Missing: Margaret Haddican-McEnroe from Warren Township, NJ since 10/10/2006 *Husband Timothy McEnroe considered a person of interest*

Margaret Haddican-McEnroe

Margaret McEnroe disappears after fight with husband
Someone Is Missing – Margaret Haddican McEnroe
Firefighter walked out on husband and, later, into oblivion
AMW Missing Persons: Margaret Haddican-McEnroe
Project Charley: Margaret Haddican-McEnroe
Family of Warren Township woman continues to search, 3 years after she disappeared

Disappeared: Hometown Hero

8 Responses

  1. I seen this lastnight on disappeared, I can’t believe her husband was never charged with anything. The perfect crime I guess. I feel so awful for her family and friends. He wouldn’t take a lie detector test nothing, all the signs are there. So awful.

  2. Hi, she disappeared from Warren Township New Jersey, not Michigan

  3. since her husband was a land scaper is it possible he hid her body on one of his sites the day of or the day after the disapperance.allene johnson.from haslet txhe had the opportunity to dig a place in advance or even use cement to cover her up,its so sad but could be true.

  4. I watched the show today. I believe her husband is responsible for her death. Why can’t people just get a divorce instead of murdering the mother of their own children? He deserves to be in prison! I believe he buried her at one of his job sites.

  5. I agree so sad the husband is truly a person of interest and I also feel that since he is a land scaaper it it very possible he buried her body on one of his sites…remember he waited nsome time before reporint her missing,eough time to put his plan in motion.

  6. It is obvious to anyone watching the program and putting two and two together that her husband did it. Why was he not -forced- to take a lie detector test, or detained on suspicion and interrogated until his eyeballs fell out on the table?

    Like O.J., that man is a wife-killer who has been allowed to go free on technicalities. Arrest him and find out what he did with her body so her family can give her a decent funeral and justice can prevail!

  7. 2 seconds ago
    Jill Hughes

    This is to the loved ones of Margaret and to the apparently incompetent police in NJ: Margaret’s husband killed her. He planted the Army shirt in the woods to throw off the police and since he is a landscaper, he knows how and where to bury a body so it won’t get found. A good mom does NOT leave her baby home alone, no matter how mad she is. PURSUE THE HUSBAND AGGRESSIVELY AND RELENTLESSLY. it is the only way the truth will come out because she did NOT walk away. He killed her FOR SURE. I’m so sorry for your loss but please don’t let him get away with this

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