Missing: Andrea Durham since 2/1/1990 from Fort Walton Beach, FL

Andrea Durham          age progressed to 30

Woman still seeks sister’s face in the crowd
The Charley Project: Andrea D’Anne Durham
A MySpace for Andrea
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Update: Donna Jacks murder *Husband, Richard Jacks, dies in custody*

Richard Jacks

Man Dies After Questioning In Wife’s Death
Suspect Dies While In Custody

Miguel Gomez murder 1/31/2010 New Castle, DE *Javier T. Morales confessed to stabbing

Javier T. Morales

Del. Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing
New Castle man charged in fatal stabbing

Cold Case: Maryland Jane Doe 1991

Who is Jane Doe?
Case File 237UFMD

Raymond Martir and James Ferguson murders 1/31/2010 Indianapolis, IN *Saul Blanco arrested for their shooting deaths*

9145 Central Ave

2 Found Fatally Shot In Indianapolis Home
Double homicide stuns family
Arrest made in Sunday double homicide
Man Arrested In Apparent Gang Slayings

Saul Blanco

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