Women Behind Bars: Lori McLuckie and Teresa Roever

The documentary series profiles women from all walks of life, from gang members to grandmothers, engineers and former police officers, who have been convicted of murder. With exclusive interviews with the inmates, direct from location in medium and maximum-security prisons, each woman tells her unique story about why she felt compelled to use violence as a solution or did she?

In a dramatic, point-counterpoint format, prosecutors and defense attorneys, police, and psychological experts give their differing views on the crime while the families of the victim and the inmate describe the gut-wrenching impact on their lives. Each episode is a compelling look into the lives of women who took the wrong turn at the wrong time, and ended up behind bars and are now paying the heavy consequences for their actions. The series also explores how the women have come to terms with their crimes while incarcerated and if and how they have turned their lives around.

Lori McLuckie and Teresa Roever Tuesday, May 25 at 10pm | 9c

On May 27th, 1988 Denver police entered the apartment of 27-year-old Lori McLuckie, and discovered the remains of 24-year-old Andrew Vigil, Lori’s ex-boyfriend. His arms and legs were missing, but his torso and head were in tact. He had been hit in the head repeatedly with a hammer and then stabbed in the back more than 30 times. Lori, then 5 months pregnant, lay sleeping in the other room. Police discovered Andrew’s remaining body parts in dumpsters in the surrounding neighborhood. Lori was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.
Lori McLuckie Bio

38-year-old Teresa Roever was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 67 year-old Cleo Lipkins. Lipkins, who lived in a trailer on Teresa’s property, was beaten and locked naked in a storage shed, where she froze to death. Teresa then cashed Cleo’s social security checks. Two co-defendants were also charged with first-degree murder but pled guilty to lesser charges. Teresa admits to forging the checks but denies participating in the murder.
Teresa Roever Bio

Women Behind Bars Tuesdays at 10pm|9c WETv

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