Parents Gone Wild! Jessica Adams smothered her 2-month-old son after a meth binge

This mother is a real winner. She goes on a methamphetamine binge for her birthday, then comes home and goes to sleep with him on the couch. So of course, she rolls over on him and suffocates him. She was a meth  junkie that could not even care for herself, much less an infant. I am surprised that they let her take him home from the hospital, since CPS had already taken 2 other children away from her previously when they were born as they had methamphetamines in their systems. However, this happened over a year ago (March 19, 2009) and she is just now being charged. I do not know why it has taken so long to charge her, but they finally have.

Mom Passed out After Meth Birthday Binge and Smothered Baby, Police Say
Mom Charged With Murdering Infant Son
DA: Mom’s meth binge led to baby’s death
Woman Arrested For Murder In Infant Son’s 2009 Death

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  1. This type of thing turns my stomach. Investigation will show that this women had no business caring for an infant. Drug addicts in general and especially those using meth only care about one thing…getting the next high.

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