4 Responses

  1. This is why we need the death penalty.

  2. People should be punished by whatever they did to their victim – in this case get soem pro wrestelers or boxers to beat him with fists and belts

  3. This piece of sewage should be stomped to death.

  4. I live in the immediate area to the apartment Corey and Ambreatte lived in. I never heard any screams or yelling, other than after the fact, when Ambreatte was shrieking in agony over her child. It must’ve been horrible finding out he took the abuse too far this time, but she KNEW of the beatings months prior to the death. Thankfully, she was just arrested. Its sickening because I saw her cleaning out her apartment days after the death, and she was outside laughing with friends acting like nothing ever happened. It was disgusting. I’m glad justice is being served for this poor child. RIP Dani.

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