Elizabeth Ennen murder 1/5/2011 Lubbock, TX *Her remains found and identified; Humberto Salinas Jr. arrested*

Elizabeth Ennen

Searchers for missing Lubbock teen find body
Lubbock body ID’ed as that of missing 15-year-old
Body identified as Texas baby sitter, 15
Missing Texas Girl Elizabeth Ennen Strangled
Medical Examiner: Elizabeth Ennen strangled to death
Murdered teen was asphyxiated, police & M.E. say.
Man arrested in disappearance of Lubbock teen
ME says 15-year-old Lubbock girl was strangled
Security video captures abduction of Elizabeth Ennen by boyfriend’s father
Update: Elizabeth Ennen murder *Humberto Salinas Jr pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Humberto Salinas Jr.

4 Responses

  1. why will it take so long after a murder arrest to execute the criminal? We spend more $ . for food and shelter in prisons than for schools for children. The sooner the murder is off the planet the better for all of us….was this man a registered sex offender?
    A very sad ending for the Ennen family. such an innocent looking child.


  2. What another illegal alien POS murdering young women… nothing to see here, just a random crime, move along.


    • Bob,

      “Nothing to see here” Did you really say that? What is wrong with you? Have you no compassion for Elizabeth Ennen? You know, the 14 year old victim? Just because the accused is illegal does not take away from the fact that this young girl did not deserve to be murdered by anyone. What if it was your child killed by a illegal immigrant? Should we just ignore your child then and pretend that your child that was murdered never existed? Always remember that the victim should never ever be forgotten.


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