Parents Gone Wild! Ryan and Brittany McConniel starved their daughter to death; said she was crazy, but did not get her help

This is one of the strangest cases I have seen. However, one thing is clear – Ryan and Brittany McConniel failed to take care of Lauren McConniels. When they took custody of her (for reasons not stated) she was a healthy and happy little girl. Then she started losing weight and acting out very bizarrely. She was apparently hallucinating and acting psychotically. Very strange for a 5-year-old child. A normal loving parent would do something about this. Take the child to a doctor. But these parents did not. But they told people that they did. I cannot for the life of me understand why they refused to take her to a doctor. Unless, of course, it was to cover-up abuse. From the description of her behavior, it sounded as if she had been sexually abused. So far, there has not been any confirmation on that, so it is only speculation on my part. When Lauren died in March, she was the size of a 2 1/2 year old. And there is no explanation of the salt poisoning. This poor child suffered badly through the last few months of her short life. The inaction of those who supposedly loved her is unfathomable to me.

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Ryan and Brittany McConniel

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  2. These people may (most likely) were on drugs…possibly Meth. The pictures of the two of them, the whole situation…it seems they were drug users.

    They probably were “hallucinating” themselves, and telling themselves justifications at the child’s expense.

    Though it is possible they were straight as an arrow, and just didn’t give a sh*t. But more often than not, these case involve drug use/addiction…irresponsibility, etc.


  3. No, not drugs, just stupid and indifferent.

    Brittany was the step-mother and Ryan was the only adult in a house with 5 able bodied adults with a job. He worked, Brittany and Step-grandpa, Robert Lee abused her…Daddy just turned a blind eye.

    Saddest part, at the urging of step-grandma, this child was taken away from a loving mother, who was denied access to her, and her whereabouts were misrepresented by her father. Lauren’s Mom only got to see her baby as she lay on her deathbed in a children’s hospital.

    Why? you might ask…because the Lee family hoped to get child support from the bio-mom for Lauren and an older sister.

    Sick? You bet. Serving decently long sentences? Well, the prosecutor has hit ahome run on Brittany, Ryan pled by giving testimony that convicted the step-mom, and Robert is soon to go to trial- may he rot in a cell for a nice long stint…


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