Update: Caylee Anthony murder *Casey Anthony trial Day 2*

Casey’s friends, ex-roommates and ex-boyfriend did not even know that Caylee was missing. They all say she acted happy, no change in her behavior, she even partied it up, entered a “hard body” contest, and “having a grand old time”. She did not act like a mother who lost her child, whether missing or dead. When asked why she did not bring Caylee over anymore (to boyfriend’s apartment), Casey told them she was with the nanny. This does not speak well of the defendant. A neighbor also testified about loaning her a shovel on June 18, 2 days after Cyalee was last seen alive.

Casey Anthony’s Murder Trial Enters Second Day
Former boyfriend: Casey Anthony didn’t tell me Caylee was missing
Casey Anthony trial: Ex-boyfriend, friends, neighbor who loaned shovel testify
Casey Friends Say They Never Knew Caylee Was Missing
Casey Anthony’s Ex-Boyfriend Testifies
Casey Anthony Trial: Former Boyfriend Describes Casey Anthony Romance
Neighbor testifies about shovel loaned to Casey Anthony, on trial for daughter’s murder
Day 2 of trial, witness says Casey Anthony didn’t seem sad about Caylee

2 Responses

  1. This is the BIGGEST CLUSTER F… that I have ever seen…..she is as guitly as hell and needs to ROT IN JAIL….how dare she bring down her parents who have supported her through all this s…/she has NO SCRUPLES or CONCIOUS….she is a DEVIL and the defense is a ‘joke’!

  2. I couldn’t agree more! My jaw dropped hearing all this. How many more ppl is she going blame? Lot’s more from what I understand. The meter readers son is going to take the stand to say his dad had the body and kept it for sometime just so he could be on tv?????????????????????????? She blamed 4 or 5 boyfriends. This is just NUTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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