Andrew Vigil murder 5/27/1988 Denver, CO *Girlfriend Lori McLuckie convicted; sentenced to 40 years to life in prison*


Lori L. McLuckie was convicted of the dismemberment murder of Andrew Vigil and sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.

Girlfriend held in murder
Woman arrested for dismembered body
McLuckie appeal

Women Behind Bars: Lori McLuckie
Wives With Knives: Lonely and Lethal


Date of Birth 1961-11-30
Ethnicity WHITE
Hair Color BROWN
Eye Color BROWN
Height 5’06”
Weight 142

Sentence Date: 1989-06-09
Sentence: Life with Parole
County: DENVER
Case No.: 88CR1347

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  1. Very interesting story. I saw it the other day on cable TV. I am most interested about Lori’s work wih service dogs. Any more information about that?

    • No, I don’t. It is a great service, but my concentration is on the victims of the crime. Andrew is the one to be remembered. And you did not even mention the victim. Very sad.

  2. I watched this story and that shit was crazy..Lori is truly disturbed…how could she commit such a horrible crime to take a life so cruel.and.evil…she needs to rot in jail.

    • This is sad. Why should she rot? She’s obviously a maladjusted, disturbed individual. What’s better, that she rot or that she be treated to avoid any further violence? If you say rot I have no time for you. You’re neither progressive nor religious (I mean actually religious, not like the hypocritical violent religious right wing fanatics) and you’re uninterested in moving society forward, only backward about 5000 years to Hammurabi’s eye for an eye.

      • Conor,

        This is not a religious issue, it is a criminal justice issue. Lori committed a heinous murder – she killed and dismembered Andrew Vigil (you know, the victim that you never even bothered to mention). She was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. Her crime alone shows that she should be in prison for the rest of her life. That is justice.

        One thing to remember is that the VICTIM is the one to be remembered and thought about, not his killer. You only cared about her. This blog is not about that, but about remembering a victim that lost their life and remembering that victim and their life. Don’t come here to worry about her, she committed the crime and now much do the time. He did not deserve what happened to him. Remember that.

  3. R.I.P Andrew Vigil :(

  4. wonder what happen to the baby she was pregnant with when she committed this crime? More than one victim left out of this story

  5. not to mention the family members and friends she destroyed by murdering andrew…this crime hit close to home

  6. yes Judy it did. our whole family knew Adrew and his brother, who we are still close to. after I saw the tv show that was my first thought, how is his brother handeling all this being brought up again.

    • Hi Joyce, I work with a production company that is working on another show about the crime that Lori committed. Could you please email me, we want to make sure that Andrew’s brother is notified about our program before it goes to air. We were unaware that he had a brother. Please email me at

  7. The baby was adopted out to a family in Florida.

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