Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony murder trial Day 5: Lies told to her mother about where she & Caylee were*

Today was a short day in court and much of the testimony was from an emotional Cindy Anthony, the defendant’s mother. She talked about the time period after Caylee went “missing” and all of the reasonsl Casey gave her for not letting her see her granddaughter, all of which were lies. Casey told her that Caylee was with the nanny Zanny, or that they were in Tampa, and then the nanny got in a bad car accident and Casey had to help her out and several other explanations. However, during all of this time, Casey was actually in Orlando, partying with her friends, shopping or going to nightclubs. Casey appeared to be angry with Cindy’s testimony, often times shaking her head. Also on the stand again today was Tony Lazarro, Casey’s boyfriend at the time, who talked about text messages between him and Casey after Caylee was finally reported “missing” and she called herself “the dumbest person and the worst mother

Casey Anthony texted then-boyfriend that she was ‘the worst person …’ in the world
Caylee’s grandmother describes weeks after girl’s disappearance
Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy Anthony describes attempts to locate Caylee
Casey Anthony: Does Cindy Anthony help or hurt State?
Casey Anthony Trial: Mother Gets Emotional During Testimony
Cindy Cries During Testimony On Caylee, Casey Angered

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