

    • How can you say that Kim Leblanc is not responsible for Regina’s death? Don’t forget..she did help dispose of Reginas body. That sounds like accomplice to murder to me. Kim deserves to be in prison.

      • Also in Kim’s original statement to Detectives she asked Justin Thomas to kill Regina. I wonder how long her husband has until she finds another drug dealing punk to off him for her… I hope he doesn’t run out of money anytime soon!!

    • To say she only broke drug laws, is not true. She also helped to cover up a murder, that her boyfriend did. Last time I checked it was against the law to conceal evidence?? Sounds like she broke some other laws to me….

  6. RIP~Regina

  7. I am not from US so I hope I will write so You all can understand me.
    Yesterday I watched the show on ID- it was the Reginas story and story of Brent Pools murder. Both storys made me think about human nature a lot and I love ID. Now, about Reginas story…first of all it is a sad story of a lonely person seeking love and understanding. But I would like to commennt about Kim’s involvement. I think I saw enough storys where people did not kill anybody and still they were convicted. So I agree with Danielle! But sometimes detectives and prosecutors must make a row-deal, a deal with the devil if you wish just to convict the murderer. Is it fair? No! But is it necessary from time to time? A 100 procent. Do I think Kim sould be in prison? Yes!!! But if she going free is the only way they could convict Justin, then I look at it as- lesser of two evils.

    I hoper you can read and understand what I was trying to say…
    All the best to the Regina’s family and there are people all around the world who are thinking of you and your loss.

  8. I am shocked that Kim’s charges were dropped. So, what does that say to other psycho’s….that as long as your just a part of a murder we’ll let you go in return for your cooperation? That stinks!! And this country is supposed to be the “role Model” for the rest of the world?

  9. I am very interested in reading your depiction of this true crime story… I knew these individuals. Justin Thomas, at the time, was not only my neighbor, but a co-worker at the fitness center, and at one time…a close, trusted friend. Scary to think… All those times, I car pooled with him- even hung out with him- he was a monster. Shortly after Justin began hanging around Kim and Regina- I avoided him- (well all of them)- as much as possible. I knew they were all headed down the wrong path. But I never suspected it would have involved such a horrific ending. Nor would I have thought I’d learn later that Justin was already a wanted killer…

  10. I can’t believe that Kim is free and being happy with her new life than being in jail. Shame on her for involving and helping Justin to cover the evidence. She is the one responsible for leading Justin to murder Regina. I wonder if anyone who knows how to re open case and send kim to jail for drugs and inolved with Justin to murder Regina.

  11. This would certainly not be the first time someone has their charges dropped or was granted immunity for testifying against someone, even when they were an accessory to the crime. For the Tate/Labianca murders, which I’d argue, were much more high profile than this case, immunity was granted to Linda Kasabian. She was present for multiple murders. Though she alleges that she did not participle, she was present and did not go to the police; she merely was offered immunity after another family member said they weren’t interested.

    The court of public opinion is not forgiving. At all. Especially seeing as what we hear about these cases we automatically equate as being fact, but more often than not, it’s conjecture.

  12. What about the credit/ATM card charges and withdrawals from Regina’s bank account? Despite having been granted access while Regina was alive, the fact that Kim knew she was dead after having been present during the desecration of her dead body, doesn’t her reckless and callous spending spree infer, in the least bit, some culpability? What about charges of facilitation? Anything would have been great, any amount of time at all for her complicit role in furthering the hostile relations between Regina and Justin. It was documented in the ID episode that the trio became increasingly paranoid of one another, and placing myself in the situation, I believe it had to come up at one point or another that Kim would prefer to be rid of Regina…if not for her bank rolling her lifestyle; a bit more than just a subtle inference in my opinion. I just have a really hard time coming to terms with this woman playing Susie Homemaker to some other unsuspecting Joe Schmo whose gullible enough to fall for her manipulative charms. I suspect this case earned Kim some amount of local notoriety at least, so her new hubby should’ve known who exactly he was climbing into bed with?!? Speaks volumes of her cunning ability to manipulate affections. Sick and tragic story.

  13. A tragic story. I will be cynical for this, but let’s keep it brief: I have quite a bit to say about the three people involved in this story. Yes, even Regina. Although she had a very bad childhood, her coping mechanism and general actions was not the way to go at all (based on how she was presented by the stories). That said, I give her a farewell as she did not deserve to get killed under a circumstance such as this, let alone by a riff raff.

    As for those that are questioning Kim, there may be a few good reasons here. Now, I watched this on investigation discovery channel, so a few key details may be missing here. I am also a bit of a beginner with law. Based on what I know, this is what I understand so far. She was not let off the hook because cooperated with the police, but because of the lack of evidence. I believe she was accused of murder, key word there, and I am not sure they actual accused her of aiding and betting being an accomplice). She was definitely a witness to disposing the body, but did she willfully oblige to be an accomplice? Section two of U.S.C. 18: (b) Whoever willfully causes an act to be done which if directly performed by him or another would be an offense against the United States, is punishable as a principal. Mens rea, accessory, and principal all apply here. If she was coerced by Justin, then she can’t be an “accomplice.” Sounds like bull, but that’s the way it goes.

    As for the drug charges, from my understanding, Kim was getting drugs from both Justin and Regina. Therefore she was not involved in the sale or distribution of it, just the part of having access to Regina’s bank account (which Regina seemingly gave permission for her use). She was also not actually caught in the act of taking drugs, despite, per her arrest, “looking dead with dark circles under her eyes.” Also, the only thing you could link between money and drugs was with Justin and Regina. Again, sounds like bull, but that’s how it is (unless I am dead wrong here).

  14. I must be getting crazy in my old age but shouldnt Kim be sitting in jail along with Justin? Immunity schoomity..her ass should be sitting in a jail cell right next to that animal.

  15. Can you say Karla Homolka anyone? Her ex-husband is serving life for the murders they committed TOGETHER while she has long since left jail and started a family! Even though it was she was provided the drugs which killed her SISTER during THEIR rape of her!

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