Cold Case: Maria Ridulph murder 12/3/1957 Sycamore, IL *Jack Daniel McCullough arrested 53 years after murder*

Maria Ridulph

Arrest Affidavit
DeKalb Prosecutor Announces Break In ’57 Child Murder Case
Police: Train Ticket Helps Crack 1957 Ill. Killing
Police arrest Seattle man in 1957 murder of Illinois girl
Man charged in 1957 Sycamore slaying had history of abuse: police
Seattle man accused in 1957 slaying due in court today
Suspect in 1957 slaying hospitalized for undisclosed reason
News Archive: Maria Ridulph murder

Jack Daniel McCullough

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    • I knew John in my hometown of Sycamore. When I was in 8th grade and he was a freshman I danced with him several times at a sock hop and thought he was wonderful. He was good looking and charming and fun. I was smitten! He was the first boy ever to ask me out but my dad wouldn’t allow it because I was too young. He was a bag boy at the grocery store where we shopped and I remember us exchanging “looks.” The death of Maria Ridulph affected our whole town; later it affected my life as a mother and consequently my children’s lives too. Eventually, it was believed a truck driver passing through had taken her, but he was deceased by the time the police saw him as a suspect. To find out the murderer was one of us rocked me to my core. John, it’s time to pay the piper.

      • John, Mary is right, it is time to pay the piper. as a recent mother of a homicide victim in DeKalb, i am up for court 2 yrs after the crime and i cann’t fanthom the thought of you getting away with this for 50 yrs. Even as hard as this is for Maria Ridulph’s family, going thru opening wounds which is devastating, I ask that you be strong because Maria so deserves this day where people know what happened. 50 yrs later or 2 yrs later, it doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t do to another what he did to Maria. doesn’t matter if he is in his 70’s, once a murderer always a murderer. I am grateful that this is happening, some people never get closure after a lifetime. Maria-god bless you. you are not forgotten. He has to pay the price, its way long coming.
        My name is Diane Keller, My daughter is the 2010 murder victim in DeKalbe at NIU. Her name is Toni Keller and I am proud!

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