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    • I believe Wright is innocent, he has no motive, has an alaby and the witness changed his testimony and are not reliable. His voice does not match and why would he kill someone and leave a cartridge that would help convict him ?, why don’t they have the recording tested and have Wright take a lie detector test and when he has passed both, then release him on bond and open the case and find the real killer….The police are people and do wrong all the time but their testimony is as if God hisself had testified….NOTHING POINTS TO CHRIS WRIGHT and this is WRONG PERIOD.

  1. I just watched Investigation Discovery, and found out about this case. Being raised in music classes, I was told I have an ear for tone. I absoulutely can tell you that the recording of supposed voice Christopher Wright and recorded voice of the Christopher Wright is NOT the same voice.

  2. I absolutely agree…Dont get why there was no voice analysis before conviction.

  3. I believe that Chris guy is innocent. Why didn’t they check Novak story for that morning, his bank records, phone records, why would wright shoot a guy in front of a restaurant? Unless it was meant to be seen By a look a like. Was there lie detector tests? If a person is bold enough to shoot someone in public don’t u think they have no other choice than to admit? I mean, my 8 year old knows better than that so why didn’t the jury? I have so many questions.

  4. I believe the police bungled this case, thinking there was overwhelming evidence and thus no need to consider other possible suspects. Defense seemed to have done a terrible job, with no voice recognition or check as to who the “other” fingerprints in the suv came from. Also, nobody has mentioned motive. Did the dead guy’s wife stand to collect big insurance bucks? Could her suit against Novak have been a ruse to deflect police considering she and Novak might have schemed the murder and frameup? I think I may be watching too much “Elementary” and CSI.

  5. I truly believe that Mr. Wright is innocent. Everyone should watch the ID Dateline show about his case. Hard to believe a jury convicted him.

  6. Isn’t it possible that the witness was actually hired by Novak to be there. How convenient he happened to be there and seemed vague at first before identifying Chris

  7. This is WRONG, and yes Cops could have planted the evidence as they are not saints and are as capable as anyone of breaking the law. They should do a lie detector test and have experts listen and compare the voice recording and when Chris Wright passes both. He should be set free and the case reopened, eye witness lied and added to his original statement and it should simply be thrown out. The other gentelmen was a convicted criminal and had everything to gain by the Murder. Chris Wright had an alaby and I don’t believe if anyone were going to commit a murder like this that they would be so stupid as to leave a casing matching the weapon used to murder an individual in the original case they had the supposedly gun that was used….This is an injustice that needs to be corrected..GIVE ME A BREAK

  8. I’ve left two comments and neither appear, Chris Wright clearly appears to be innocent and the real killer appears to have gotten away with murder and he’s right in front of the cops face but they don’t give a damn about justice. The people are only interested in a conviction and even as we have all seen, when they have put the wrong guy in jail and it’s clear as the day is long, the people that are charged with getting justice will fight to keep innocent people in jail and for what reason I can not understand but we have all seen similar cases where the wrong person was convicted and should not be in jail but the people responsible for convicting the wrong person will fight forever to keep the WRONGFULLY INCARCERATED PERSON BEHIND BARS…THIS IS WRONG and I think everyone that sees this show will agree……Stay strong Chris Wright

  9. Why wasn’t a voice analysis done… complete a disgraceful incompetence. A man in jail without a fair trial. Lives ruined.. and a dangerous man living the rich life outside with no rumors.

  10. I wish there were something we could do. Unfortunately the jurors don’t get to hear everything and clever lawyers can spin something simple into something huge. It makes me sick to my stomach seeing how anyone could have charged this guy with murder. Idc that’s there is circumstancial “evidence” against him, there is also a TON of circumstancial evidence against Novak as well. This whole thing smells bad and it reeks of corruption or lazy ass police work. It makes me wonder how many innocent men sit in prison today because they were railroaded. I watch a ton of these types of shows and only a couple of times have I ever felt like this. Anyone who prays start saying prayers for Chris. That is the most we can do for him.

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