Update: Dorothy Dixon murder *Michelle Riley sentenced to 45 years in prison*

It has taken 2 years to get just one person convicted in this horrible murder. Just one conviction. So far, that is. Hopefully the others will come soon. Michelle Riley, considered the ringleader, received only 45 years in prison. However, she must serve every single day of that 45 years, no parole. She will be around 80 years old when she gets out. But of course, she thinks that is an unfair sentence since there were other people involved as well. I wish she would have said this to me. Personally, I believe they all should have received the death penalty (since this was a case involving horrible torture to a pregnant woman) or at the very least, LWOP. I think Michelle got off easy. She seems to really forget that at the heart of this, there was a human being that was tortured to death. Needlessly. And that human being was a pregnant woman. Her unborn child was murdered as well. Obviously these sociopaths did not consider either one a human being, so of course they complain that they have to pay the piper. Well, Michelle, why not complain to Dorothy’s family and loved ones about how you got a raw deal. See if they have any sympathy for you. Hell, complain to me and see if you get any sympathy. But honestly, you may not want to waste your breath. Dorothy and her unborn child have my compassion. Now and forever. And never forgotten.

Dorothy Dixon murder 1/30/08 Alton, IL *Beaten and tortured by “friends”*
IL woman sentenced to 45 years in torture killing
Alton woman gets 45 years in woman’s murder
45 years for Alton torture-murder of disabled, pregnant woman
Woman in torture case gets 45 years
Update: Dorothy Dixon murder *All charged in her murder convicted; Adults all sentenced to prison*

Judy E. Woods
Benny Wilson
Michelle Riley
Michael Elliott
Leshelle McBride
(and a juvenile – who received probation for his part)

4 Responses

  1. RIP Dorothy Dixon.


  2. I hope and pray these animals are exposed to general population once in prison. There is a justice system in prison that begins when animals like this begin their sentences. And it will not go well for any of these monsters. They will certainly get a taste of their own medicine.


  3. Any info on Michael Elliot? Who in the house did he have a relationship with and what was his part in the murder? All I heard is he did not live there and got eight yrs.


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