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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Donald Frier murder 6/24/1998 Dover, FL *Beaten and drowned to death while being a good Samaritan; 2 men, Joshua Bailey and Nathaniel Gates convicted and sentenced to prison*

remembering the victimsFrom Gates appeal: Gates and Bailey were both charged with first-degree murder for the death of Donald Frier.   The police investigation established that Gates and Bailey had a dispute with Frier while at a convenience store.   Gates and Bailey left the store and waited for Frier along a path that Frier routinely traveled to go home.   When Frier came down the path, Gates and Bailey jumped on him and began beating him, ultimately breaking his jaw and rendering him unconscious.   Gates and Bailey then dragged Frier to a small pond, where one or both of them held Frier’s head under water until he drowned.   Gates and Bailey then took Frier’s bicycle to a remote location and burned it.   The medical examiner testified that Frier died from the drowning, not from the injuries he sustained in the beating.

Jury convicts 19-year-old in man’s beating death
20-year-old gets life term in ‘Good Samaritan’ murder
Nathaniel Gates motion
State of Florida v Nathaniel Gates 2002
The Dark Side of Florida: Joshua Bailey
The Dark Side of Florida: Nathanial Gates

(I have not been able to find much available on this case thus far, but will keep trying)

Joshua Amos Bailey – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Nathaniel Dustin Gates – pled guilty, sentenced to 20 years in prison; released 5/16/2015


DC Number: 165945
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 187 lbs.
Birth Date: 05/15/1979
Initial Receipt Date: 09/01/1999
Current Facility: POLK C.I.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE

Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
09/01/1999 Currently Incarcerated


Stated Residence Upon Release:
LAKELAND, FL 33811 33811

DC Number: T21124
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 224 lbs.
Birth Date: 06/19/1980
Initial Receipt Date: 05/16/2000
Custody: MEDIUM
Release Date: 05/16/2015


Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date 06/24/1998
Sentence Date 04/28/2000
Case No. 9811072
Prison Sentence Length 20Y 0M 0D

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
05/16/2000 04/24/2002
03/10/2003 05/16/2015

This post is about Donald Frier, not about Joshua Bailey’s wife. I will no longer approve comments that are soley based on her or their situation. Please remember the VICTIM, Donald Frier.


90 Responses

  1. Iam watching the story on josh bailey having kids with his wife while incarcerated.Its ridicilous,josh him self said he wouldnt be able to be there to raise his kids or support them.Josh made a mistake and he will pay for it as he should,i dont believe he has the right to have a child with no chance of getting out of jail.His victims family will never have grandchildren from there dead son why does josh get that right.I also believe the trial transcripts that he could of played a part in the drowning,josh himself said he didnt remember much of the beating but also said know matter how drunk he was he would never taken part in the drowing,how can that be true if he dont remember the beating all the way through.I hope josh has changed while in prison he seems nice enough,funny most prisoners with a life sentence change there lives,theres nothing else to do.

    • Matthew 5:21-22 / NIV of the Bible… addresses Murder and Judgement.

      21 “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister[b][c] will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’[d] is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

      As a Minister from Ohio…I pray for both Families. God Bless and keep well everyone.

    • Exactly! He has nothing else to do but sit there and be good, try to improve his situation and play the game. Hopefully, he will never get out of prison, no matter what, he took a life he should pay dearly for that, with his own life. He should die in prison. If some woman wants to marry him and spend her life like that, go right ahead, have at it. BUT do not bring a child into this world who will KNOW for sure at some point in his/her young life that the person that gave them birth is a convicted killer! convicted. Julie: I know you don’t see what we see, you can’t, you’re too close to the situation to see it for what it really is. You looked stupid trying to defend him. Oh, he was involved but he has changed. So WHAT!!!! I don’t care what has changed for him, nothing will ever change for the victim, Donald. Get your own life, leave an innocent child out of it and I can’t wait to see where you are in 2 or 4 years when a real man shows some interest and you move on. So much for your love.

  2. I just read this and wanted to thank you for the mention of how wrong that show is. I watched Prison Wives last night and was shocked by the way they ignored the fact that this man was a brutal murderer. It made me sick to my stomach.
    Donnie Frier was my uncle and he was a great man, he just wanted to help out a boy and was killed for it. Joshua Bailey does not deserve children and does not deserve to be happy, and definetly does nto deserve to be painted as a good man who has found religion and overcome a hard past. It was disgusting to me the ignorance of that show and everyone on it, except for Mike Hurley the investigator they interviewed, who stood up for Donnie and try to remind everyone what a brutal thing this man did. Anyway thank you for pointing it out.

    • I won’t watch the show and I usually watch any and all crime related shows that I can. But this one I can’t. I read the comments on the Joy Behr blog and most were also disgusted by it. I am very disappointed in ID.

    • I just saw this show about your uncle’s murder and wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. You’re right. Your uncle was a good man, defending another person and lost his life for that brave act. I think is wife is an idiot and can’t see past her nose to what is going on and how absolutely pathetic she is. I hope that you and your family remain with loving, happy, good memories of Donald. God bless you.

    • I guess the only question that I have is why isn’t nathaniel bates serving a life sentence also if he took part in the crime he should be serving the same sentence

      • It’s called “first in, first served”. If you have the guts to turn yourself in , confess to the crime etc. you should receive a lesser sentence than the person who did not do that. Who knows if Josh actually killed Donald or not? The fact is he admitted to destroying donalds bike by burning it afterwards so why would a man innnocent of murder, destroy evidence linking him to a murder he did not take part in.That makes no sense to me at all!

  3. God bless you and your family Jessica. I watched the show last night and all i kept thinking was “what about Donald Frier”? Who was standing up for him? Where was the sympathy for him? He is a hero in my book for defending that boy those 2 losers were harrasing. I know it is no solace for you and your family but you should all be so proud to have known a man like him.

  4. I believe that many of us all felt the same way when watching this show. He is in jail for a life sentence for murder! Why should he have any rights to bring a life into this world? As for his wife I just couldnt believe when I was watching the show she was saying how she has rights to have a child…but your husband is in prison serving a LIFE sentence shouldnt not have any rights at all. And she knew what she was getting herself into when she married him. Even she herself said that it is hard to make ends meet being that she is basically single and paying for all of the court fees and helping him out. So if she is struggling now what does she think is going to happen when she has a child and is a single mom!? I don’t care if he is a changed man or not. That does not change the fact that he comitted a horrific crime and Donnie will never get his life back and his family and friends lives will never be the same. There will always be a piece missing. Sorry…this is all rambling but this show really makes me mad! My boyfriend couldnt believe that I was watching this show. He works at a prision and would not watch it with me. Can’t say that I blame him.

  5. Dear lalady25,

    You are right. I could spend my whole life waiting for Josh to get out and never have children. It is something that I have thought about a lot. I could have the life I wanted with another man who is not in prison but I just don’t think it would be fair to that man because my heart really belongs to Josh. (I know that sounds corny) I would be living a lie with someone else and never truly giving them all of my heart. I was married once before and I never had children with my first husband so maybe I was never meant to have kids. I don’t know. What I do know is that if it is meant to be it will be. You are also right about the struggles one faces when raising kids alone…I have watched many of my friends who are now single parents try to get by and it hurts my heart that they have to struggle. In my heart I believe that all people are worth it even those who make mistakes and if I waited for my husband and he never got out then it would be worth it because I would have truly loved someone and he would have truly loved me back. Some people never even have that so I feel blessed with what I have in life. The truth is I am happy with my life even if I never have kids because I base my happiness on me and not on other people. Only I can make me happy and I have to be content with what I have. Although this did not come across in my episode well, I actually have other interests besides having children. I take kung fu, have gone back to school, used to volunteer at an animal rescue and I actually like to travel too. I live my life and do the things that make me happy even without having a husband at my side. I didn’t stop living my life just because I’m married to an inmate. I hope one day I get to have kids and I would like to do it with my husband at home but if that never happens then I will keep living my life being content with the things that I do have, a husband that loves me with all his heart, a great family that supports me and lots of nieces and nephews to spoil. Thank you for sharing your opinion as I do try to listen to everything people want to say with an open mind. Sometimes I too give an emotional reply back to others when I am questioned so I apologize if I came across harsh at all. You seem like a nice person with a big heart who is only looking out for the best interests of the chidlren and I respect that. I wish many blessings on you and your family.

    • Are you still with your husband???

      • Cherie,

        What does that have to do with Donald Frier? This is not the place for the soap opera that is the Bailey’s life. It is to remember the real victim of the murder – Donald Frier. Please remember him and his loved ones.

    • I, me, I, my… wow!!!! talk about self obsessed!!! you may have the right to do whatever you like with your body, but your husband is in jail for MURDER, and ‘we’ the tax payers are paying for his lodgings and keep. I refuse to pay for his sex life too. It is your right to live your life as you please, but your husband took a life and HE has to now pay the price. The fact he has ‘changed’ or found God or unicorns or whatever has nothing to do with the fact he is a convicted killer!
      R.I.P Donald Frier.

    • Why is your husband doing 1st degree murder n the other doing 2nd degree ?

    • This is about the memory of DONALD. Be in your ridicules situation, but your loving husband drowned a man.

  6. Thanks Jane. You seem like a very sweet person. Josh is lucky to have you in his life….

  7. Jane

    I watched the programme only last night. You genuinely seem a lovely girl, but definitely deluded. Every prison wife who has met and married their husbands in prison are only getting to see what their husbands want them to see, and what the surreal situation allows. You no doubt like every other in your situation will convince yourself that this love is the real thing. It isn’t. A man in prison for so long wants any sort of love and contact from a woman on the outside. If conjical visits are thrown in, tht’s a hell of a bonus. You visit him, you write to him, you send him money, you fight his case and pay the costs. C’mon now Jane, what man wouldn’t pretend to be in love with you. A man in prison is also a prisoner in the marriage. The woman on the outside is in control, and he has to present himself in a way that makes you appear to think he’s happy with that. If he was outside, then you would see a whole different guy, and the marriage wouldn’t last. Women like you pick men like him for a reason. Your reasons may vary, but they will include, being in control, hearing what you want to hear, no physical or verbal abuse, even no sex, contact when you want it etc. Women like you more often than not have came out of an abusive relationship or have self esteem issues.
    I’m not being horrible to you Jane. Just pointing out the blindingly obvious. Josh Bailey is in prison for a terrible murder. The extent of his participation is irrelevant. Two guys killed an upright citizen doing his duty. People like them are low-life and bullies and deserve to be in prison forever. By the time they weep and wail and say they’ved changed it’s too late. The weeping and wailing is only because they got caught, and prison forces them to change. So get real Jane and get on with your life.


  8. Rob,

    I can respect that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But even though you said you were not trying to be horrible the tone of your comment suggests otherwise. You are right about one thing though, I am genuinely a lovely person. I always have been and I always will be. I also might be slightly delusional but it is definitely in a good way. Because in my delusional state I only see the good in all people and I believe forgiveness is always possible. You don’t know me or my husband and are only spouting a stereotypical view of prison spouses. Luckily I don’t buy into stereotypes. So please accept my thanks for your comments but sell your hate to someone else, I have had my share. Many blessings to you and yours!

    • Jane,

      Just a note from me, the blog owner. Please remember that everyone that does not agree with you or your husband does not do so due to hate. I am so tired of hearing that kind of stuff. I personally do not hate anyone at all. Not even the person who killed my mother or my sister-in-law. I hate no one. My personal opinions are not based on hate. And it is offensive when people who don’t agree with me or that I do not agree with blame it on hate. So stop using that excuse.

  9. No problem Bonnie. I can respect that request. It’s really just an expression anyway not meant to offend anyone. I could replace the word hate with a number of other words and the sentiment is still the same. I have heard it all from people who know nothing about me or my husband other than what they saw on tv or read in a newspaper article and I just won’t buy into people who are negative. That is all I meant with my comment above. You can’t paint all inmates with the same brush and you can’t paint their families with the same brush either. Some inmates change their lives for the better while incarcerated and some continue down the path that got them there in the first place. Much like victims and their families can’t be painted with the same brush as well because you are all different. As always many blessings to you!

  10. Jane,

    I think people might be saying negative things because we see what a great person you are. And how patient you are, great parent material btw. I think people think that you deserve better. But I believe in my heart that you will stay with Josh no matter what kind of feedback you get. You made a commitment to him and because you are the awesome person that you are, you will stick to it. I think maybe in the beginning your mind could have been changed. But now its too late. Because you made a commitment not only to Josh but to God as well. I feel you will try every length for this marriage to work….. And I am glad that there are people like you left in this world.

  11. Thanks lalady25. Life is all about choices and I made mine with my eyes open. I don’t regret my marriage and I truly love my husband for better or worse.

    I just want to point out to others that loving someone in prison doesn’t mean you condone their crime. Just ask most family members of an inmate, we love the person not the crime. We have compassion for the victims family but I guess it is hard for the two families to find common ground because there is so much hurt on both sides.

  12. I don’t really care whether people thinj what I have to sya is ugly or not. Jane you chose this life so you will just have to realize people will ever think your “husband” is anything but a soul sucking monster and you are no more than a plaything to a soul sucking monster. If and when he gets out then I would love to bet money on your “relationship” working. If you ever decide to stop going broke then the relationship may end a lot sooner. However, you want to have children. I don’t have a problem with you having a child with your prisoner if the government could write up a contract that you would be inelgible for state assistance of any kind up to and including welfare. Ya see I already have to support your “husband” with my taxes so I certainlyt would not want to have to take care of his offspring. Note real sure about nature vs. nurture but since he is a cold hardhearted murderer and you spend all your money trying to get him out, not sure you will be able to support a child and sorry but I would rather not take that on. The minute Mr. Frier took his last breath, I believe your “husband” and his buddy ceased to be human beings because human beings do not do that, he became a rabid animal and deserves exactly what rabid animals gets. Not to procreate, not to get a chance to do it again, he deserves a 50 cent bullet. You however, need some insight as to why you would go to the physically unavailable to find love. There are so many people who are actual human beings that deserve love and you choose an unavailable criminal. Looking at the pictures of the spouses, it seems they may be people of low self esteem and maybe they have always felt unworthy, don’t know and don’t care. Instead of blowing your money on an unworthy animal try using it on yourslef for self esteem and find a real man.

  13. Jane,
    Do what you will with YOUR life, but be careful when you have the power to bring another life into the world.

    That new life deserves a clean exsistence free of convicted felons and prison visits. Wise up because you’re right, your clock is ticking and time is wasting away while you spend it on someone who will never get out of prison!

  14. I hope everything works out for you Jane. I know all people can change and I hope for your sake that Josh is a changed man.

  15. note from blog owner

    OK, due to comment that have not and will not be published, I will no longer approve any comments that are just about Josh and Jane Bailey and their relationship. Their relationship is not important. What is important here is the victim, Donald Frier.

  16. Bonnie, you’re right. The issue here should not be the relationship between Josh and Jane; the issue here is the murder of Donald Frier. Mr. Frier was obviously a good man who stood up for others and he unfortunately paid the ultimate price for his courage.

    I hope anyone that wants to discuss the rights of those involved in this case looks first–and only–at the rights of Donald Frier. This man had a right to life and Josh Bailey and Nathaniel Gates took that right away from him. He will never marry, have a family, grow old with the people who love him, etc., because of the actions of Mr. Bailey and Mr. Gates. Even if Mr. Bailey did not hold the victim’s head underwater, he helped to beat the victim unconscious, making him unable to defend himself against the final assault that killed him. He is every bit as culpable as Mr. Gates in this crime and deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    I’m glad Josh Bailey is a changed man, but that doesn’t mean he should escape punishment for the crime he committed. Ten or fifteen years in prison is not enough for beating and drowning an innocent man. And when you murder or help to murder another human being, you should not only lose the right to be free, but you should lose other rights as well, such as the right to be a parent.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Donald Frier, the most important person in this story–and one who is no longer here to add his voice to the conversation because of Mr. Bailey and Mr. Gates.

  17. Hey Jane,
    Just curious as to the different sentences given in the case. Why is Gates eligible for release 2016 and in a minimum security workcamp? Did he plea or testify against your husband or what ? Just curious.

  18. Ya I was wondering that too y did he get less time

  19. This show makes me sick! My oldest sister was brutally murdered when she was just 2 years old by her own mother and stepfather. The mother was charged with 2nd degree and only recieved 25 years. While in prision she got a degree in social work. She was released early because no one objected her parole (we didn’t know we could do that) she now has a very well paying job, she’s married, and has a VERY nice apartment loft in NYC. I hate her and i hope she rots in hell! Why are these ppl allowed any comforts??? why is this show glorifying prision life??? The only justice i feel was served is that the B*t*H got some prision justice she got the snot beat out of her and had her uterus removed!

  20. blackbarbie2011,

    This post is NOT about who is in love with who. It is about the murder of Donald Frier. In fact, not once did you even mention the victim. Don’t you care about the victim? Any compassion for his loved ones? This is NOT about Jane Bailey.

  21. anonymous,

    If you read the motion, it tells how the murder occurred.

  22. I watched the show and I just cant believe that someone would bring a child into this world knowing that the father is in prison and for life.. It doesnt make any sincs. And this has nothing to do with what kind of people they are it has to do with why would ne one do that… I can only think of one thing.. Selfish!!! They kid would never know its father and why would you do that to someone you love as much as your child!! I could argue this topic forever!! Bring it!! ;D

  23. FYI he has been released as of January 1, 2011. I don’t know why.

  24. I hope yall are good i saw the show and feel for you and your husband. Hope he gets out soon for the both of you. My dad was on a prison show on cnbc and there is alot left out, theres two sides of everything and yall to have the right to speak. God bless. … Jamie G.

  25. Jane,

    I think that everyone deserves a second chance. His actions are not justifyed but God teaches everyone to forgive. From watching the show i see that you have been through a lot, and i believe that you were put in his life for a reason. Only time will tell what the outcome will be but i just wanted to let you know that you are both in my prayers. I wish the best for you guys.


  26. Jane,

    The poor innocent man Mr Frier that was murdered by your evil husband did not even get a first chance of life and his family lost someone they love dearly.
    After watching this programme (I am in England) how can you want to have a family? you are basically single and skint, not a good way for anyone to start a family, let alone the poor child having a MURDERER as a dad. Get your head out of the sand and think of the child and not yourself.

  27. I’m watching the show on Josh Bailey now and it makes me sick to my stomach to hear this story about Josh getting married and how he did not mean to do what he did. I think we should see a show on the victims family and how they are dealing with the loss of their family member. I could care less what happens to Josh since he didn’t care what he was doing to the victim at the time of the Murder. I think anyone who marry’s a Murderer in prison is just a stupid as the person committing the crime and should be locked up. Sorry if I afended anyone in this message, however I believe the victim should be praised for standing up for what right and not the “P.O.S” who took his life.

  28. I have just finished watching Prison Wives. I know this programme was made quitesome time ago, but I feel for Jane, she was wronged by her husband, and then went on to marry Josh! Oh dear! I hope for her sake that he is all he says he is, and that he is innocent of that poor mans murder. But i have a feeling he isn’t! she deserves so much better, and would make such a good mum.
    But the people I feel most foris mr friers family, who have to put up with the fact their son, brother etc has been brutally murdered, I hope they have the support they need to cope with their loss.
    I am glad that Jane is not my daughter as I don’t think I could condone her choices in life.
    She seemssuch a compassionate person but so needy
    Wales UK

  29. The facts are JOSH killed another human being…Burned his bike… If he didn’t drown Donnie he still beat the crap out of him. And facts are , he left him for dead if he didn’t put his head under water. Fact is he was trying to beat up another innocent kid. Fact is he lay in wait for Donnie to get off work..Fact is he’s not remorseful.. Fact is he found a woman that is wasting her life on a low life. Fact is you may have rights but he doesn’t. Fact is if I ever come accross a petition to keep him IN jail, I would sign that and I’m sure anyone that has a brain cell would also.

    • Well said Spider. I think what bothers me most about Josh’s crime is the utter cruelty with which he treated the victim. And “I was drunk” is NOT an excuse. I’ve been drunk more times than I care to admit and not once did I ever think “hey, let’s kill someone.” You either have that cruelty within you or not. If Josh gets out, he WILL be violent again. Possibly to his very nice wife who seems like a lovely, if seriously misguided, person. Jane, if you read this please remember you have to love YOURSELF first and foremost. Not to be judgmental but I think the best doctor you can see right now is a psychologist. Even if you decide to stay with this guy, you may want to have an objective third party listen to you. I think you have to admit this is a seriously messed-up situation.

  30. Brutaly beaten and drowned by 2 people they better never get out.

  31. Dear Anonymous,
    I am married to a prisoner imprisoned in the New York state department of corrections. We receive family visits. Like it or not 95% of men in prison return to society. Most of the families of incarcerated loved ones who live in a state that have family visits has long-since known how this important tool bonds the prisoner to their family and community. It is an important part of the rehabilitation of offenders. As research has shown, a strong community support system is a vital element in the successful transition of offenders from incarceration back into the community. Arguably, the most important correctional tool to assist offenders in maintaining stable family relations is a visitation program that allows for meaningful interaction with the significant persons in their lives. Visitation privileges have been linked to increased positive behavioral adjustment while incarcerated and lower recidivism rates upon release. Why would you deny a program where 44% of those who take part never return to crime. When 19% who do not take part in the FRP program end up in prison again. It’s not too difficult to figure out it’s about job security and your over inflated payroll. You need to be fired. You have no business talking in a forum about your job or the families of prisoners period. You’re paid by the state to do a job. Not gossip on blogs. It shows your lack of character and professionalism. New York has the highest wrongful conviction record in the country. With 1 out of every 100 New Yorkers in prison or on parole. Either the state breeds the most evil people on the planet or something else is going on. It’s that way to supply over 50 correctional facilities in the upstate region with bodies. The biggest employer in upstate New York in DOC’s. There are no other jobs. Whole towns are supported by prisons. When they closed Lyons prison there was 54 CO’s for 44 inmates. Then they were all crying about their jobs. Men are getting out of prison and leaving the state. Why do you think in the past decade New York population has declined 20%. All of you know ( CO’s) the countless men in prison for nonsense. I have them tell me all the time. Your husband is a good man. He has no business being in here. There are men serving 50 years for a robbery that any any other state would of been about 15 years. These facilities are supposed to be about rehabilitation.A wrongful conviction can happen to any family. If the rate continues in New York in the next 10 years it will be 1 and every 15 persons in prison. All you have to do is google wrongful conviction in New York to see the problem. They even have a task force because of the countless cases. So can you imagine going into a prison when your husband is actually innocent. Then you have disrespectful correctional officers looking at you are treating you like scum. My husband was wrongfully convicted. This could happen to you people. I stay with my husband because he’s a good man. If he was not I would not be married to him. New York state stole my husbands life. They stole my life. I won’t let them steal my marriage. The majority of correctional officers in New York are the very low end of the IQ scale and would not be able to function or compete in the real world marketplace with the lack of professionalism they show on a consistent basis. I’ve spent years documenting New York CO’s comments and stupidity online to prove how corrupt and inhumane they are. There is a need for prisons. There are some people that should never be among humanity again. You my gutless anonymous friend have no business working in the field. With your lack of ethics it;s a matter of time before you’re behind bars. I’ve been the victim of crime. I have the deepest sympathy for any crime victim. My family is a victim. I just refuse to turn into the monsters that I fear. I’m better than that. I have empathy. I grew up in a war torn country. I know pain. I came to the United States thinking it was the land of the free and brave. New York is supposed to be the empire state. When in reality it should be called incarceration nation. This site is supposed to be about support for victims families. All I see is hate and anger. You my friends are the ones in need of therapy. Hate does not heal. Get’s some help for that. You all need it.

    • U type too much :)—-

    • I think you should return to that war torn country and stop denigrating the US. If you dont like it leave. Most people in jail belong there and that includes Josh. If your man is a good man he wouldnt be in jail. I get so angry when people do not respect our Country when they werent born here. You now have the same rights as me and the right to leave a man behind bars. I agree, you type too much,

  32. I believe that the victim should always be remembered and considered in any crime. The only question is Josh serving the correct amount of time. I admit I do not understand the legal system when one offender gets far less time than the other. Both of these men committed a crime against another human being and both should serve the same amount of time. I understand that Josh has found someone who see’s something in him that others don’t or perhaps wasn’t there, but he as well as his wife need to remember the victim and the families that have been destroyed by this chain of events. It is imposible for me to rationalize the act of taking a life.

  33. Donnie Frier seemed like a nice young man. I’ll say a prayer for him and his family tonight. My heart hurts for his parents. Why does the world have to be so cruel?

  34. I could give a crap less about some dumb azz prison love story. Makes me sick. How about the victim that will never love again. Both dicks should have gotten the needle for what they did. No sympathy here.

  35. Thank you for stating the obvious to Jane!! You know she won’t see it as you have stated it but someday, God willing, she will wake up and see the ignorance that has taken over her common sense. She can’t see that no matter how often she says it aloud, what her husband did will never be right, a tragic injustice that should never even try to be defended by her, will never be able to be justified, will never lessen the families sorrow. Julie: shut up.

  36. You are sooooo condescending it is pathetic. Why don’t YOU go save someone on the outside, instead of telling others to do that. there are THOUSANDS of children who have been raped, beaten and brutalized by a parent but don’t turn to violence to make themselves feel bette, like your husband says and uses as an excuse. You deserve who you married.

    • This show needs to come off the air.. All u hear is ” oh poor me, I didn’t do it, boo hoo….some idiot is talking about writing the presidents wife. Gee whiz where do theses peeps get off? Oh yeah behind those little doors lol. Sorry lost it for a sec

  37. My life: Well said.

  38. If you “wouldn’t change your life for anything” then stop trying to get him out of prison. Jane, you are so very naive, you think you KNOW that he loves you and we don’t. men USE women and women use men to get them out of prison, all the time. What a smuck.

  39. Obviiusly you have no self worth or you would not be married to a man you cant have. My husband died, the love of my life, and why should he live after killing someone? My husband was a saint and the love of my life and a killer lives, I just dont get it. Thats why Im agnostic, how can God let him live with a wife and my wonderful guy is dead. I agree, we must feed him and house him with our taxes and he does not deserve to live never mind have a wife and child. You are both very sick people. He is way too good looking to be with you, if he were free he’d never even look at you. My God girl, get a friggin life.

  40. Ok had enough of this mess . Take care peeps

  41. Just came across a re-run of the show Prison Wives and wondered if Joshua Bailey ever got his appeal and also if he and his wife had a baby? It’s a very sad story about Donald and I’m sure if Joshua Bailey had of been innocent then he would not be in prison. RIP Donald.

    • Amanda,

      Not to be rude, but nothing Joshua Bailey and his wife want matters here. Only justice and Donald. But, to my knowledge, neither have happened, nor should they.


    Was he arrested for murder again? It says on 12/9/2010 he was arrested for first degree murder.

  43. I know it might be “rude” but seriously janes parents need to bitch slap some sense into their daughter. F you and your husband , he deserves nothing and you should be ashamed of trying to I put a killer back into society.

  44. If this this is released from prison, do you honestly believe he’ll stay with her??

    I highly doubt it.

  45. Quite frankly Jane and Josh deserve each other. They both seem unable to understand the seriousness of the crime and the permanence of death! If Jane could, she would not marry a murderer, trying to release him, and trying to have his biological child. All of that screams selfish, especially where Donald Frier’s family is concerned. Imagine- and heaven forbid- a member of her family was brutally killed, I doubt she would want the murderer procreating or getting married and having a life. Her lack of sympathy for the victim’s family is astounding. Even if Josh didn’t hold the victim’s head down, he premeditated his actions by waiting for the man to finish his shift (most people with rage issues would have calmed down in that time and walked away), then beat him to the point that he was unconscious and therefore unable to defend himself from the further ongoing attack. If I was josh and I knew my direct actions contributed to a man’s death, I would be so remorseful I would NOT be trying to find evidence for my release or make excuses. I would think I deserved my punishment. Excuses show a lack of guilt. Drunk, young, bad family, new man, etc, if I caused someone’s death I would face my fate. it would be the least I could do. I would also use the airtime to at least apologize to the victims family. Using it instead to get himself free, blatantly throwing his religion in our face (a five year old’s way of saying “look at me, I have changed”), getting married to a woman blindly in love with him that she will defend him to the death are all characteristic of a very selfish man. It is all about him. He doesn’t deserve Jane’s love and he certainly does not deserve freedom and having children of his own. Nothing hurts the way death does- to never see, hear, touch, or smell the person you once loved, to not truly know if heaven exists but hold on to that comfort- nothing hurts like that. How dare Josh take a life, and how dare his wife try and free him because she wants babies! The audacity!

  46. My cousin Nathaniel wasn’t a bad man , he made a bad choice with a person that bought him alcohol in the first place , he is very sorry for the involvement in what happend nothing can change what he did all he can do is ask for forgiveness and pray . And we are related to the friers by marriage I know Roy frier just ask him .

    • Yet your cousin participated in a beating that resulted in the death of a human being. He didn’t even serve the full 20 years he was sentenced. He should still be in prison until 2020. :/

  47. Joshua Bailey is my uncle. It is horrible what he did but he is a new person. He was a teenager when it happened who was constantly beaten by his step father. This is no excuse, but he is not a monster. He deserves to be in prison but he HAS changed. His accomplice is already out of prison even though they had equal part in the crime. How is that fair? I’m just saying if you don’t know what someone has been through in their lives, don’t judge.

    • Personally, I do not believe either one should ever get out of prison. They killed an innocent person, one who never hurt them. It does not matter to me if Joshua has changed. Prison is not just for rehabilitation. It should also be a consequence of one’s actions.

      However, that being said, there is a huge differences between the two. Nathaniel Gates pled guilty, so he got a 20 year sentence. Joshua Bailey, on the other hand, went to trial and got convicted. That is why Joshua got life and remains in prison (probably for the rest of his life)

    • We don’t have to judge the jury did that for us. It doesn’t matter what happened in his life, you kill you go to jail. That’s that.

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