Tracy Ann, Damien & Kaiden Ader murders 2/10/2012 Spokane, WA *Suspect, Dustin Gilman, allegedly confessed to family, then killed himself, his body has been found*

Tracy Ann Ader and her sons, Kaiden & Damien

Tracy Ann Ader, 32
Damien Ader, 10
Kaiden, 8

Police seek man after 3 found dead in Washington home
Woman, Two Children Murdered In North Spokane
Group Gathers At Sunday Vigil For Slain Family
Killer still sought in triple homicide
Homicide suspect’s father: “He loved those boys, he loved that family”
Detectives Think Triple Murder Suspect Faked Suicide
Body found of man suspected of killing mom, kids
Triple Murder Suspect’s Body Found In Wandermere Area
Murder Suspect’s Body Found
Dad In Shock Over Daughter’s Murder

Dustin Gilman

2 Responses

  1. im realy sad and mad i luv them and ther always in my heart forever!!!(P.Ss> this is jazmyn castagna and sydney evans!)


  2. I remember the Judy Smith and her two sons murder they was killed on a Sunday Evening .She had two twin boys by Oscar Smith.If when you kill someone like he did he doesnt deserve to be in prison he should have already died years ago.Waste of tax payers money


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