• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Murder In The Family: Mary Christine Haines murder 5/31/1995 Gresham, OR *Daughter, Elizabeth Ann Powell and her husband, Anthony Duane Powell, pled guilty, sentenced to prison*

remembering the victims

Pair charged in mother’s death
Couple Sentenced in mother’s death
EOCI inmate arrested
Joy Behar blog: Prison Wives episode (read the comments, some are about this episode)
Oregon State Penitentiary reports inmate death
Inmate serving life sentence dies in Salem prison
Man serving life prison sentence dies unexpectedly at Oregon State Penitentiary
Police investigating death of Oregon prison inmate
Man serving life prison sentence dies unexpectedly at Oregon State Penitentiary
(I have not been able to find much available on this case thus far, but will keep trying)

Prison Wives: Annika Powell (This episode is NOT about the murder but about the “love story” between Anothy Powell [one of the convicted killers] and his wife Annika. From the commercials, it is glamorizing these people in prison and their relationships, but basically ignoring that some of the inmates are in for murder. They will not (in my opinion) be showing any sympathy or compassion towards the victims or their families. In fact, will they even talk to them? Why are they trying to get sympathy for murderers? But please remember, on my blog you need to focus on the victim, Mary Christine Haines. NOT Anthony and Annika.)


53 Responses

  1. Anthony Powell is my sister’s son. The person who raised him was the abuser to me and him. Anthony has a sister and she also has mental issues. I did too! My mother had her own issues and she was battered by my father. I feel deeply for Anthony and his sister. I am from a family of 13 kids, and their is 7 of us left. I have never seen Anthony since this crime. I can’t get close to what he did, but I cry over him because I know his abuser, my mother. I know he had many beatings as a child. I did also. He spent his whole life in a prison with my mother and now he has another prisoned life. He was a wonderful, happy, and so sweet boy growing up, but at a point, his rage had to come out. I know he fell into drugs to mask his pain. The type of pain he had as a teen was unreal living with my mother. I am not saying he is not guilty, I am saying there was a build up of anger. Sad that the first wife took him down. She had her plans and she used Anthony in this murder. He is guilty of course. He wanted acceptance. He loved to research rocks. He loved archelogy. I almost got the chance to raise him. God knows all. And I leave it to him.

  2. Joanie I’m sorry for everything. I know it’s tough (understatement). It’s a change hearing from the family member of one of the alleged criminals on this site.

    I pray for you and Anthony. I wish someone or something could have caused Anthony to pursue his love of geology and archeology. Thanks for the post.

  3. So your basing your information from a commercial? I happened to watch a few episodes and each one was FAR from GLAMORIZING this series. This is NOT a crime series, so your question as to whether vicitms/families will be interviewed is very short sighted; As the title suggests, it is about prison wives and their relationships with their men in prison. BTW- not all that are featured are murderers.

    Making comments with out doing any research is a HUGE dis service to your readers!!

    • I AM doing research and I have only posted on those that are about murders. And no, I am not basing everything on commercials. I have been researching each case that the inmate is in for.

      And in my opinion, basing a show on an inmate’s relationship IS glamorizing the inmate, especially since it is concentrating on their “love affairs”. It is the victims that need to be remembered, not those who victimized. Is this series talking about the victim’s loved ones and what they are dealing with and how their lives are? No, they are talking about the inmates who did the crimes and their spouse/partner on the outside. I am sorry, but if the person is convicted of a crime (especially murder), they do not have a “right” to happiness and joy while in prison. They are supposed to be serving a sentence, a punishment. And no, I do not care if it is for life. The taxpayers should not have to be footing the bill for their so-called happiness. Remember, writing letters, phone calls, visits, etc. are a privilege, not mandatory.

      And by the way, I was a girlfriend of an inmate for over 10 years, and felt the same the entire time. I knew that he was guilty of the crime he committed, did not make excuses for him, nor did I glorify him in anyway. So, yes, I do understand that part.

  4. Your comment lacks ANY type of research. You stated you based your judgement on a commercial..thats not research! Obviously your not aware of the 8th Amendment…research that! Their punishment is LOSS of FREEDOM…by being in prison…that does not mean a loss of their families- yes murderers DO have families. There is no glamorizing when documenting a prison relationship…watch the show…before you attempt to make an educated call.

    • Apparently I am also not allowed to have personal opinions either right? So, in my research, which is of the murders that the convicted were convicted of, where was I wrong? Tell me which links, exactly, are incorrect?

      And no, I have no desire to watch the show and I will not. You can have your opinion, and I will have mine. I am human after all. If you do not like my opinions or my blog, then do not come back. I am not forcing you here. And it is humorous to me that you are trying so hard to get me and others to watch the show when there is no interest in watching the show. If the show was from or about the victims, then I would watch. After all, I am a victim’s advocate. Answer me this, would you push so hard for me to watch the show if it was about my mother’s killer and his/her spouse/partner? (And before you say anything, since you obviously have not really read many of my comments on other posts, yes, I am the daughter of a murder victim).

      It amazes me that those who fight for the victims or focus on the victims of crime are scorned upon like this. My focus is and always will be the victims of the crime (the direct victim and their loved ones). For them, do you really think this series is delightful? Makes them feel good about their loved one being gone forever while others delight in or push for the happiness and privileges of those who caused the death of their loved one? I guarantee you it is not. It is offensive and shows that most people have no empathy for them. Our loved one(s) is gone and will never be back but that person or persons who killed him/her have more rights than we ever have. And you have proven that most people believe that the convicted and accused are more important. But that will never be for me. I am here for the victim and their loved ones.

  5. Although I do not agree with Anika Powells choice because of her children. I myself am married to a man in prison for murder. My husband was in a bar fight and defended himself. I live in Nevada, my husband is in New York. I have a good job but I am disabled with a broken back and live in chronic pain daily. If I can work she can work. She was walking and did not seem to have anything that would stop her from holding down some type of job. I could just go on disability and move to New York to be closer to my husband and live in poverty. My husband wants what’s best for me. My needs coime first. He works in prison and I do not send him any money. he accually sends money home to put into our savings. I prefer to work as long as possible. If I had small children I would never had considered marrying my husband. Your children should always come first. My choice does not affect anyone. Also my husband does have a parole date in 2017. If there was not chance of freedom I would never had married him. We also have trailer visits where we can be a family. I fly to New York ever 3 to 4 months. If this was not an option I would not have married him.
    My husband is a good moral man. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I really think Discovery ID chose some really bad stories and make this lifestyle choice shine in the worst possible light.

  6. I am the Step-Mother of Elizabeth Powells grandson, and am just now finding out the actual truth about the crime commited by the Grandma His Mother takes him to see regularly in Prison. My stepson has been told that Grandma is in prison for DRUGS! And his Mother plans on having Elizabeth live with them when she is released in 2013!! I and my Husband have extreme doubts about thi, especially as we are finding that the facts told to my husband WHILE he was still MARRIED to Elizabeth Powells DAUGHTER were entirely FALSE!!
    If anyone out ther can give us any details, with supporting facts of course, I would greatly appreciate it!! I can tell you though that Elizabeth’s daughters treat this event as if it happened by Anthonys’ hand and ideas thier mother just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They tell people that thier Mother took a Plea to avoid them having to testify as they were so young, actuality they were 16 and about 14/15. Also that this crime is why they went to live with thier dad in reality with Him the whole time since divorcing Elizabeth. My Husband;s Ex has cut him off from his son for a period of three years before for an unproven accusation of drug use yet continued to take him to see his Grandma in Prison and lied telling the child she was the for drugs also. NICE FAMILY HUH?!

  7. I am Elizabeth Powell’s daughter.SOME of the people on this blog have no idea what the truth is,and that is sad.Yes,my mother is a convicted murder.This happened when i was a teenager.I remember the horrors that happened to me as a young girl not only by Beth’s hands,but by Anthony’s.He was a very rage-filled man.He was very controlling and physically abusesive.The story of Anika Powell DISGUSTS me! What is the mentality of a woman to love a man like ANthony Powell.I can tell you this not a healthy one.My mother was no saint by any means in this whole ordeal.I’ve taken decade of schooling and counseling to get it. Anthony was,in face the true killer in this story however,I’ve seen him come close to killing people before. For what my family has been through-the victim in this case was my grandmother- I ask that you find the truth before condeming people. God Bless

  8. Amy, I’m happy to hear you respond, although i wish you would have address some of my questions, this is what I think- To have suffered as she did I could not imagine, Nor can I fathom when you finally started to go to the classes and counseling but I’m glad you did!
    You were my room mate, my best friends sister-in-law, and my good friends on and off. And you didn’t go then or mention feeling you needed to. Neither did Angela that I know of.
    At least do your Grandmaother the favor of being Honest with her Grandchildren so no one else has to, or before they find out on thier own!
    God Bless Amy, Respect Your Grandma Truthfully!!!

  9. In answer to victimofviolence . If Tony as you call him is such a changed man how is it he’s always in the SHU and he almost killed someone inside prison. He was no longer an addict. I’m sorry this is a violent offender that should never walk the streets again. As for Anikka she oviously has serious self esteem issues. She can control this relationship. She pays attention to this man more than to her children. I can go on and on but we all know. Everyone makes mistakes. If she had no children and it affected no one like the other woman stated above I woiuld have no issue with it.

  10. There are no easy answers, if there are any. Victims of violent crimes as well as surviving family and friends have a right to their anger, their hurt and pain. It wasn’t a choice but the result of someone’s violent actions.

    However true victim advocates, recognize VICTIMS. The victims of these crimes are not only those of the defendant but of the perpetrator as well. Having been a victim of a violent crime I understand both sides. But reaching the children of these convicted felons, and helping them to deal with the shame, pain, anger and loss is as important as helping the injured or deceased victims, victims family and friends also deal with their pain, hurt , anger and loss.

    We are all affected by crime, but if we don’t reach out beyond our comfort zones to all of of the victims, then the cycle of pain, hurt, anger, abuse, drug use crimes continue. There is much that can be said of Anika, her husband and children, but it is important to never, NEVER forget the person who has paid the ultimate price of having their life taken away. Mary Haines should never be forgotten.

    If these post do nothing more than point fingers, and blame then we do nothing to prevent more innocent lives from being stolen.

  11. I too found it sad that Annika is ruining her children’s lives in order to stay close to the prisons that her husband is in. They’re going to have a harder time in school because it keeps being interrupted and they can’t keep friends. It would be one thing to have made this choice if she were single but she’s depriving her kids of a stable childhood. I have a feeling that the $600 she says she has to live on is probably minus whatever she sends to her husband monthly. I also don’t see why she’s on disability. They said she had a leg injury but if she can walk all over the place collecting signatures for her petition than she can hold a job. The reason she doesn’t want a job is because it would cut into her visiting time with her husband. Lets face it. She married a man who will NEVER be out of prison. No matter how many times she sees him, no matter how much she talks to him on the phone they will never live together or have a sexual relationship. I don’t understand why any woman would settle for this.

    • Totally agree with you Jim. IF she were without children, I’d have far less against her. HER CHILDREN are being NEGLECTED and marginalized.

      I only wish someone would take her to court and get custody of them, so they’d have a chance at a childhood. Those children look absolutely miserable and sad. They know where they stand way down on her list of priorities.

      He is reprehensible for taking up time and resources that should be spent entirely on those three children, not some murderous jailbird.

    • Clearly, Annika’s self esteem is so poor that she is willing to settle for such a dysfunctional life, for her and her poor children.

      She seems very focused on his pysical appearance. Yeah, he’s good looking and she is far-from pretty, but, come on, Annika, wake up!

      Responsible mothers would not want a murderer to adopt her children.

      Annika’s daughters will probably grow up to seek very bad men.

      What has their mother, or grandmother, for that matter, taught them about self worth?

  12. I wish people would understand that elizabeth was a grown older woman. Anthony was a young adult. To even suggest that he was the only manipulator in this crime is not only stupid but incredibly obtuse. She is who she is and should own it. If he is a murder then so is she. Her family can’t heal without knowing the truth.

  13. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, but why do most of you use said opinion to say such hateful things about this woman? Whether you choose to admit it or not, there is something amazing and wonderful about EVERYONE. I personally couldn’t marry a murderer, or someone serving a life sentence, incarcerated, etc.; but the man she met and got to know was a murderer IN JAIL (and presumably a controlled environment could cause him to have an entirely different temperment in general). So as far as she’s experienced, her husband could be a great man. All any of us know of him is what the papers CHOOSE to report, and what the program chose to air. Also, having a physical deformity (the bone issue in both of her lower arms) DOES qualify her for disability benefits. So you can dislike her decision to marry this guy all you like, but that does not make her a bad person, or a deadbeat member of society, soaking up all the government benefits she can get her hands on.

    • Sabs, what is WONDERFUL about three young children having their stability ripped out from under them so their selfish delusional mother can traipse about chasing a felon, like some dog in heat?
      There is nothing redeeming here. There are young lives that aren’t getting the focus, NURTURE, care, love and PRIORITY they deserve.The murderer had his life to live, he was an adult. he had RAGE because an elderly woman refused to let him LEECH off of her. He was high? Whose fault is that, the elderly womans?
      These children are being brought up to think the jailbird is the center of the universe, they should be completely focused on EDUCATION, and their own personal growth and future happiness. She makes the kids feel SORRY for HER, disgusting irresponsible excuse for a “mom”.

      • Annika had the first kid when she was 15 yr old. The children all look pretty poorly groomed and poorl dressed. They also appear depressed or medicated.

        Sad that the most-stable influence int heir lives is a murderer.

        What about Annika’s wrinked-up old mother!

        Another fine role model for those unwanted kids of Annika’s

      • Right on! My thoughts exactly! Those girls will be just like their Mom & Grandma and find “love” behind bars other then having a stable life with a good man and have a healthy relationship.
        How selfish can she be? Moving her kids all over just to be close to some loser who offers nothing.
        I would never ever hook up with someone who committed murder, even if it was 20 yrs ago, especially if I had kids.
        Annika needs counseling to find out why she feels the need to hook up with the lowest form of “human” life there is.

  14. Annika’s story is SO pathetic. There is NO “love” between her and anyone, least of all between HER and HER POOR PATHETIC CHILDREN being subjected to this circus and uprooted out of their schools repeatedly AND for what? A CRIMINAL who will NEVER be released from his self-chosen captivity. HE decided that when he let his UNMERITED rage reign. Where is the STATE CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. These children are being emotionally abused and their lives needlessly disrupted. A DECENT PARENT WOULD NEVER PUT THEIR CHILDREN SECOND TO A JAILBIRD.

  15. I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR ALL THE STRUGGLING PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO TRULY NEED SECTION 8 HOUSING. Who, given help with getting a roof over their children’s heads would NEVER abandon that so they could play house with a vicious felon who stabbed an elderly woman JUST BECAUSE she had the audacity to tell him to stop LEECHING off her. My heart is broken for the victim and the victim’s family (murderous daughter excluded) who see this murderer being portrayed as some sort of FAMILY MAN. Unreal.

    Those children are being emotionally ABUSED, and psychologically destroyed, and above all NEGLECTED. The children DESERVE a chance at normalcy and stability. It is just so wrong that they get to live out of suitcases so their mother can follow her adonis about.

    AND I completely agree with the poster who said Annika is just slightly preferable over BUBBA in the cell next door. That guy would DUMP her and her kids in a second, if he ever WERE out. She probably picked him knowing he’d be CAGED and STUCK with her for LIFE.
    FINE, but she has ZERO right to impose her SICK delusional life on those dependent children. THEY DESERVE A LIFE, THEY SHOULDN”T LIVE LIKE HER LITTLE CAPTIVES, I wish that the CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES WOULD OPEN AN INVESTIGATION. It is one thing to move about because there are no other options, and to disrupt your children’s stability because you must this is ALL optional BS.

  16. Anne….not only is Annika a wonderful person….she is far from pathetic. We all go through struggles in life. She was brave enough to put her choices out there for all to see. I am sure that not all could be that brave. She loves Anthony….and if they find comfort in eachother who are you to judge? Her children are healthy, happy and very well adjusted. I am proud to call her a friend.

    • kellysue,

      What about Mary Christine? Do you remember her, the victim? You never once mentioned her and she is the one this post is really about. Remember her and her life. Not the killers or their spouses.

  17. Yes ….I agree…the victim does need to be remembered, may she rest in piece. My comment was not for your well thought out article, but it was for the judgement thrown at my friend. I know her very well. She is an amazing person, daughter, mother, wife and friend. I know what Tony did… does he….none of us can go back and change that horrible event. Mary did not deserve to have her life cut short. But the law has already punished tony….we should not judge the fact the he is embracing his life as it is. He will never get out so all the judgmental naysayers can jump off their soapboxes.

    • kellysue,

      Obviously you have never had a loved one murdered. To want a murderer to stay in prison forever is not being judgmental or being on a soapbox. It is justice.

      • I’ve heard through the grapevine ( Facebook) that Anikka is no longer with Anthony. She has changed her last name and states she is seperated. Are we really that suprised?

      • I am not suggesting to let him out. He did his crime….then he can do the time. My point is that he has been sentenced…hows he lives his life now should not bother others. He is paying his debt and ultimately will have to be judged by his maker. The only way he is getting out is in a pine box.

        No….you are correct….I have not had anyone close to me murdered. I believe in the power of forgiveness though.

  18. You are a good friend to him. I am thankful he has you.

  19. Amanda,

    Exactly which victim’s rights groups are you talking about? I take it you don’t believe that the victim’s or their loved ones deserve any say or justice?

    • All of you..Shut the fu** up! Period point blank jail is for criminals and anthony is one! Let it be! lets celebrate the victims on our own personal,private time. Not here,they deserve more and not to be related to or equal to this babbish crap.

  20. I was completely disgusted by Annika Powell. Not only does she subject her children to this ridiculous lifestyle, she also involved her mother!
    I will never understand why she would prefer to have her kids adopted by this guy, NOT get any child support from the children’s biological dad….and yes, we the taxpayers are the ones supporting her! She has the nerve to get all resentful that she will have to stay in that section 8 housing, even if her husband is moved to a different prison. Poor thing…people wait years to get those homes, if you don’t want to follow the rules, move out and let someone else have it.
    What a moron. And Annika? This guy would never look at you if he weren’t incarcerated.

    • Clare, sadly, you are right. Annika claims to be proud of her husband. Why? Because he is handsome and she is deformed and homely. If he wasn’t incarcerated, he’s never looked at her. Her children are seriously messed up, too. They’ll probably marry murderers, since a murderer is the stability in their lives.

      BTW, not for nothing but Annika was 15 when the first kid was born.

  21. I knew Anthony and Beth very well….I hung out with Beths Daughters and I know first hand ANTHONY IS GUILTY! He told us about it!!! Yes this was a long time ago, but I can assure you the fear of Anthony’s release has several of us scared….He pushed Beth into it…he needed more heroin…..

  22. I have enjoyed reading this, The victim is mary haines not anthony and not beth they both comitted the crime. Plan and simple, as I have said before I know tony better than any of you I spoke to him today. He is sorry for what he did he would be the first one to say it but that does not change what has happened. As for tony he has went above and beyond to do better for the enviroment that he has. He has taken extra classes to be a better person still that does not mean hes not gulity. I have adopted him. I care for him and visit him. And the crazy thing is I am a victim of a violent crime My mother was murdered when i was 17. Tony has given me the opportunity to see both sides as I have given him the chance to see a victims side. All of you have the right to your opinons but you dont know the facts. Take a second and think, he is serving his sentence and I assure you he is not a threat to anyone, he is not the same person as he was many years ago. If you have questions write him. he is not getting out but beth is, the difference is he did it she just helped plan it. they are both at fault. It just saddens me people make all kinds of mistakes and people have to pay for there conciquences. My mothers killer will walk free in 6 years, it saddens me he gets a second chance and she doesn’t but like i have said I hope with his second chance he makes a change. if i live with hate im the one loosing. I will be the one to speak and change lives and if me being that support for tony helps me in my healing than that is what i will do. but remember no one is perfect and we have all made mistakes just in different ways. I pray for all of you who live your life judging and making assumptions.

    • brandy,

      Personally, I believe Anthony belongs in prison til the day he dies. He did kill another human being. And like you said, he may have improved while inside, but that does not change his crime, nor should it change his sentence. I believe Elizabeth deserves to be in prison til she dies as well. If not for her, this tragedy would not have happened.

      Yes, I even believe your mother’s killer should be in prison for life. My mother was also murdered, and I have had to live with that for over 35 years. I believe in justice. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, even if others don’t agree with it. Personally, I believe (with some exceptions due to circumstances) that those who kill should either be executed or remain in prison for the rest of their lives. They took a life, so they should forfeit theirs as well. Anthony knew exactly what he was doing and did it by choice. He AND Elizabeth should have gotten the death penalty. That is my opinion.

    • Brandy,
      I completely agree with you….Tony is not the same man and has made great strides. Annika and I are good friends. I know that this was a horrible crime and the victim is never to be forgotten but Tony from what I understand is a changed man. I hope and pray that those who are judging learn the power of forgiveness.

      • Kelly,

        Honestly, it has NOTHING to do with forgiveness. Just as Karla Faye Tucker was a changed person, she had to pay the consequences for the crime she committed. Anthony must too. It is good if he has truly changed, but he needs to pay the piper. He killed a woman, who does not get her life back just because Anthony has changed. He was sentenced to LWOP, and that is what he needs to pay. Actually, I believe Elizabeth should too. If not for her, this would not have happened. Her sentence is an injustice.

        • I believed he almost killed another person in prison. That he has not changed and is a huge discipline problem. Huge shocker there. Also the rumor is that Annika is no longer with him. That many woman wrote him and he started writing them back. But who knows. Maybe they will do where are they now !

      • I heard Annika and Anthony are no longer together that she posted it on her Facebook and removed his last name from her profile?.

  23. Married before to crime….maybe….but to date an inmate and marry him in jail? and this gut has Life!!! no parole!!! just stupid.

  24. So, they are not longer together?

  25. I heard about this prison wives and had to checked it out on netflix, then some months back in one of my college classes some woman mentioned that this dude had currently a post in the men searching for women section on craigs list. I got curious and had to check it out myself and yes there it was in the Salem, Oregon craigs list. It had several pics of him with out a shirt showing off his muscles and the post gave reference to the prison wives episode and also said he was now a single man. I am in the process of doing a research paper on women destructive behavior. Not sure I’ll pick this story, however it makes me sad these lady involved her kids such an unnecessary roller coaster.

  26. Ok so I have read all these comments from Annika’s friends who truly don’t know Annika at all. Annika is very mentally unstable and doesn’t every know what she wants from a man, her relationships never last more than a year or two. I know this because I personally know Annika better than her so called friends on here. One of the biggest things I find funny from her episode is it says that she was single when brandy introduced them to each other well she wasn’t she was in a relationship of of over 6 months then after meeting Anthony in prison moved to New Jersey to be with her boyfriend and lived with said boyfriend for almost a year after. Annika is a liar and manipulator and will twist anything so she gets her way.

  27. I’m curious about what is happening with them now. Anyone know?

  28. I just read that Anthony Powell died in prison on June 2, 2016. Were he and Annika still together?

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