Shooting at University of Alabama – 3 dead, 3 wounded *Biology Professor Amy Bishop charged with the shootings*

remembering the victims

Dr. Gopi Podila, Chairman of Biological Sciences
Dr. Maria Davis, Associate Biology Professor
Dr. Adriel Johnson, Associate Biology Professor
Dr. Joseph Leahy, Associate Biology Professor (survived, critical)
Dr. Luis Cruz-Vera, Associate Biology Professor (survived, stable)
Stephanie Monticello, Staff Assistant (survived, stable)

3 killed in shooting at University of Alabama in Huntsville2
Shooting at University of Alabama at Huntsville Kills 3, Injures Several
Professor Charged in Shooting Deaths on Ala. Campus
Professor charged in Alabama university shooting
Ala. prof accused of killing 3 in tenure dispute
No change in status of wounded
AL blog stories tagged for UA shooting
Update: University of Alabama Rampage *Amy Bishop pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*
Breaking News: Amy Bishop charged in brother’s 1986 shooting death, finally

Amy Bishop arrest

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  1. It had been only students….now faculty are getting in on the campus killing fest. Just keeps happening and getting worse. Though I don’t believe guns are to blame…on the contrary, I think these folks might think twice about going on their killing spree if they knew that some students might be carrying as well.


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