• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Ethan Stacy murder *Documents released describing burial, murder of Ethan Stacy*

The story of this boy’s death is horrific at best. He came out here to spend the summer with his mother, by court order. It appears to me that she did not really want him there. She was not thinking of him, but of herself and her husband, Nathan Sloop, whom she married on May 6, the day after Nathan got here. This is interesting, because according to this wedding site they planned to get married on July 4, 2010. Suddenly they moved it up. Read the “about us” page. It shows how narcissistic they both are. The abuse of this child started immediately after he got here, showing that he was not really wanted here. Nathan Sloop manhandled him daily, beating him in the head and scalding him with water. On his second day here, they locked him in his room (taking the doorknob off) and left him there to go get married (I suspect they did this so that she would not be able to testify against him). Stephanie Sloop knew the abuse was going on and DID NOTHING to help or protect her son. She took cell phone video of his abuse, which is now being able to show the progression of the abuse these two did. Both of them knew that his injuries needed medical attention but they chose to do nothing because they knew the abuse would be discovered. Well, let’s see, which is worse – having the abuse discovered and get in a little trouble or kill him and get the death penalty or life in prison? If either one of them had cared even a little for this child, he would still be alive. But they only cared about their own selfish wants. After all the beatings and scalding, Nathan realized Ethan was dead and told Stephanie when she came home from the store. So he used a hammer to try to disfigure the boy and then wrapped him in plastic and buried him in a canyon in another county. But after intense questioning by the police, they both confessed and he told them where the boy was buried. No child should have had to endure this. My heart breaks for this beautiful child and those who really loved him, especially his father, who did not want to send him here as it was. I hope he will have some peace and justice for his son.

News Archive: Ethan Stacy murder
probable cause Nathan Sloop (warning: graphic)
probable cause Stephanie Sloop (warning: graphic)
Documents describe death, burial of boy in Utah
Utah Man Beat Stepson, 4, to Death, Disfigured Him, Police Say
Affidavit reveals disturbing details of Ethan Stacy’s last days
Layton community, police officers deal with boy’s tragic murder
Slain boy’s dad: ‘I just wanted him to grow up … where it was safe’
Florida judge ‘sorry for loss’ of Ethan Stacy, says arguments never heard in open court
Ethan Stacy’s Last Days: Details of Burns, and Eating Human Feces, in Police Documents


NathanielSloop jail mug

Booking Number: 201004441
Booking Date: 05/11/2010 Tuesday
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Arresting Agency: LAYTON PD
Housing Unit: Echo

State Statute Court Bail Fine* Type
ASSAULT BY A PRISONER Farmington District Court $0.00 Other
CHILD ABUSE Farmington District Court $0.00 N/A
DAMAGING A JAIL Farmington District Court $0.00 No Bail
ABUSE OR DESECRATION OF A HUMAN BODY Farmington District Court $0.00 N/A
OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE Farmington District Court $0.00 N/A


StephanieSloop jail mug

Booking Number: 201004444
Booking Date: 05/11/2010 Tuesday
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Arresting Agency: LAYTON PD
Housing Unit: Lima
State Statute Court Bail Fine* Type
CHILD ABUSE Farmington District Court $0.00 N/A
ABUSE OR DESECRATION OF A HUMAN BODY Farmington District Court $0.00 No Bail
OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE Farmington District Court $0.00 N/A


15 Responses

  1. I feel so sorry for this little boy… it fills me with anger what his mother did to him by letting this scumbag mistreat him…

    regards from Germany


  2. I am absolutely horrified, and sick to my stomach after reading the details of Ethans death….to know that a mother would let her child be treated that way, and not seek any kind of medical attention or do something about it is uncalled for….she does not deserve to be called a mother….I hope she rots in hell cause that is definately where she is gonna end up

  3. i hope these bastards get the death penalty and i hope its the most pain they could ever feeling thats what they deserve

    what that poor child went throw is not on and for his mother not helping him i hope she dies of the worst death possilbe to this evil bitch

    RIP ethan stacy

  4. I am heartbroken and filled with so much emotion that this beautiful little boy had to go through so much pain and suffering. Those 2 adults are monsters and that is NOT a mother.
    Ethan shall never be forgotten. I only wish I could have done something to defend this child from that pussy coward Nate.

  5. We need to make examples of them. Nathan should be beat while having his face stuffed with feces as he did the child. I always wonder in these cases do they realize while tucked away in jail that America is supremely pissed off and beg for their torture?
    I have heard defenses for her saying that she had battered womens syndrome, but I feel that should not affect the outcome of her trial.

    She should have to pay the price for negligance.
    He should have to pay a much higher price. the wierd thing is all the happy couple pics they have. how can people turn into monsters, how can women pose lovingly with monsters???

  6. To this day I have a post-it on the wall in my office and I think of poor little Ethan everyday. There are thousands of others just like him that have to suffer with parents just like Nathan and Stephanie. They are monsters hiding in our neighborhoods and schools. I encourage everyone to stand up and and say no more. Let’s not let little Ethan’s pain and suffering be in vain. Let us all remember him and what he stood for, innocence and laughter. Ethan is the reason we parents bring children into this world and we owe all children the oppertunity to grow up and be happpy. I will never forget you Ethan,

  7. Don,t you just wonder at the idiots who allow the Parental visits!!! They never look at the facts……They Just look at the Laws in writing.!!! The Judges need Locking up…They do not give a Toss about A Childs Welfare!!!!!! Get them training in the real world Once and for all………. Just look at all the Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P.Gorgeous Little Ethan XXXXX

  8. His case is the same as Christian Choate. If you don’t know about Christian Choate, please google his name. In a nutshell his “father” and “stepmother” beat him, made him wear a diaper, lock him in a dog cage for over a year, barely fed him, and then killed him and buried his body in a shallow grave covered in cement for 2 yrs. But here’s the kicker, the “father” laid a bible on Christian’s chest before entombing him in cement. The reason the “father” got caught and confessed is because Christian’s sister, who was also abused, told her half sister. IMO there are way too many Christian’s, Ethan’s, Shelby’s, etc. in this world, and they are being murdered, why? Because they are children? There definitely need to be stricter laws regarding child murder. Do one and you are done. So long. Bye-bye! Justice for Ethan, Christian, Shelby.

  9. I feel that the death penality is just too easy for these monsters. Give them life in prison without the chance of parole, and put them in the general population with all the other inmates. Neither one would last too long as the immates do not like child molestors, abusers and child killers. Or better yet, I feel they should die the same way poor Ethan died, shit in his mouth, beaten, burned and no medical attention. The old saying, an eye for an eye”. I also feel that with all the real fathers pleas, why was this child sent somewhere he wasn’t wanted? I feel all the judge and all the people involved before his death should be charged in his murder as well, after all he was delivered to these monsters on a silver platter.
    Karen R

  10. May god hold this dear child a flower in life ,do not give either stephaie nor nathan life ,flush the m .no politemanner of life in prison be good enough. we pay for them to eat every day .reduce compassion to them . they are beyond the word of animal should be alloted to them . I am a father and now a grand father MAy NATHAN AND STEPHANE GET A TICKET TO hELL .take them for a free plane ride one parachute quickly through the legal system. give them both the maximum solitaary confindment and sterilization.not lethal injection,no television no dental flosss no more free medical for these are no longer human beings in even Gods eyes..

  11. even I dont know this kid.. i love him.. i know his just a child.. and i think all he want is to be loved by his mother..

  12. Evil bastards. I can’t decide which of them is worse, but I guess the mother for she let this happen to her little boy. As a mum, I would do anything and everything possible to protect my son (who is the same age as little Ethan when he died). How anybody can allow another person to hurt any child, but especially their own child is beyond belief. RIP little man and I hope this pair fry and then burn in hell for eternity.

  13. I just can not stop crying! I go to bed in tears and wake up in tears! My heart is breaking for that sweet child. The pictures of him smiling has stolen my heart. I will never forget him. Rest with the angels, sweet boy! I never met him but I love him! Why do people do such vicious evil things? So sad!

  14. I Started Crying When I Read What They Did To This Poor Little Boy. No One Should Ever Have To Go Through This! How Could His One Mother Do This To Him! I Hope She Dies A Slow Painful Death. She Makes Me Sick!! Her And Her Husband! At Least Now Ethan Can Be Peaceful And Is In A Safer And Better Place! Rest In Peace<3 I'm So Sorry That You Had To Go Through ANY
    Of This! You Didnt Deserve It!

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