Pervert Alley: Mark Berndt, former Los Angeles teacher, charged with molesting 23 children and other horrific acts

Mark Berndt

This is so disgusting I could barely read through the stories. I can’t imagine how this former “teacher” even thought it was okay, or that he would get away with it. I guess he believes that all children are totally stupid and do not tell their parents anything that happens in school. Yes, some kids do not, but many do. I wonder now if he has misgivings (probably not) as he is in jail, the whole world will know his disgusting name and his bail is a measly $2.3 million. Personally, I hope he is wearing a sign telling his charges and even some descriptions of what he did. **Update** His bail is now $23 million. Something tells me he will be in jail for a while!

Los Angeles teacher charged with molesting 23 children
DNA key in case against L.A. teacher accused of classroom abuse
Mark Berndt felony complaint
Teacher accused of taking elementary student ‘bondage’ photos
Teacher charged with lewd acts allegedly told kids it was ‘game’
Bondage, abuse photos of school kids lead to firing, arrest of So. Calif. teacher, report says
Parents angry they weren’t told of teacher allegations sooner

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