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  2. Another example of a typically sane, intelligent person letting something get under their skin….and then putting the chain of events in place…the mayhem in place.

    Never know what people are capable of….be protected!!


  3. It may be symbolic now to prosecute for Seth’s death, since Alabama will either sentence her to life or execute her, but it’s justice. Punishment is also meant as a deterrent!

    If Maryland had prosecuted this 8itch, maybe the Alabama profs would still be alive.

    It’s very difficult for a smart person to play dumb. DOCTOR Amy Bishop knew right from wrong.

    Look at minister’s wife Mary Winkler. I think she got off easy, just a brief stint in a mental institution. Let’s see, he abused her and made her dress sexy and wear a wig in the bedroom. Duh, that’s abuse? Plus, she shot him IN THE BACK. I am a woman who has been hit by a man.

    But Mary Winkler did more time for her crime than Amy Bishop did for killing her brother!

    Even a short stay in a nuthouse would have given psycho Amy time to think about what she did to Seth! I would have thought that several years in the Alabama state penitentiary would have been appropriate. She could have taught the other inmates!

    Okay, Amy’s mama had just lost one child and wanted to keep this one at home with her. Big Mama may have deluded herself about what happened. But that’s why we need THE POLICE to protect society.

    I am not certain, but in some Islamic countries, prisoners may be released if the survivors forgive. It doesn’t work that way in the US. It is a crime against society, one of the purposes of punishment is deterrence.

    There is no way a sister from a poor black or white family would have walked on what Amy Bishop did to her brother.

    Nor would someone well-known to the public have walked. Marlon Brando’s son Christian got locked up, and so did Hulk Hogan’s kid.

    Look at the public outrcy over Paris Hilton breaking her parole, when she hadn’t even hurt anyone. She was barely over the blood alcohol level when she got arrested.

    Lil Amy Bishop’s family was known in Braintree (Braindunce) but not prestigious enough for there have been public outcry.

    Maryland is right now. There’s no excuse. Jobs were not done, and the public was not protected.


    • Patti,

      It is Massachutes, not Maryland. And I am not defending Mary Winkler, but what is abuse to one person is fantasy to another. What happened in their bedroom may have given Mary feelings that made her feel abuse, emotionally. Not the same as being hit, but abuse is abuse. I had a friend who went through similar in her marriage as the Winklers, and she tried to kill herself because she could not bring herself to go through it anymore. But please remember, I am not justifying her actions or defending her. Just pointing out some facts.


  4. Hey, mylifeofcrime, that was a reasonable response.

    Nevertheless, only Mary Winkler knows what really happened, and she got MORE TIME to think about removed from normal society than young Amy Bishop did.

    With Mary Winkler, there is probably no chance she will ever do it again.

    I wonder if Massachussets will even bother to extradite Amy Bishop; it’s costly, but it’s symbolic and Massachussets owes it to the dead professors!


    • Patti,

      From what I read, they do not know if they will ever try her or not, depends on what happens in Alabama. At least they admitted that they failed in their responsibility in Seth’s murder. I have not heard if Alabama is seeking the death penalty, but I believe they should be. She did not kill just one, but 4 that day. Plus Seth.


  5. I did read today that Mass. won’t extradite if she gets death. No point in that! Alabama has not decided whether or not to seek the death penalty.

    How to deal with killers is always a problem in any society.

    If she really killed Seth accidentally, she should have been monitored for a while by doctors and/or cops to help her deal with her guilt. She did name her only son Seth.

    Other than serial killers, murder tends to be a one-time thing. I have been around criminal lawyers at a church luncheon who said murderers are usually nice; they just wanted one person dead.

    Mary Winkler will surely never kill again!

    Punishment also has deterrent value, but some people never learn, like OJ Simpson and Joran Van Der Sloot. Even if OJ didn’t do the first dirty deed, he spent plenty of time rotting in the LA jail and still kept on acting up. Joran probaly had an easier lockup a couple of times in Aruba.

    It appears Amy Bishop was briefly arrested the day she killed her brother and then let go. From what I can tell, she may have been on medicine at his funeral. But there does not appear to have been an adequate psychiatric evaluation, which she should have had.

    Psychiatry isn’t perfect either, but it’s an attempt.

    Mary Winkler is probably a really nice person. I’d have to re-read her case. I think she got several months in jail then a brief stay in a mental hospital. Plus, she got her children back. She must have had an excellent lawyer. She had some time to think about it.

    It’s too late for us to do anything about Amy. But I really hope they keep the other inmates away from her with her documented long-time short fuse.

    Just horrid that Amy Bishop repeteadly walked on her behavior!


    • Unfortunately, I have seen several who have killed go to prison, get released and kill again. Very sad, but true. Examples:

      Jessie Dodson [went to prison for a murder; got out, killed 6 people, including his brother and his children]
      Arthur Shawcross and Kennth McDuff [both went on to become serial killers’
      Jack Henry Abbot [killed a fellow inmate, was released, stabbed another man to death]

      And so many others.


  6. Well, we are certainly having a good discussion, of course, it won’t bring back Seth Bishop or all those dead professors. With our world changing and the internet splattering news alll over the place, it’s much less likely that one township can cover up a killing like this in a prominent family.

    I am going to change to the word “killing” since “murder” is a term that implies evil intent. There are probably a lot more “one shot” killers than there are serial murderers.

    Killers get all kinds of punishments, and most probably don’t walk without probation or even a short stint in the nuthouse.

    The death penalty is usually reserved for the most heinous killers, though sometimes a few inncocent people slip in.

    I live in Texas, and I am techically opposed to the death penalty. One night I started reading about how people ended up on Texas death row. I went to sleep all day, I became ill the next day right before lunch. Some Texas killers are a clear argument for the death penalty.

    I decided that Texas has so many people on the death row because we have a bunch of mean, horrible murderers. Florida also has a lot of really horrid killers on death row.

    I have had many Nigerian friends. My first Nigerian friend told me years ago that in his country Timothy McVeigh would have been ripped out of the police car in Nigeria and torn to shreds. I said a lot of Americans would have liked to do that, but we have police all over the place to stop that, to avert another Jack Ruby shooting a Lee Harvey Oswald and depriving the govt. of its vengeance.

    Most of us weren’t surprised when the US federally executed McVeigh for its first execution in years.

    I currently have a Nigerian home health nurse, a sweet kind man who is also in the ministry. When Amy Bishop shot up the university, he said that in Nigeria the locals would have killed have taken justice in their own hands.

    The ordinary Nigerian police are like the British bobbies, usually unarmed.

    He said that in cases of stuff like rape and serious theft, villagers burn down the village and exile the offenders. He said even in Lagos people take vengeance into their own hands. Nigeria has a real government and real laws, but the police won’t do anything if they consider common-law vengeance justified.

    The British used to use “transportation” as a sentence. Socially, it ook a while before inarceration caught on as a penalty.

    This psycho nutcase Amy Bishop got a free ride on her conduct.

    In Texas, one of the questions a jury asks before imposing the death penalty is, “Will he or she klll again?”

    I somehow doubt Alabama will give her death, but I really don’t kow.

    Southern vengeance tends to be stiff.

    We can only hope to prevent further psychos like her from re-offending.


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