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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Cold Case: Nancy Lyons murder 6/17/2002 Rushville, IN

Nancy Lyons

Family Holds Hope For Closure 8 Years After Woman Killed
Five years later, murder remains unsolved
Family Of Missing Rush County Woman Prays For Her Safe Return
Police Revisit Area Where Missing Rushville Woman’s Car Was Found
6 Years Later, Family Hopes Woman’s Killer Will Be Caught


30 Responses

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  2. i hope they catch the murderer

  3. I hate this when a murderer hasn’t been caught and has possibly (most likely) murdered others since. Horrible!

  4. I really hop they catch the murderer soon, so that he doesnt end up having another victim.

  5. I am Nancy Lyons sister and have investigated her case for over 8 yr’s. We are exhausted with the inability of law enforcement to solve this case. It can be solved..we have so many questions that remain unanswered by those who have looked at her case..just do what it takes to solve it..Nancy needs justice;

  6. This crime took place where I grew up, and the fact it has gone cold still bothers me. Was the Wal-Mart video footage from inside or outside cameras? If it was outside, was there another car that left shortly after she did? Description? License plates? It is rumored that she had recently moved to the area to get away from an ex boyfriend. Is this true? If so, who was he & was he ever a suspect? I’ve read. Inflicting reports. Was her prescription medicine still in the car when police arrived? Was the flat tire a blowout or slow leak? What caused the flat? Can the public access police files on cold cases?

  7. Dear Curious,

    All your questions about Nancy’s case can be easily answered. She did not have a boyfriend and did not move to get away from one. She had someone who wanted to date her but she was not interested. He was looked at by law enforcement but was ruled out. She had prescriptions from the Rushville pharmacy, they were in the car..There were no narcotics. The tire analysis was undetermined. However ,there was a pinpoint side wall puncture. Wal-mart had no outside video. They did have inside video and the police obtained that. The video shows her going into wal-mart and leaving. She was alone..we know her timeline and believe the person who hurt her was in a postion of authority. We continue our quest for justice.

  8. Dear Curious,

    You ask if the records are public..they are not..except for the death record. It remains an open investigation at the Rush County Prosecutor’s office. We do not know what, if anything, they are doing. We remain without answers.

  9. i also heard that an authority figure was involved in nancys murder. i heard from a very reliable source that the police dog hit on an officers squad car trunk 3 times the nite she dissapeared. the officer in question said that he had had a dead deer in his trunk. ok. how many officers do u know that would haul a dead bleeding deer in their trunk? me either. i also heard that this officer had terrorized a female minor that had resided with him a one time. now hes employed in hancock co probably terrorizing more people if not committing more violent crimes that hes getting away with. why isn’t he being investigated? i think we all know who im talking about….

  10. Amy you are correct on all points..If we can get women to come forward..or have names that can be contacted, we could build a case..yes he has moved to another county and promoted. So, until those in the Rushville area see Nancy as their daughter, sister, Mother,aunt, we may remain without justice. It is simply the right thing to do, the moral thing to do..I have fought this battle alone for years..I think people just want it to go away..but, I am not going away..this injustice is unthinkable..the local prosecutor’s office has failed..they are friends with this person of authority..but I will never give up or be silent..if you have anything you can give me, as in me at 502-216-7585. Thanks

  11. hi bev, i dont have any names as what i heard was repeated to me but yes we r talking about the same person. i believe he’s guilty & have since his name came up. however the people who live in the house rite down from where nancys car was found would be worth you talking to them. they saw the person in question several times that nite where her car was found. these people also told us that there was no flat tire when they first went to investigate, but was flat after you know who showed up. apparently 911 sent him to the car 3 times to check before the police showed up. the tire was not flat. i know private investigators r expensive but that may be your only option since the proscuters are friendly with our suspect. there is someone out there that will help if we can find them. i will keep up with all new information & hope what iv’e told you will help. talk to john down the road from where her car was found. he knows alot of info & may be able to help.

  12. Amy…I do know John S…talked with him several times..not aware that the M went to her car before Rush County got there. If we had the money, I would have hired a private detective a long time ago..however, we need to know who the M pulled over..I hear he had a history of doing this..I also believe someone in Carthage knows..I do have something I could use some help on..if you would be have my number..thanks..

  13. hi bev, found out the girl in question who was so abused by n. she was a stepdaughter or a foster child. not sure, but was told by one of carthages former officers that n followed women & pulled them over outside of carthage city limits instead of in town. this is why he left carthage, guess other officials were aware of his actions. but they always protect one of their own. call me if i can help, although im now in ky this case was too close to home as we lived rt down the street from u at the time. 606-910-2250 is my number. my bro had alot of info too. did u talk to joe? he told us about the dog hitting on n car. keep in touch. i want to see him brought to justice as much as u do. god bless us on r search for the truth…

  14. john also told us that n was up & down that road several that nite before nancy even disappeared. said it was like he was watching or waiting on someone. no doubt that hes guilty. heard his wife had a bad drug problem with pills. makes sense to me. he probably followed her to rushville & then knew what road she traveled & was waiting on her. i think he had her in his trunk & then flattened her tire & left long enough to kill her & then returned to the scene to act like mister johnny on the spot, all the while she was n his trunk.

  15. wow! i just got 2 thinkn about this about a month ago & started looking things up. I used 2 go 2 church @ ur sis church. i was able 2 meet nancy when she came 2 ur other sis church a few x’s while my family went there. I remember when this happen & cld nt believe it cause we had just seen her & church withn a couple weeks b4 this happen. I still can nt believe this! she has been on my mind like crazy. what does a person have 2 do 2 have this put on a dateline, 48hrs or cold case on tv? i watch those alot & everyx i keep waiting thinking that nancy’s story will b next. i know nothing about this we moved out of town r after this happen. the best way that i can help is by praying that something will break. I can not even imagine how hard this is on ur family. just know that their r people out here that r thinking about it & r praying 4 u! as hard as it is somex just know that u r doing the right thing by nt giving n untill something happens!
    ps i also went 2 school with her niece & nephew about 14~15yrs ago.
    my thoughts & prayers r with u!

  16. Thanks Sara..we have no intentions of giving up on Nancy’s Project in seeking justice and getting the persons who did this to her..your prayers are much appreciated..

  17. Bev, today on AOL, there is a story about Alice Davis from Salisbury, Maryland. She disappeared 9/2 between 6:30-8:00 after leaving her home to go to Walmart. Her car was found across the street from Walmart in a Big Lots parking lot. I have no idea if they could be connected. I know a lot of people shop at Walmart, but I thought of you and your family. I pray for resolution to this case.

  18. Why not send this case to Nancy grace and let her shake things up. God knows she has the money to pursue this. Hope for a miracle.

  19. Her case is not high profile enough..Nancy Grace did spot her story a few years ago…we were thankful for that..At this time, the Prosecutor is planning on taking her case to a group in Philly, PA that assist in cold cases. That is the best thing we have going for us at this juncture…we just have to keep going…

  20. We are not giving up hope…thank you!!

  21. Attention Paula: Thank you for thinking of Nancy…if you google Wal-Mart and missing persons, you will find many cases of where women left Wal-Mart and went is unreal…the Wal-Mart where Nancy was, did not have outside cameras and still do not to this day….you would think after all these cases they would make sure they had outside cameras.

  22. Bev.
    I had a dream that woke me up tonight about Nancy. It was bittersweet. I was very young at the my sister Brianna and i at the Greenfield church up front close to the front pew sitting singing with her before Sunday school. I miss her dearly. what a sweet woman. I remember my sister Brianna going outside looking around our house for her and down the street to the side walk.
    Is there any ideas still or whatever of whom may have done this? i was to young to really understand at the time.
    I miss her dearly!

  23. Did anyone check the list of truck drivers making deliveries to the Mill that day?

  24. Idk if yu have found anymore or not but I’ve heard someone talking. about how the carnval was in town and maybe a Carney did it.. but i have a friend and i guess her ex boyfriends.friend told hee he did this! I didn get his name but her ex boyfriends name or nick name he has a sister name lola. money has a bunch of tattoos and has been in prison

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