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  1. I am always amazed that they can show a photo of what someone will look like in 20 years. Will be sure to check back often.


  2. In addition to MySpace, something should be put on Facebook. I know someone who found a person they were looking for on Facebook.


  3. There is an Andrea Durham McKay on Facebook. From her stats I read she is a Mormon.
    Was this woman (Andrea Durham) when a child abducted a Mormon? Were either of her parents Mormons? Did she know someone who was Mormon?
    Just curious.
    I just did an internet search for Andrea Durham and alot of times people put their maiden names before their married name.
    I don’t know if this is the same person or not though. It just brought some questions up in my mind, since in some Mormon groups the girls are married off very young.


    • Lauralee,

      I live in Mormondom and I am not sure what you mean by “some Mormon groups the girls are married off very young”. That is not the norm here at all (yes, I live in Utah). Girls are encouraged to finish high school and go to college. Many do marry after high school, usually around 20 years old. That is not very young. However, I think you are referring to polygamous groups, and those are NOT real Mormons. They are groups split off from the Mormon religion. The Mormon religion DOES NOT condone polygamy, as it is illegal, and they have started prosecuting people for it.

      Usually, Mormon girls do not use their maiden names when they marry. It is not even the norm to use a hyphenated name. Just the husband’s name.


  4. I am the son of the missing persons sister I know she was religious but I do believe she was Christian not Mormon thank you for your efforts though


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