Does not review what they sell?

I was shocked today to find out that Amazon dot com is selling this product:

The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure [Kindle Edition]

Okay, I am not only shocked, but disgusted. This book is promoting sexual abuse of children and how to get away with it! Now some say it is freedom of speech (the book), however, I disagree. If you are promoting or encouraging a crime, your speech is NOT protected. It is like yelling fire in a crowed theater. Not all speech is protected. It also seems to me that it is bad business practice to allow such products to be sold on their site. It says they are ok with that product.

So, as for me, I will not purchase anything from that site until that book is removed. This book promotes crimes against children, who cannot protect themselves. Now, there is a guidebook on just how to do that. I will not buy from a Company that promotes this.

Here is Amazon’s response:

Consumers Call for Boycott of Amazon Over ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ book defending pedophilia sparks boycott call

3 Responses

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  2. I saw this crap on TV last night. Amazon actually defended their belief in “non-censorship” “1st amendment” right to sell this pro-pedophilia book!

    Then, after a backlash, and customers wanting to boycott…Amazon back-pedaled, and changed their minds.

    Let me tell you this:
    ANY decent company or business would have had the heart, soul, and downright common sense to NOT have offered such a piece of trash for sale in the first place.

    I will not be buying anything from Amazon again…doing so would disturb me.

  3. I have to add this:

    There comes a time when you must do the RIGHT thing, and not be concerned about censorship, 1st amendment rights, political correctness…or any of that.

    There comes a time when you stand for what is decent, just, and just plain morally right.

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