Breaking News: West Memphis 3 have been freed from prison due to a new plea deal

Christopher Byers, 8
James Michael Moore, 8
Stevie Branch, 8

In reading through these articles you will see that some keep saying they pled guilty, but it was really a “no contest” or Alford plea.

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Find-A-Grave: James Michael Moore
Find-A-Grave: Steve Edward Branch
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John Mark Byers, West Memphis Three figure, dies in car crash

Devil’s Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three (Justice Knot Trilogy Book 1)

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
Paradise Lost 2: Revelations
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory
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Devil’s Knot

Damien Echols – convicted, sentenced to death; Plea deal in 2011, sentenced to time served
Jessie Miskelley – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; Plea deal in 2011, sentenced to time served
Jason Baldwin – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; Plea deal in 2011, sentenced to time served

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  2. I’m soo happy for these men. FINALLY FREE. BUT nothing can give these men their teenage lives back. Having to plea guilty to get out, I think is wrong BUT I guess you have to do what you have to do. None of their DNA was found at the crime scene BUT Stevie Branches stepfathers was and his friends was. Are they going to go after those men? Doubtful huh? Because they believe these young boys (young at the time) did it. I followed this story for so long I own the Doc on these boys (men) watching the very first one, I thought “They didn’t do this” I had the wrong man whom I thought killed the boys picked out though. But it was a stepfather. How sad this story truly is. But very happy this men are released. I truly hope they go after THE RIGHT MEN! TRULY SAD IF THEY DON’T. JMO…..


    • Brandy,

      They actually did not plead guilty. They did an Alford Plea, which is a no-contest plea. It allows them to maintain their innocence and keep looking for evidence to prove their innocence.


      • Ok GREAT! But they have evidence (DNA) from the crime scene that these men did NOT do this, are they going to go after they REAL men who did this awful crime? Doubtful huh?


        • Yeah, that is doubtful. In fact, it was either the police chief or prosecutor who said the case is closed and they are sure they have the right people for it. I wish they would explain some of the inconsistencies, like the man at the fast food place covered in blood. The cop who responded to that went thru the drive-thru and never bothered to go in and look around and see the blood in the bathroom. Anywhere else that would not fly. I would like to know why Terry Hobbs’ hair was found under the shoelace tied around one of the victims (NOT his stepson) and his friends hair as well..


          • Thats exactly whom I”m speaking of. He said he NEVER seen the boys that day BUT two ppl said “yes he did”. And I also agree about the man with blood on him, never checked out. I guess blood was taken from the bathroom BUT later lost, hmmm, my foot. This case is totally WRONG. THEY HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE WRONG MEN! THEY JUST DONT WANT TO ADMIT IT.I feel so bad for these young men and their families and of coarse I feel for the victims as well DON’T get me wrong, nobody deserves that, nobody.


  3. An Alford plea is a guilty plea, used mostly by defendants to avoid a trial. The defendant admits there is sufficient evidence to convict them, while claiming they are innocent. If the judge accepts the plea then the defendant is sentenced and goes to prison. And no defendant can be sentenced and incarcerated unless he/she is found guilty of a crime. Thus, an Alford plea is a guilty plea. In this instance it not only enables the 3 men to leave prison, but it gives law enforcement justification for not pursuing another suspect, since they are still adjudicated guilty. If law enforcement doesn’t work to identify another suspect, that tells you they believe there are any. The West Memphis Three are the killers as far as law enforcement is concerned. Leaves the issue in the twilight zone, especially for the parents/families of the three murdered kids.


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