Cold Case Solved: Laura Salmon murder 5/31/1984 Murfreesboro, TN *Ex-boyfriend, David Kyle Gilley convicted August 2006 of her murder, sentenced to life in prison*

Laura Salmon

Manatee worker arrested in 1984 murder
Manatee official helped wife’s nephew
Ex-county worker arraigned in murder
Judge may rule on Palmetto man’s status
Ex-county worker to be tried as adult for murder
Killer Faces Victim’s Mother in Court
Salmon investigation proves cold-cases can be solved
Cold Case Closed: Laura Salmon (almost to the bottom)
Gilley appeal
Convicted murderer Kyle Gilley loses appeal
Investigation Discovery to highlight 1984 Salmon murder case

Stolen Voices Buried Secrets: Twisted Love
Forensic Files: Jean Pool
Devil In The Details: Beauty Thrills, Co-Ed Kills


TOMIS ID: 00409281
Birth Date 07/14/1966
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: NECX
Sentence Begin: 09/25/2006
Parole Eligibility: 09/25/2042
Parole Hearing
Hearing Result
Sentence End

2 Responses

  1. Wat a bittersweet ending. Im so grateful that Lauras family have closure now. You almost wish you could jump back to 1984 jst long enuff to shake KYle til you have his complete attention and say “wat the hell ru thinkn?”. I mean sure they were both kids but why couldnt he jst move on? People like him make me sick. Kyle is and will always be a disturbed man and thats putting it mild. Well enuff talk about that menace to society. Laura was a beautiful girl with a wonderful smile who seemed to be embracing the world. I can cwrtainly understand her familys grief. Plz God bless them all and may Laura finally rest in oeace.

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  2. God answers and give justice to the blood of innocents.


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