Deadly Girlfriends: Claudine Longet killed her boyfriend, skier Vladimir “Spider” Sabich during an argument; Convicted of negligent homicide

Vladimir “Spider” Sabich

Spider Sabich should be remembered as a great racer, charismatic personality
Meet Vail Ski Hall of Fame inductee Spider Sabich
‘Spider’ Sabich shot to death
Longet: Shooting was playful
Funeral for Sabich held in Placerville
Singer being charged with Sabich death
Longet admitted shooting Sabich
Claudine Longet pleads innocent in Sabich death
Jury selection in ‘Spider’ Sabich death begins today
Claudine Longet returns to court in Sabich Slaying
I loved Spider, Longet tells jury
Ex-Husband weeps as Claudine Longet describes how she shot Spider Sabich
Claudine convicted in ‘Light’ slay verdict
Wikipedia: Spider Sabich
Wikipedia: Claudine Longet
Singer settles with parents of slain skier
Andy & Claudine & Spider & Co.

Spider Sabich home where he was shot to death

Power, Privilege & Justice: The Starlet and the Skier
City Confidential: Aspen: Murder on the Slopes

Claudine Longet

6 Responses

  1. I was eleven years old when this happened. Reading about the case years later I was astounded at what a light sentence she got when I believe she was clearly guilty. It is my understanding that she still lives in Aspen and has remarried. Wow…


  2. Is there anywhere to commet on this tragic murder…..on his Birthday
    Spider…you maybe on the other side…but not forgotten…..


  3. Please do not let celebrtty of … know who….dim the light of Spider…..


  4. By the way….Happy B-day….. Sider


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