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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Denita Smith murder *Shannon Crawley found guilty; sentenced to LWOP*

Denita Smith2
Denita Smith

News Archive: Denita Smith murder
Crawley guilty of murder in Smith case
Former Guilford County Dispatcher Found Guilty Of Murder
Jury finds Crawley guilty
Romantic rival convicted in NCCU student’s slaying (conviction and sentence affirmed)
State of North Carolina v Shannon Elizabeth Crawley 2011
Murderpedia: Shannon Elizabeth Crawley
Shannon Crawley, NC – Sentenced to LWOP

Denita Smith Tribute video

Deadly Women: Sugar and Spite
See No Evil: Sex, Lies and Audiotape
Snapped: Shannon Crawley
Dateline: Internal Affairs
Deadly Women: Sugar and Spite
Fatal Attraction: Collegiate Killing
Scorned: Love Kills: Bring on the Heat


Offender Number: 0994267
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Ethnic Group: AFRICAN
Birth Date: 06/12/1979
Age: 37
Current Location: SOUTHERN CI


51 Responses

  1. Shannon, the game is up. God bless your lost soul.

  2. for some reason i think the boyfriend was involved

  3. really shauna? well, 12 people with all the evidence before them does not agree, so take your opinion and shove it, okay sweetie? yeah, thanks – ba bye!

  4. Shauna,

    You are one of many who have no merit and no first hand knowledge. You watch plenty of TV and just want to stir some BS up.. It was proven the fisnce didnt have anything to do with it. Both Crawley and Stroud testified that they had no further involvement after 2005. This is real life and not television. Again you have no frst hand knowledge at all, and your common sense is sorely questioned if you think the state and local officials didnt do all they could to make sure a rapist and murderer wasnt on the police force. You are ding nothing but attempting to stir something up, and there is future people like you. it never fails.

  5. Shauna has a right to her own opinion just like everyone else. When Denita was first murdered, the first person I thought of was her fiancee. Did he know? Obviously, no one has been able to prove that he DID have something to do with Denita’s murder. Good for him. That would of made her murder even more devastating than it already is. I’m just happy that justice was served, and now Shannon gets to sit her stanking a** in jail where she should rot, forever.
    RIP Ms. Denita Smith. You will forever be loved and NEVER forgotten.

  6. Some of you people are so insensitive. First of all if she did it and I say if because a jury’s verdict don’t necessarily mean one is guilty. Just look at all the people being released from prison because they are innocent. I think, Mr. Stroud does have something to do with it. Nevertheless, her life sentence won’t bring Denita back, and her parents should have been over it after three years. The other thing is, Life Without Parole, that’s crazy. If one of you drove down the street and killed someone by accident, you could be convicted of the same thing regardless to what you say, that’s our system. I truly feel sorry for the parent’s and children of Shannon Crawley and I wish i could express that to them. They too have lost someone and it doesn’t matter if she is living or dead, she is gone for life. Stroud will get his somewhere down the road.

  7. Hey Neffie – you must be related to Crawley. You’re defening a callous murdered? Why” You must have man issues. Somebody rejected you and you know how Shannon felt? Help me understand darling.

    Here is what I have to ask.

    What if Jermeir had ended his relationship with Crawley more than four years, or ten years, before she killed Denita? Would that still give you cause to cast stones?

    Is four years different from one year, or ten years – – because it was more than one year you know? How would ten years make you feel? Does it change your reaction? More importantly, does it change what Shannon was capable of?

    Jermeir and Denita were not engaged during the overlap of relationship. I want to understand, is that why people are angry. , , , because it happened even though it was in the past?

    Shannon’s acts had nothing to do with the overlap. The relationship was over for almost 2 years.

    Had there been no overlap, would you still have the same comment and cast stones? Would that change what Shannon would do?

    Analog: (stay with me) For anyone who has dealt with sexual assault of a child that was in your home, and you did not know it happened for a while, are you to blame for not knowing the sick person assaulted the child? Do you take ownership of the person’s sin? If people point the finger at you in that situation, do you think it would be fair, or do you think the blame is on the person committing the assault on the child?

    If your answers to the analogy can not be reconciled, I propose you realize that maybe you are angry that Crawley killed her, and finding blame helps you with emotions. Crawley is a sick girl. The past cheating had nothing to do with it. She wanted what she could not have. The relationship was over. Had there been no overlap I am convinced Crawley would have done the same thing. Of course I can not know for sure, but given the amount of time she spent stalking Jermeir, and apparently Denita, couple with the time she spent trying to frame Jermier it suggests to me . . . . well draw your conclusions, but use logic.

    You all know what logic is, right?

  8. Neffie – you said her parents should have been over it? Well, I would have been Denita’s mother-in-law had it not been for Crawley, and we’re not over it.

    But I will tell you this. We savor the evidence that you apparently recognize that Denita is special to many, many people. Some of us don’t even communicate anymore, but we still have one shining gem in common – we love her!

    So, we’re not over it and we will take as long as we need. After all, we have the rest of Shannon’s life to deal with it, while she rots, rocks, cries, lies, screams, begs, starves, pleads, appeals, tries, fails and fades . . . into the dust!

  9. Neffie,
    I’m a strong believer in everyone being entitled to their own opinion but commmmeee onnnnnnnnn, are you serious? “Just look at the people being released from prison because they are innocent”. YOU SAID THE MAGIC WORD, INNOCENT. Perhaps if Shannon WERE innocent, she may have had the chance to be released. Fornately, she was proven by 12 of her peers to be GUILTY as hell, and I for one hope on one EVER forgets that. You stated, “nevertheless, her life sentence won’t be Denita back”. So…..what do you suggest? We let the bitch go free because by punishing her it won’t bring Denita back? You SOUND about as dumb as Shannon LOOKS. Actually, Denita Smith is a very special person to me, and I’m offended that you would defend her KILLER so casually. You feel for Shannon’s parents and children??
    How about a little freaking sympathy for Denita’s family? At least they can still go and visit Shannon’s, stupid, stalking, man chasing murdering stanking ass whenever they WANT. Don’t you get it? DENITA IS NEVER COMING HOME. Go away. You’ve ruined my freaking day.

  10. Mom C,
    God bless you. May He make the pain a little more bearable each day for you and your family.

  11. some of you really honor Denitas memory with your vulgar ridiculous name calling. it is obvious you really didn’t really know her i am sure this is not how she would have wanted you to behave. Where is the Christian spirit of forgiveness. Non of you have either a heaven or hell to put Shannon in thats between her and her God. Also Stroud has to face his God for any part he may have played. If not for the grace of God there goes you or I. Never say never. 2 children have lost their mother where is the compassion for them they did nothing. in honor of Denita remember her in love stop the name calling vulgar language and do something productive in her honor this behavior serves no purpose.

    • Laura,

      While I do agree with what you are trying to say, what about those people who are not Christians? Yes, I believe most people are Christians, however, many are not, and it is not right to push those values on them.

  12. that is not my intent C. i am speaking of those that say crazy thing and then refer to God.
    but i will say this to Denita

    • Laura,
      I approved your last comment, but technically, it violates my comment policy and normally I would not even read it. Do not use ALL CAPS fpr all or the majority of your post. I am not trying to be rude, but it is rude to m and my readers and I don’t allow it.


  13. Laura,
    Did I know Denita personally? No, I didn’t. Do I love Denita Smith? Yes, I do.
    Saying how I feel while throwing in a few curse words does not make her memory less valuable, nor does it make this tragedy any less painful. I’ll honor Denita’s memory and what she stood for until the day I die. If I want to call Shannon what she is, which is a murdering piece of shit, YOU or NO ONE else have the right to judge me or MY opinions/feelings on that. That is how I FEEL, and who the hell are you to tell me how to feel?
    Yes, I agree Shannons children are NOT responsible for her actions and do deserve some compassion. But keep in mind dear Laura, that they can go and visit Shannons STANKIN’ A** WHENEVER they want, SHE’S still alive. They can still laugh with her, and talk to her and smile at her and listen to her voice.
    Yes, Laura, I think my compassion lies right where it should, with Denita and her family.
    Where is the Christian spirit of forgiveness??
    Ask your self that question IF someone ever murders YOUR loved one in COLD BLOOD. I hope Shannon slowly rots to death.
    RIP Denita Smith. Your are loved forever.

  14. Oh yeah, and if I ever see Shannon face to face, she’ll be missing a few front teeth before she can get away from me. I think Denita might appreciate the gesture.
    I know I would.

  15. i apologize and thank you for allowing my statement to appear on your blog i was only trying to make a point i understand using capitals could constitute rudeness that was not my intent only trying to make a point

  16. i think shannon got what the heck she deserved and to mom c i think you are definatly right!!!!!!

  17. Shauncey,

    Hate is never justified in the Bible. Even if somebody you know is murdered. Forgiveness is what the Bible is about. Denying that is denying Christ; what were his last words before he descended into Hell for the sins of humanity? If God can forgive, I can and will forgive no matter the situation, because I am not going to be hypocritical. Even if you don’t want to forgive somebody for murder, which is understandable, there is nothing Christian about not forgiving.

    “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” 1 John 3:15

    “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” 1 John 4:20

    Christians are followers of Christ and represent his image in all situations. Not only positive situations. If you are not a Christian then I guess this doesn’t apply to you; however, if you are, it does.

    Unless you want to ‘see’ Shannon in Hell (which she may not be going; I do not know), then you need to forgive her for what you believe she did. Anyone telling her to ‘rot in hell’ for her sins (which if she has asked forgiveness from God, she won’t) and keeping that attitude will condemn you to Hell also.

    Thank you for your time

  18. To Mom C

    I agree wit u that person making the stupid comments must be a heart EX. This story is sad but like many stories around America we just don’t always hear abt them. Shannon has serious issues but my problem in this is that I believe Shannon has some mental handicaps that need to be addressed. I hope she recieves help cuz anyone who can just make up a lie like that needs help. Her lies were so weak I saw straight through her. Jameir is responsible in this matter cuz him not being able to control his penis caused this murder. I know lots of men like Jameir they allow demons to take over their lives. Even if he did break up wit Shannon she had an ungodly soultie wit Jameir that happened through an open door FORNACATION it is a sin that carries many transfers of demon spirits. I hope Jameir and other men learn sumthing from this murder. I was in a triangle like that before i got saved it is so emotional. It is like ur another person when I look back I can’t believe i was such an emotional reck. When I pulled out of the relationship the other women did’nt want the guy no more. It’s almost like she was more obsessed wit me instead of him. I am so thankful that God saved me and I moved own cuz this story could’ve easily been my story.

  19. You have to understand that those were very strong emotions of a mother who has finally faced her ist born’s murderer fr the first time after 3 years of waiting for trial. after hearing detil after detail and potos of a crime scene of how your very child was gunned down in cold blood for such a stupid reason. UNtil you awake to the cold and senseless muder of your first born(which I hope will never happen) you may not have much room to speak on her emotions. Emotions are short lived and conditional. She is very much at peace with god, however Denta’s mother was expressing what she felt at the time. God will continue to work on her heart. While everything you wrote was accurate, unfortunately as Christians w wield so many folks away from Christ because we fail to be empathatic before telling somone what they should feel and why they are wrong for doing that. Pray fr her mother’s herat but do not attack her emotions for what she felt at that time in that moment in that place, because you had no clue what it was like to be her at that moment. Only God.

  20. I didn’t know that using all Caps was rude.

    Rest In Peace Denita

  21. i just seen this case on snapped and I just wanted to say that it is a crying shame when one female takes her anger out on the other woman not condoning volience but she having taken that anger out on jameir shroud not denita smith that was a senseless killing and she deserved what she got.. hopefully he has changed his actions and if not denitas memory should haunt him forever……

  22. I just saw this case the other day on Snapped and I can’t pass judgement on Shannon because I was not there and only Shannon knows was really went down, so that is between her & her maker. But, what I do know is that Shannon Crawley, based on the evidence is a sick person. Many women still are in love after 10yrs, 5 yrs, or even 20. I know many woman who wish that the man they love did not love anyone else and worse, marry the other woman if you desire to be with him so badly. But to actually plan it out, commit a crime so sick, and take someones life away, an innocent person? Why? What would drive a woman to those measures? What would make a woman this pissed? What was she thinking? I want to say that I wish Shannon Crawley could take it all back, she’s a beautiful woman, with two minor children who need her, but, the fact is she the evidence proofed her guilty. She planned, and murdered an innocent girl who did not even know her personally. Shannon Crawley does not deserve to be in jail for life, she should buried underneath the prison. She ruined Jemiers life too, this man has to walk around feeling guilty for God knows how long? She is sad and I feel very bad for her, but worse for the Smith family. I only hope that she confesses and makes this right with her maker. This was the saddest story ever

  23. Bless your heart Shannon, I truly am sorry for what you have been through and what you are going to face.

    Rest In Peace Denita

    As for the “lady’s man” — you piece of shit

  24. Jermier actually talked to police after Denita was murdered. An innocent person would do that. A guilty person not so much.

  25. Man I use to date this gurl in high skool in claremont ca. And her kids were from one of mi then best freinds. Ass long as I knew her she was never viiolent in anyway. This is a shock to me because I just found out she’s in jail. Man mi heart hurts so bad rt. Now. if anyone knows how I kan kontact her please email me at

    • Shaun,

      Shannon is actually in prison (yes, there is a difference):

      Shannon Crawley #0994267
      1034 Bragg Street
      4287 Mail Service Center
      Raleigh NC 27699-4287

      And since she went there in 2010, she already has 3 infractions. Not a model prisoner.

      • To Shaun

        That is very thoughtful of you to want to write to Shannon. i am sure she welcomes contact from anyone. When you write her, ask her “was it all worth it” It has been 5 years since she murdered Denita. Denita is resting with her Lord, Jermier has moved on to play another woman and she (Shannon) is spending the rest of her life in prison. All her work and lies for nothing.

  26. What did she do?

  27. That’s exactly what I meant.

  28. Truly a sad story all the way around. Is is true that Jemeir was able to get on with is life and marry someone else?

  29. Since Shannon came along for the ride while Jermeir killed Denita that means she should be charged with murder as well as Jermeir if she did nothing to stop him from killing her and she knew more than what she was telling the police when they asked her about the murder. If this was a contract killing then that would be an important aspect of the murder.

    • Karen,

      There is no evidence that Jermeir had anything to do with Denita’s murder. Shannon was the one who was seen at the scene. In fact, if I remember right, Jermeir was working when Denita was murdered.

  30. I was just pointing out that if it was a contract killing this would have been the case.

  31. I was just pointing out that if it was a contract killing this would have been the case. I know Jermeir didn’t do it and spite and jealousy caused Shannon to frame him for the murder.

  32. To Shaun

    That is very thoughtful of you to want to write to Shannon. i am sure she welcomes contact from anyone. When you write her, ask her “was it all worth it” It has been 5 years since she murdered Denita. Denita is resting with her Lord, Jermier has moved on to play another woman and she (Shannon) is spending the rest of her life in prison. All her work and lies for nothing.

  33. This was basically a case of two women fighting over one man and one woman died. Why couldn’t the defense see it as two women fighting over one man instead of the man they fought over actually killed her?

    • karen,

      I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Denita even knew about Shannon nor did she ever meet her. From all that I have heard about Denita, I doubt she would have actively participated in a fight over a man. All of this was Shannon, who wanted a man she could not have.

    • Karen

      You are wrong and confused! This was not a case of 2 thug women fighting over a man. That maybe your reality, but ladies of substance don’t lower themselves to that level.
      You need to research Denita Smith and what she was about. Denita was a class act of a lady. She was raised to respect herself and associate herself with people who respected themself. She never knew about Shannon. Jermier admitted to that on the witness stand. She loved and was devoted to Jermier. He chose to step out and have him a “side peice.”
      Denita had so much going for herself. She had goals for her future and had she lived could have made a real contribution to society. If the case had been about 2 women fighting over a man, I doubt if the jury would have convicted Shannon of 1st Degree Murder. She would have gotten a lesser charge and would eventually be getting out of prison. But as you know she will never leave prison alive.
      I write this comment to your blog not for the purpose of defining Denita because what is said can not hurt her. I am writing in hopes that you or some other uninformed person who researchs this case will hopefully not make the same decision as Shannon. BTW Karen check around yourself. You might be a side piece in your relationship.

  34. I dont know if he was involved or not but I do know a life was lost all because someone couldn’t have what they wanted. She wanted to hurt him by hurting Ms. Smith all because he was moving forward with his life. So what he may or may not have been cheating…so what he broke up with her or strung her along…if every time someone was dumped, or cheated on and they were. killed our population would be in the hundreds. It does not excuse what she did ever. The one person who honestly wasnt involved is the one person whom can never be brought back. A mother lost her child because someone threw a hissy fit. Crawly is right where she needs to be.

  35. This is just sad all around. The ex fiancé should have been found guilty of something. Demita family should sue him. Because if it were not for his dog ways, Denita would still be alive……

    • Charge him with what exactly? I do not personally know of any law that would fit this situation where an ex killed the fiancee. Remember, Shannon was stalking him after they broke up and he and Denita got engaged. It is my understanding (maybe I am remembering wrong) that he and Denita’s family are on good terms. These shows tend to emphasize the perceived drama, so what you may think was happening was really overstated.

  36. In the justice system, its not what you know but what you can prove.All the evidence,intent,and motive points towards Ms. Crawley. she moved where Mr.stroud lived,she joined Mr. Stroud church.They were in a relationship that ended and Ms. Crawley had to abort a child by Mr.Stroud during the relationship.Ms. Crawley went to church and seen Mr.Stroud with Ms.Smith.No one will ever know what kind of relationship/courtship Mr,Stroud had with Ms. Crawley,he is part to blame for the hell storm he created.I can’t blame him for Ms. Crawley actions but he is the source of it all.I wonder how he sleep at night.she was on dateline several months ago maintaining her innocence.what motive would Mr. Stroud have to murder his fiancé,why would he get her to do it and not do it him self, how did she know where Ms.Smith lived and how long did Ms.Crawley wait until she cold heartedly ambush Ms.Smth.I don’t know neither one of these ladies,i can say that Ms.Smith didn’t deserve what happen to her may she rest in peace. as for Ms.Crawley ,I can forgive her she has to find salvation and redemption and tell god the truth cause only he knows and at the end of her life that will matter.If she didn’t do it then whats done in the dark always come to light.the evidence is too obvious and overwhelming. Rest on Ms.Smith you were a shining star and god needed you for he loved you the most of all.Ms. Neffee A mother never gets over the death of a child.Families never get over theloveones that’s passed on we all learn to cope and live on.

  37. Shannon is a murderer and is getting what she deserves. Jermeir didn’t commit a crime legally but morally his actions led to his fiancée’s death. He should feel horribly guilty, because if I was cheating on my fiancé and the guy I was cheating with then stalked and killed him, I would feel awful. But regret can’t change anything and one can only move forward.

    I agree with the judge. Jermeir created the perfect storm and walked away free. Hopefully he learned from this.

  38. Scorned:Love Kills- Bring On The Heat

  39. The Deadly Women episode Sugar & Spite didn’t show this terrible story. I just looked this episode up and it doesn’t talk about this case. That’s a mistake and it needs to be fix for future reference.

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