Women Behind Bars: Patricia Sexton and Willie Mae Hampton

The documentary series profiles women from all walks of life, from gang members to grandmothers, engineers and former police officers, who have been convicted of murder. With exclusive interviews with the inmates, direct from location in medium and maximum-security prisons, each woman tells her unique story about why she felt compelled to use violence as a solution or did she?

In a dramatic, point-counterpoint format, prosecutors and defense attorneys, police, and psychological experts give their differing views on the crime while the families of the victim and the inmate describe the gut-wrenching impact on their lives. Each episode is a compelling look into the lives of women who took the wrong turn at the wrong time, and ended up behind bars and are now paying the heavy consequences for their actions. The series also explores how the women have come to terms with their crimes while incarcerated and if and how they have turned their lives around.

May 18 Episode:Patrica Sexton and Willie Mae Hampton

Patricia Sexton & Willie Mae Hampton Tuesday, May 18 at 10pm | 9c

The first of these stories features Patricia Sexton who was found guilty of her husband’s murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1999. According to court records, Patricia persuaded her alleged lover to fatally shoot her husband and then reported him missing. Patricia claims she had nothing to do with the murder and maintains her innocence.
Patricia Sexton Bio

In 1997, 52-year-old Willie Mae Hampton was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of a man who, prosecutors say, refused to lie on the witness stand to help Willie Mae’s nephew avoid a murder conviction. Six hours after Wesley Roberts, whom Willie Mae had raised as her own son, was convicted of murder, the man who refused to testify in favor of Wesley was shot four times in the head. Prosecutors say Willie Mae conspired with others to carry out the killing. Willie Mae maintains she is innocent.
Willie Mae Hampton Bio

Women Behind Bars

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