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Corey Parker murder 11/26/1998 Jacksonville Beach, FL *Robert Eric Denney convicted of her murder; sentenced to life in prison*

Corey Parker

Parking lot saliva brings murder arrest
DNA evidence key as trial begins on 1998 murder
Beach murder trial starts; blood, hair focus
Parker slaying jury hears of her fight to live
Defense Calls First Witness In Denney Murder Trial
Accused Takes Stand In Murder Trial
Man convicted in waitress slaying
Denney Jury Reveals What Sealed the Guilty Verdict
Denney Sentenced To Life In Prison For Waitress Murder

Dead of Night: Blood Brothers
Solved: The Rivalry
Forensic Files: Black Friday
Cold Case Files: Rear Window
Body of Evidence


DC Number: 126916
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 5’09”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Birth Date: 07/15/1981
Initial Receipt Date: 05/12/2005
Current Facility: MAYO C.I.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


Scars, Marks, and Tattoos:
Type Location Description

Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date 11/26/1998
Sentence Date 05/09/2005
County DUVAL
Case No. 0014455
Prison Sentence Length SENTENCED TO LIFE

20 Responses

  1. hey…where can i find crime scene photos of coury parkers murder

  2. sick piece of shit. why do you want to see crime scene photos? so you can masturbate? leave this poor beautiful girl alone. she did nothing to deserve this. you are no better than the scumbag piece of filth that murdered her.

    • I agree w/ you Joseph. I am Coreys mother and just found this article. Lots of degenerates in this world, and now my tax dollars are going to keep this piece of garbage alive – SAD!

  3. You are just as sick as that scumbag Denney. Why see it? Can’t you IMAGINE in your sick brain how it looked like? Why don’t you play role of Corey and let your gf(if you have one)stab the hell out of you. Position you in a degrating way after she leaves. Then we will make pictures of you.

  4. Wow sandy thats some answer he asked a question thats all and look at what you told him to IMAGINE wow thats some thought process you have going on sounds kinda sick to me!

  5. What the hell is wrong with you guys? If someone wants to see the crime scene photos then they have the right to. I don’t find that weird at all. Nothing’s wrong with being interested in things such as this.

    • JoseR,

      That may be true, but do you really think it would be appropriate to post them here, where the focus is on the victim? Do you think her family and friends should have to see them here, when this is a place to remember her? It will not happen here. Learn to have respect for the victim and her loved ones.

  6. Hope you rot In hell Denney just like Adolf hitler and osama bin laden too how can you can you do that to Corey what did she ever do to you huh NOTHING you sick asshole hope you died in prison

  7. I just don’t see THIS guy Robert Denney stabbing anyone to death. I mean does he look like your average blood thirsty ‘Jack The Ripper’?
    Would you even bother to cross the street at night if you saw him walking on your side of the street? I doubt it.

    I honestly think they might have gotten the wrong guy here. He doesn’t look like the type.

    • Rick,

      Ted Bundy did not look or act the type either.

      • Dear, my life of crime:
        Maybe you should know the whole story. I can tell you that Robert Denney did not commit this crime. I should know. I’ve been dealing with this for 13 years.


        • Becca; it seems your referring to the whole story as Robert Denney sees it. But remember, your talking about a person who is a compulsive liar. Let us not forget that he almost swindled his co-workers into financing his trip to Texas to attend the funeral of his fictitious baby. They we utterly amazed on how he was able to concoct and tell this farce with such conviction. Then there was the middle aged couple that he convinced into allowing him to live with them, only to have as sexual affair with the wife. He’s now trying to sell the lie that the DNA from the spit is what is used as evidence against the DNA found at the crime scene, when the fact is that it was used ONLY to get an arrest warrant. After the arrest a subpena was issued to collect a fresh DNA sample from the defendant. This guy is deranged and I encourage you to stop buying the BS.

          • Sir, forgive me but I have to respond to your comment to Becca. It’s quite a stretch to infer that someone who ‘lies’ or has sex with a woman under false pretenses is also a murderer.

            Where is the history of this fella committing violence that remotely approaches the level that happened with the murder of Ms. Parker? I mean someone who stabs someone 100 times must have some sort of a ‘trail’ where others can confirm the personality profile that would commit this crime. no?

            I mean look at him. Would you worry about him taking out your daughter?


          • rick,

            You say “I mean look at him. Would you worry about him taking out your daughter?” Really? Ted Bundy did not look like a killer either. Would you have let him date your daughter?

        • Well Becca, I have been dealing w/ this for 16 years. I am Corey Parkers mother and he did it. He’ll rot in jail, which is too good for him like his sick brother. DNA doesn’t lie!

    • DUMB post! I sat through 3 weeks of the trial and there is NO possibility it was anyone else. The police had DNA ! ! ! I should know because she was my daughter.

  8. First I want to say that I am sorry for the Parker family’s years of heartache and loss. That being said, I want to know if any of you actually read Robert Denney’s Blog? His blog isn’t just a blog; it is supported by official court documents called a Post Conviction Relief. I have read this document and what has been done to this young man is also a travesty of epic proportion! I ask that everyone read it. I didn’t fully understand it until I did. As far as Beccas comment, you are grace under fire. I am praying for Mr. Denney and the Parkers.

    • I, Corey’s mother read the blog and it is a bunch of garbage. Blood and hair was found in her apartment. And it didn’t blow in through the window. I sat through three LONG weeks and listened to evidence during the trial. DNA does not lie. Corey did not know this Denny. I was visiting her a month before it happened. You people do not know all of the information, because it was deemed to prejudicial for the jury to hear. Makes you wonder who is on trial.Mr Denny was tried, fairly and found guilty. PERIOD! He can call foul all he wants. So many of the guilty prisoners do. And don’t believe all that you read from Dennys Blog. He’s one sick bast___! Corey was a wonderful person doing great in her life. And it was cut shout by someone that shouldn’t be allowed to live.

  9. Hey, becca, a quick update for you: scumbag rapist/murderer denney will turn into compost in a smelly, cramped, concrete box known as a prison cell. The prison cell that is to remain denney’s only address until its freakish, ugly-mugged carcass is found rotting in there one fine day. =)

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