New Series: ‘Find My Past’

About ‘Find My Past’

Presented by TV presenter and Strictly Come Dancing 2009 champion Chris Hollins, Find My Past, an AFP with, will take three people on a journey to discover how they are related to someone from a major historical event. Each week the programme will follow the contributors setting off on a journey to learn more about their unexplored ancestry and the part their ancestors played in history, before uniting them to discover how they are linked. Find My Past will make history personal and ignite an interest in viewers to find out if they too could be related to great people from the past. The famous events that will feature in the series are The Battle of Britain, Mutiny on the Bounty, Jack the Ripper, Dunkirk, D Day, The Titanic, The Tay Bridge Disaster, A Victorian Royal Scandal and the death of the suffragette Emily Davison. Each episode will unearth emotional stories, shocking details and fascinating facts and will show how easily any one could be related to some of histories most famous people and events.

The episode airs on Thursday 24th November on Yesterday at 9pm and is repeated daily throughout the following week. Yesterday can be found at Sky channel 537, Virgin TV channel 203 and Freeview channel 12 and there is more info about the series at Find My Past and their Facebook page at Yesterday TV Channel- Find My Past

In this week’s episode three people discover how they are linked, through their ancestors, to one of the most notorious serial killers, Jack The Ripper.


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