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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Nancy Campbell-Panitz murder 7/24/2000 *Springer show murder: Ex-husband Ralf Panitz convicted and sentenced to life in prison*

Nancy Campbell-Panitz

Be forewarned, this case is heavy on the drama, and not the good kind. The sleazy kind. This murder came after Nancy Campbell-Panitz (ex-wife), Ralf Panitz (now convicted murderer) and Eleanor Panitz (current wife and was a secret wife for a while) went on the Jerry Springer show. It is full of cheating and deception, especially with Ralf (who, in my opinion, disrespected BOTH women, although Eleanor is still married to him and says she believes he is innocent). Ralf was going back and forth between both women, and sleeping with both. However, he only murdered one, after their appearance on the Jerry Springer show. It has become a circus freak show, as they continue to stay in the spotlight. Ralf and Eleanor are now on the Prison Wives show, glorifying their marriage and complaining about Ralf still being in prison & prison conditions, to the expense of the life of Nancy Campbell-Panitz.

‘Jerry Springer’ Murder Conviction
Springer Slaying Suspect On the Run
‘Springer’ Slaying Suspect in Custody
‘Springer’ Murder Witness Released
Ralf Panitz murder trial to begin today
‘Jerry Springer’ Murder Conviction
Ex-Springer guest convicted of murder (scroll down a bit)
State of Florida vs. Ralf Panitz
Murder linked to Springer show becomes top attraction
Background of the Panitz case (this is in the website of the defense counsel)
Prison Talk: Ralf Panitz (On this post, Eleanor Panitz says her husband has lost all hope and stopped eating and will die in shortly – but he is still alive)

Ralf and Eleanor
Ralf and Eleanor at their arrest

Prison Wives: Elli Panitz (This episode is NOT about the murder but about the “love story” between Ralf Panitz [the convicted killer] and his wife Elli (Eleanor). From the commercials, it is glamorizing these people in prison and their relationships, but basically ignoring that some of the inmates are in for murder. They will not (in my opinion) be showing any sympathy or compassion towards the victims or their families. In fact, will they even talk to them? Why are they trying to get sympathy for murderers?)


DC Number: S06648
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 6’02”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/20/1959
Initial Receipt Date: 05/28/2002
Current Facility: POLK C.I.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


Scars, Marks, and Tattoos:
Type Location Description

Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length

Note: The offense descriptions are truncated and do not necessarily reflect the crime of conviction. Please refer to the court documents or the Florida Statutes for further information or definition.
Detainers: (Further information may be obtained by contacting the detaining agency)
Detainer Date Agency Type Date Canceled
06/27/2002 MANATEE CO JAIL DETAIN 01/02/2004

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody 05/28/2002
Date Out-of-Custody Currently Incarcerated

Please keep your comments focused on the victim, Nancy Campbell-Panitz, and not Ralf and Eleanor. I will NOT approve comments about them.


52 Responses

  1. I am a victim’s advocate, no I don’t work in this capacity, but I do deal with the offenders that commit the crimes.
    I think it’s totally disgusting that the media is portraying criminals especially murders as victims. Granted there may be some in prisons falsely accused, but that’s a matter for the courts or the innocence project not the media.
    Glorifying murders is disgusting, those that married them chose to either stay with them or married them while they were incarcerated. That was their choice and now they deal with it or get out of it. This show is at the expense of the victims, like they didn’t even exist. No wonder this society is going down the tubes.

    • I just watched the show, and do not think they were glorifying a murder, in fact i have some doubt he even did the crime. Also, in some cases where it not for the media those who are innocent may never have been freed or there cases taken by the innocence project. Also, the Innocence project only takes a few cases per year and as such not all those who are innocent ever will get a shot at gaining their freedom. You mention our country, well part of what makes us America and Americans is a little thing called the constitution. Read it, you may find it enlightening…

  2. This show is not ignoring the victims, the show is just showing the other side of the outcome to the crime. For every murder, drug addicted person, rapist, con man, ect, there is someone who loves them!! This show is a rare look at those people in no way is it ment to be disrespectful to those who have been harmed. To each their own, bottom line if you do not like the show DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH DUH!!!!!!!!!! Being an advocate surley you can find something more constructive to do then make bias uneducated statements. I remember the age old saying there are two sides to every story. Every person in the world has a diffrent opinion to every situation this is why we are called human, right or wrong as part of our human rights we are intitled to it.

    • Screw you! Who the hell are you to tell us dint watch the show if we dont like it.. we have every right to comment on it just like your “uneducated” ass did… who gives a shit if you dont like what we have to say, so if you dont like it then dont read it as to your dont watch it attitude.. duh.. duh.. that lady was murdered dumb ass, something that you can overlook, but the rest of us wont…

  3. LOL I know there are typos, so do not try and use that as your topic on the next response you leave. I am calling attention to it now so you can argue the actual topic at hand instead of taking the easy way out. LOL

  4. I’ve seen the show Prison Wives, and in particular the episode in question about Elli and Ralf Panitz and my take on the show is a bit different from your own.

    I don’t see it as an attempt to “glamorize people in prison”, prison life nor to garner sympathy for the convict, in fact, I see it as the exact opposite. To me, the show clearly demostrates that there is nothing desirable or glamorous about committing crimes, being in prison or even being married to someone in prison.

    Its’ portrayal of life being married to a convict is far from “glamorous” or “glorified”, rather it shows the toll that it takes upon the non-incarcerated partner – the pain, heartache, shame and financial difficulties that ensue when one partner commits a crime and is incarerated. For me, this doesn’t evoke feelings of sympathy for the convicts, nor their spouses, only wonderment and surprise that anyone would be involved in such a relationship, particularly when the convict is a convicted killer.

    The show does not interview the victims or their families as is not meant to focus on the crime that was committed. The show not about crimes, it is simply about the difficulties of havng a relationship when one partner is in prison, and there’s absolutely nothing glamourous about that at all. I have seen some episodes where I’ve felt sympathy for the children of a convict, but who wouldn’t? A child of a convicted murderer isn’t responsible for the sins of his or her father or mother – they’re just innocent victims.

    From my perspective, the show appears to be a realistic and believable portrayal of life in a relationship with a convict, and nothing about it glamorizes or glorifies living that type of life.

    • R. Wilkerson and Christina,

      What is amusing about your comments is that you have come to a place that is specifically about the crime and the victims, yet you are not even commenting on the victims at all. You are talking about the show Prison Wives. And complaining about my personal opinions. If you cannot come here and remember the victims and show some compassion for them and their loved ones, there is no need for you to be here or comment. It is outright disrepect. Especially Christina when she tells me not to watch the show. Which I don’t. Here on my blog, don’t come and talk about the killers, their wives, their publicity, etc. Come here to remember the victims. Or don’t come here. But think of how you would feel if it was your loved one who was murdered and all anyone remembered or talked about was the person who killed them. I promise you, it is a slap in the face.

      • I also watched the show, because I like documentaries. I do think you’ve gotten a lot of the facts confused about the show because you haven’t watched it. They do talk about the victim and the nature of the crime. They go over the evidence and in this episode they even talk to Ellie’s relatives who repeated say he is guilty, and her sister point blank tells her that the victim in this is the person who died, expressing a great deal of sympathy for the victim.

        However, the show is about the relationship, and the insanity that goes along with continuing a relationship with someone who is in prison. It does observe the story from a prison wife’s point of view, and in watching it – as a woman, you can’t help but ask yourself: if it was your spouse who was guilty as sin, could you stand by him? I’ve been married about 10 years, and if my husband was guilty of something awful… that’d be me. Lucky for me healthy morality and no priors was part of my “checklist”. But, whose to say in the next 10 years he won’t develop a “problem” and end up in jail? A lot can happen in a lifetime.

        With that being said, the evidence presented on the show in the case is pretty damning. This man killed his victim in cold blood, and doesn’t deserve the mercy of anyone. And, I learned that from the show.

        You made some pretty direct claims about the show, that were unfounded and untrue, because you feel like broadcasting this story at all is insensitive to the victims. Perhaps it is. But, that doesn’t make your claims about the show true. The irony is that this show does give all the convicting facts about the case, and recognize who the REAL victims are… it just goes beyond that into the story that no one has ever bothered to talk about before.

      • Ok, with the victim in mind, what if Ralph did not do it, as he claims, with what I have been able to find on this case there was very little connecting him to the crime, isn’t he then a victim of a crime and as such shouldn’t we do anything and everything to right this wrong?

        • Cheryl,

          What evidence do you have that Ralf is not guilty? I personally do believe he is guilty. Can you explain why Ralf and Eleanor were at Nancy’s home arguing with her that afternoon, even though they were not supposed to be there anymore, as she had been threatened by both Ralf and Eleanor? Can you explain Eleanor’s shouting “Ralf please don’t do this”, and then Nancy’s body being found? Ralf Panitz played these women against each other, going back and forth between them. He was abusive to both. It appears that it was just a coincidence that the murder happened the day the show was broadcast, but much went on behind the scenes after the show was taped. Just hours before the murder, Nancy told a judge that Ralf had threatened her life. Eleanor and Ralf swore they would not be thrown out of the house, even though the judge had told them to leave. Yeah it would be reasonable to think someone else would just walk up there and kill Nancy and disappear. Well, I guess it would be to conspiracy theorists, but not those in the real world.

          • I would hate to be in the shoes of the victim’s family and seeing these jokers on a tv program that talks about how hard life is for them. Boo freaking hoo!!!! At least they have a life. That is much more than Nancy gets!!

    • You are rigbt. The show is not about what happeb..she is telling about there love and that’s it…does not show any Nancy photos or jerry Springer pics jjust show..what it is like to struggle day to day for him being lock up and he even says its so hot he can not sleep he is in no glamor and elli is not eaither

  5. I think Elli Panitz is delusional. How can she believe Ralf is not guilty when his Sketcher tennis shoe prints are all over the floor at the crime scene and on Nancy Campbell’s face?

  6. eli knows he did it. If she forgave him for cheating on her then she will believe anything he says. He used his first wife for a green card and now using eli what little money she has so he can get ‘ice cream’ and cominsairy. Ralf said it all. Said he wouldn’t stick around if it was him out here. Said it on prison wives. Oh a few more years when eli has no money and no car to go see ralf. He will have moved on to another low self-esteem woman that maybe writing him already. Bottom line is…..who’s blood was on his shoes he was still wearing 4 days later??? Yea the real victim. Just makes me wonder if eli wasnt in on it and thats why she is giving him money. You never know.

    • I to think he did it come on people the blood on the shoes is enough to prove he did this to this poor lady.They said that poor lady had a bloody foot print on her face wooow i know she went through hell when she was beat and killed i feel bad for her not the wife he is with or him.

  7. So little was actually said about the victim. Elle said that Ralf has no one else but her and boy does he know it…he has user written all over him.

  8. Wow is she pathetic! That’s all I can say or think about! I just watched prison wives about elenor panitz and first off all I think the show did a great job as far as portraying what it is that prison wives do go thru for their significant other and how tough it must be but dang if rolf panitz is not worth it!!! I think these are very strong women but with very misguided causes!

    • meme03,

      You may be right, but this post on my blog is NOT about the show Prison Wives, but about the murder itself. It is NOT about Eleanor Panitz either. Please think about the VICTIM, Nancy, not the others. Have respect for Nancy and her loved ones as they are the ones that matter here.

  9. As an attorney who has personally dealt with all sides, I came across this blog bc I WAS curious about the victim. (I always want to know about the victim, even as a defense attorney). With respect, one comment I would like to put out for consideration: the family members of these convicts are victims, too. I have only seen Prison Wives once or twice because, frankly, I don’t understand the people who consciously pursue a relationship with a person who has committed a terrible crime. I have seen firsthand the fan mail sent to murderers by women who seek to get involved with them. Why?? It makes no sense to me whatsoever. But hey, who I am to judge? I am not referring to Eleanor but generally to the families of those who commit crimes. They haven’t hurt anyone. Through the actions of another they are thrust into a terrible spotlight. They are put in the unenviable position of having to support someone who may have committed a heinous offense. When a convict is executed, they not only lose a son, a daughter, a sister or brother, etc. but surviving family members often suffer the scorn of the community. Sadly, murders create all sorts of ripples, and more than one victim.

  10. This show “Prison Wives” disgusts me. It should be called “Unattractive, overweight women who want a good looking husband at any cost”. These women make themselves look pathetic. These men have nobody else so they use these women. Recently, on one show a woman named Georgia…her “husband” got out. After six years of her committment, he runs to his friends house for a couple days before making his way to her. Then he says right on TV…”My wife may not be the most attractive woman on earth, but I’ve been with beautiful women and they stabbed me in the back”…..WHAT!!!? I’d take bets that this won’t last or he’ll cheat on her and use her ….and she’ll be stupid enough to let him.

    Another show Pam and Lance. Another unattractive fat woman clinging to a handsome guy who is a criminal. It sickened me when she took his daughter to see him in prison, and she says “She needs her father in her life”. WHAT!!!? Did HE make any effort to stay in this child’s life!? If this fat woman wants to cling to a con in prison, go for it….but she sickens me as she prunes this young child to think she “needs” this man in her life.

    Go ahead Ellie….devote your life to getting him out….and when he gets out, you better hope he never gets another girlfriend as you then just may be the next “ex” he kills to get away from. She justifies his actions by saying this ex was going to get him deported? Only an idiot would buy that….he could have walked away from her and ran off with Ellie and a green card through you….

    This show should be called…”Cash Cows”….

  11. You keep saying this blog is not about the show “Prison Wives” or about the focus on Elli & Ralph but it reads like it is to me, guess I should go back to school to relearn how to read.

    I myself was a prison wife, the crime was nowhere near this magnitude but I was a prison wife and it is by choice, I was already married to this man so I hung in there, sad but true. He didn’t stick around forever after and these women need to realize that they were used before and will continue to be used as long as they allow themselves to be.

    I know each case is different and there is always at least one good man in the bunch that will be grateful. I doubt this is the one.

    This show does a great job of showing what a family endures in this situation there is no golry here, these people (criminals) are loved too no matter what they do or what we think. I know that is hard to digest but it is the truth.

    I also want to stress that Elli’s sister did not let anyone forget Nancy especially Elli as she continues to try to portray herself as the victim. I was well aware of Nancy through the whole show.

    If there should be any response to this please forgive any typos now and concentrate on what I am trying to say.

    • SK,

      My blog has over 4000 posts in it. This is just one post in that blog. I assure you, my entire blog is not about Prison Wives. In fact, less than 10 posts even mention Prison Wives. So, please explain how my blog is all about Prison Wives?

      I have no issue over women or men who stay with their spouses while they are in prison. Yes, I have a problem with the TV show Prison Wives when the incarcerated spouse is in for murder and they are trying to use it to gain sympathy and barely even mention the victim. If the crime is a violent crime, like murder or a sex crime, the show should NOT be about the inmate and their spouse and what a hard life they have and how they should get conjugal visits or sympathy, etc. Sorry. And for the record, I have had a boyfriend who was in prison for many years. We accepted the situation and dealt with it. He knew he did the crime, so he did the time. We did not whine or cry about it to everyone.

  12. I ment glory not golry.

  13. Like I said I guess I need to return to school to learn how to read…….I really do agree with you about most of what you say but your anger to peoples opinions mystifies me as everyone is entitled to their opinion, blogs attract opinions of whatever the person gets from what they read. The show is called “PRISON WIVES” and that is what it is about. You have been there. We didn’t whine or cry either, we accepted it, do the crime, do the time, I get it.

  14. A character in a movie once said, “Jesus Christ! I’ve met some stupid bastards in my life, but you’re the stupidest bastard I’ve ever met.” Ellie what part of stupid don’t you get? What part of shoe print on her face don’t you get. YOU make me sick on my stomach–you believe that lying prick who would kill you, thank you .
    You need psychiatric help in a bad way. Oprah, please don’t show this lousy skunk of a man anymore.

  15. I watched the Prison Wives episode about Elli and Ralf Panitz. One thing that amazed me is that at no time did Ralf or Elli ever explain how Ralf’s shoeprint was in Nancy’s house in the blood on her floor and even on her face, and they did not explain why Nancy’s blood was on his shoe when he turned himself into the police. He kept saying he was innocent throughout the show but he never had reasons we should think he was innocent.

    Like many other of the prison wives, and one husband, she’s sending him money so he can buy things in prison and spending time and money to get him a new trial or get him transferred to Germany while she’s so poor she can’t even afford to fix her car.

    I’ve found watching the show that it’s the same story over and over. Most of the spouses are working to get them released because the prisoner claims they were innocent and they’re supporting them in prison while they do without. Without their spouse these prisoners wouldn’t get financial support or have anyone working on getting them released. Is it any wonder they seek women or men and then marry them even while in prison.

  16. This guy is obviously guilty. It never ceases to amaze me how foolish women can be to give up everything for a sociopath. I enjoy watching Prison Wives so I can see there are plenty of women dumber than I am.

    • I agree w/ you. Have learned one big thing–never knew that people can do such nutty things. In the show, she was whining about ‘no $, no car’ ad nauseum. She later drives away in a full size HUV.. One really messed up woman…

  17. I “knew” Ralf and Eleanor personally (E was a so-called-friend of my mother), and my mother actually was a girlfriend of Ralf (before dating Eleanor, after divorcing Nancy). I fully believe he is guilty. He is a sick, abusive, poor excuse for a human being. I feel so sorry for Nancy and her family, no one should ever have to go through that. Eleanor just wants whatever kind of attention she can get, to be part of the “limelight” so to speak. It’s disgusting. I’m appalled they were on a TV show. He deserves whatever he gets in prison, for life. He took Nancy’s life, nothing he gets will be as horrible as what she went through.

  18. Wow, I am pretty shocked that this murder’s wife is willing to fall for his lies. The truth is right there with the bloody sketchers and even if this con was in an alcoholic blackout, it doesn’t change the fact that he murdered Nancy. What is really discusting is neither he or his current wife take any responsibility. I would’ve been somewhat sympathetic to him making a horrible life ending murder in a blackout (as there really is no memory in a blackout) he still would’ve deserved serious punishment but may have had a chance to change. Instead he chose the cowards way out which makes him a vile murderer and Elli an willing party. She knows full well he’s guilty & I have no sympathy at all for her. My sympathy is with the victims family.

  19. If you read the whole case file, Elli does not read as “innocent” to me. Not by a long shot. Before (possibly) participating in her murder, she was involved in any number of ways in the harassment and victimization of Nancy Panitz. Read the case file, she is not a nice woman.

    • I figured Elli wasn’t an innocent bystander buthadn’t read the case file. I will have to look it up, although even without reading the casefile, I found it obvious, not sure why she should be is put out there like she’s a suffering victim, when she clearly isn’t.

      • I have no personal knowledge but my opinion is that she is in it for the “celeb/reality”. I mean, who would notice Elli Panitz if not for her being on a tv show. But she should be careful, murder cases can be re-opened. I lost a lot of respect for the producers of ID for a terribly misleading portrayal. How do they overlook the little detail that Elli was in the house at the time of Nancy’s murder?

        Lately I have been watching less and less of this type of TV, as I have almost no sympathy for the women on “i married a mobster” and take with a grain of salt “prison wives”. Georgia and Don I hoped would make it, because that is a cut and dried case. Don didn’t kill anyone and Georgia wasn’t there when Don committed his crimes. But by and large ID is just too negative. I need to see stuff that is more life affirming.

        *Note to Bonnie, I just learned why you started this blog and I am very sorry for your loss.

  20. I don’t understand “mylifeofcrime” and her angry comments to people. I went to your website to try and understand “about mylifeofcrime” and there is nothing “about” it. Why did you start it? What is your story? Why do you accept paypal? Who are you? There was nothing “about” your website. What is the point?

    • Who am I? Who are you? Why did I start this? Simple, the victims need to be remembered, not the killers. Without looking, can you name the victims of Charles Manson’s group? David Berkowitz’s victims? John Wayne Gacy’s victims? Those who have been unjustly murdered need to be the ones remembered and celebrated, not the killers. I also do this to show stories of justice and spread the word on missing people. And for the record, since you obviously have not read my blog regularly, I am the daughter of a murder victim. I had to grow up without my mother because someone else took her away permanently. Also, my sister-in-law was murdered. Now, why am I having to justify this to you? Who are you? Why are you even here? If you are complaining about me (which is how it comes across), what is the real reason behind that? And no, I have never filled out the “About” page or tab. Never felt like it. And it has never been an issue before.

  21. Excuse my, I was addressing my comment to Bonnie Kernene “mylifeofcrime” and are you a criminal? Why do you accept donations? There is nothing said about where these donations go.

    • tulip,

      I AM Bonnie and no I am not a criminal. Why do I accept donations? To pay for the expenses of the blog. Just for the record, I have never received one single donation, so it really is a moot point. You do not need to understand me. Just understand this, here you need to remember the victim, who is Nancy Campbell-Panitz. Remember that she lived and had a life and people who loved her. This is not a place to glorify her killer. Nor is being rude and patronizing to me a good idea. If you want to know anything more about me, read the post I made on Saturday and then email me.

  22. I received an email dated 9/22/11 detailing a comment from daisy so I came to the website. There I see comments from tulip and mylifeofcrime dating back to August. I’m confused.

  23. I think one of he reasons you get so many comments about prison wives, is because when you google this episode of prison wives this specific blogging from your blog shows up. Because of this, people are commenting about the show, because of the search results when googling the show.

    Anyway, I do agree with you in that the victims represent the real matter of importance. They did not commit a crime, and had a right to live, or to be unharmed. I think, however, the reason why people who commit these crimes seem to, or do, become famous is because of the victims.

    We see these acts as unthinkable and unforgivable. And, the proof of this all importance of the victims rests in the fact that all of the people you mentioned, and all of these wives’ husbands are in jail, most without any hope of parole. When married most are not allowed to share a marital bed, ever! What a miserable, sad, empty life… I for one think that the death sentence would be kinder… but then again it’s not my head on the chopping block.

    In reference to the show, the one thing that I think is the best thing about it is: it acts as yet another deterrent. If scared straight won’t change your mind about committing a violent act, maybe watching this strange, desperate, exchange will. It surely does not glamorize the strain of fighting through a relationship not one bit.

    On the other hand, I do see the family of the person who commits a crime as an extended victim, especially when there are children involved… when you consider how many children of criminals become criminals, you can’t help but to think of the whole thing as sick and sad.. there are no winners when people do the wrong things… and there is no justification either. With all that being said, I don’t think Ellie is a victim at all.. she seemed to have some idea that her husband might murder Nancy Campbell when she left him in the house. Seems conspiracy may be in play there.

  24. I remember this happening. I even watched this episode of jerry springer.. This is sad

  25. I just watched prison wives and watched wiki as her sister had reminded her that the other woman was the victim because she lost her life. It made me sick to my stomach. That show should have never aired. They tried to get the public to actually feel sorry for this loser. He deserves what he got. Because Hey guess what? He murdered that lady!!

  26. Just finished watching the show called “prison wives” and it was the one about the jerry springer murder. I found it very entertaining so when the show was over, I googled ellinoirs name and I just happen to come across your blog and I enjoyed it very much. If you can, e-mail me the link or address so I can read any future blogs you may write about. Thanks a lot,


  27. elie makes the choice to be a prison wife. she chooses to be a “victim”. i did not see the springer show, but most of the prison wives show. i have no sympathy for her – for him – the true victim is nancy. a lot of women just have to have a man – no matter what that entails. elie is consumed with this man, who “played” both women – who obviously killed poor nancy. his footprints in blood. nancy’s blood on and in his shoes. come on — just because there is no actual video of the murder , there is the blood and foot print. if elie wants to devote her life to him, it is her business. i just think elie is pathetic. to ignore the physical evidence is outrageous !! holy cow – the extent of her denial is extreme. life without parole should actually mean life without parole. he is a convicted murderer. come on, people.!! so, ralf is on a hunger strike. maybe he will just proceed with that and will die, saving the state over 30 grand a year for upkeep. i just do not understand why someone would want to be with a murderer. period.

  28. Ralf penitz and Elli arent discussing the FACT his shoe prints were in her blood. And more.discriminating is the FACT HER blood was on HIS shoes. Who can look at that and not believe he is’ guilty?!

  29. I agree with Jenean totally. From the show it is evident that Elli felt an intense hatred and jealousy for her love rival Nancy and seems rather pleased that she now has Ralph COMPLETELY TO her self with no chance in hell of him EVER going back and forth to Nancy as had been the pattern in the past. I believe Elli knows a lot more about the bloody and savage murder of her rival and that she got away Scott free. She appears to be completely obssessed with Ralph and revels in the fact that now he is fully dependent on her – like the Child she never had. She spends all her time obssessing about Ralph and is rather glad that Nancy, her arch rival is out of the way for good. She even tries to speak evil about Nancy and her sister (whom I greatly applaud for her outright honesty and steadfastness) reminds her and quite rightly so that Nancy was the ‘VICTIM’ because she WAS KILLED, MURDERED – da! THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT RALPH COMMITTED THE CRIME – the evidence is clear – The Trainers and blood place Ralph directly at the scene of the crime. I pray that this convicted murderer never gets out of jail and that Elli never gets the satisfaction of ever having the physicial relationship that she is craving for from the man who butchered his ex wife in such a savage manner and with whom she has been colluding. I pray that niether of the two of them Ralph and Ellis ever find the peace and happiness that they so desperately crave for especially as they are without any doubt responsible for the savage KILLING AND MURDER OF NANCY.

  30. very interesting blog about Prison Wives (thanks mylifeofcrime). I just started watching the show recently so I’m late to the discussion. It’s so sad watching Elli on Prison Wives fight to free her husband.I hope they get the transfer. I can’t believe the police didn’t do anything when Nancy was stalking Ralf and Elli.

  31. So his accomplice that he went on the run with is not only free but allowed to contact him. And go on another TV show? They were lovely on Jerry, I missed them on prison wives.

  32. Just watched this episode last night. Truly disgusting how these women have so little self-esteem that they choose to be with these murderers. She knows he did it. They hid out for 4 days after the crime, she said it was because she thought the INS was after them….baloney! His bloody shoeprints on Nancy’s face and all over the crime scene. Totally guilty. I feel sorry for Nancy and Eleanor’s sister (who seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders). Driving a broken van, sleeping for hours in it to get in line to see him, sending him money…I think she has some mental issues.

  33. I think that Elli was a participant in this woman’s murder.
    She said “everyone looks at her like she’s the poor victim” she is! She’s dead! I think the case should be reopened because there is a chance that Nancy’s killer ex-husband could go free should the German government choose to take his case and Nancy’s other killer could cross the ocean and get away Scott free.

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