Rusty Riggins murder 8/7/2007 Flagstaff, AZ *Wife, Jessica Riggins, convicted of his murder, sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years*

Rusty Riggins

Flagstaff mother speaks out on son’s murder
Fugitive Arrested in Husband’s Death
Flagstaff murder suspect captured
Riggins to claim self-defense in killing of husband
Riggins relatives testify
Riggins: The gun ‘went off’
Riggins: ‘I don’t know what I did with the gun’
Riggins trial to hear closing arguments
Jury begins Riggins trial deliberations
Riggins guilty on all counts
Jurors: Riggins not believable
Riggins Trial Verdict: Guilty
Riggins denied new trial
Riggins found guilty of murder
Riggins gets life, but with parole

Snapped: Jessica Riggins
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide


Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Birth Date: 06/16/1967
Gender: FEMALE
Height (inches): 62
Weight: 122
Hair Color: SANDY
Eye Color: GREEN
Ethnic Origin: CAUCASIAN
Custody Class: 4/3
Inmate / Detainee: INMATE
Sentence (yyymmdd): LIFE
Admission: 04/28/2009
Prison Release Date:
Max End Date: LIFE
Cur. Absconded:
Hist. Absconded:
Release Type: RECEIVED AT
Most Recent Loc.: ASPC Perryville
Unit: ASPC Perryville Lumley Unit
Community Supervision/ Parole: N
Last Movement: 05/17/2011
Status: ACTIVE

3 Responses

  1. Glad they got that bitch where she belongs. You know she killed the first husbant too and got away with it.

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