Jose Roman-Martinez murder 6/8/2011 Orlando, FL *Guadalupe Zamora & Alejandro Zamora arrested for his murder*

Jose Roman-Martinez

Man killed in shooting outside Denny’s in east Orlando
One dead in Denny’s shooting
Police: Man Shot, Killed Outside Denny’s
Felon, sex offender charged with murder in Denny’s shooting
Two convicts charged in Denny’s shooting death

Guadalupe Zamora and Alejandro Zamora

4 Responses

  1. wow i cnt believe this i hope u to rot in jail… give them death sentence


    • does any body know more about this case of jose juan roman? because their is missing information and this case is only informed in this blog. their is no other source that informs about the victim and how did the event happen.


    • I say it was self defense. Before you start talking shit you need to take your ass back to school and learn how to write dumbass!!! if you don’t know anything about the case keep your mouth shut!


      • stephy-z,

        This is a blog and therefore, people can express their opinions. It is MY blog and I allow it. It is not your place to tell anyone they can’t. Your opinion is your own as well. But if it was self defense, whey did they leave the scene, knowing the victim was dead? Flight is evidence of guilt. Guadalupe Zamora was already in prison for attempted murder and Alejandro Zamora is a registered sex offender (indecency with a child/sexual contact in Texas). Neither should have had a gun or been around a gun at all. If nothing else, they should have federal weapons charges for that. How do YOU know it was self defense?


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