Parents Gone Wild! Shaquan Duley sent her toddlers to a watery gravey

Shaquan Duley

Ja’Van Duley, 18 months
Devean Duley, 2 years

Children Found Dead in Edisto River in Orangeburg, SC
Murder Charges Pending In Death Of Two Boys Found In Submerged Car
Another SC Breeder kills her kids and tries to make it look like an accident
Shaquan Duley May Face Murder Charges Tuesday in Orangeburg Child Deaths
Shaquan Duley: Mother Confessed to Killing Her Two Children Before Driving Car into River, Say Police
Police: Dead kids’ mom fought with grandma over parenting
Funeral Arrangements Set for Devean and Ja’Van Duley

2 Responses

  1. Parents are killing their kids left and right these days. When I was growing up, in the 1970s, you rarely heard about this stuff…because it rarely happened that parents killed their kids. Now it’s prevalent in our society.

    I also believe most of these dopes who leave their kid in a hot summer car to die are doing this on purpose as well. C’mon….I wouldn’t even leave my precious dog in a hot car to die…much less a child. These people aren’t forgetting their kid is in the car….how could you forget that? They just don’t want their kids anymore…it’s a convenient way to dispose of their “trash child” and it looks like an accident. If you love your child, that child is constantly on your mind…it’s wherabouts, etc.

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