Tetyana Nikitina murder 1/29/2010 Salt Lake City, UT *Mary Nance Hanson arrested for her murder*

Mary Nance Hanson

Woman shot and killed; 70-year-old being questioned
Woman arrested in fatal shooting in South Salt Lake
Teacher shot to death in Millcreek


Inmate Information
Booking #: 1005656 SO#: 333097
State ID: FBI:
COB: Kansas

Incarceration Information
Current Location: MAIN County: SALT LAKE
Current Housing Section: Current Housing Block:
Current Housing Cell: Current Housing Bed:
Booked Date: 01/29/2010 Release Date:

Alias Information

Detainer Information
There is no detainer information for this inmate.

Bond Information
Case #: Amount: $0.00 Status: No Bond Posted By: Post Date:

Charge Information
Case # Offense Date Code Description Grade Degree
01/29/2010 76.5.203 Homicide/Murder F 1

One Response

  1. Take a good look: this is happens when you let hate take over your life. Also, study Scott Roeder’s face, pretty much the same thing. The hatred, bitterness, ugliness is plain to see.

    Listen, I don’t contend that this is some scientific approach – of course it’s not! Some murderers look, frankly, kind of benign: Jeffrey Dahmer and Danny Rolling, for example. If you saw either of them on the street, you might think, “Hey, he’s a pleasant-enough looking guy.” Some of them look clearly insane (Charles Manson, Ed Gein.) Some of them make you uncomfortable, although you might not be able to explain why (John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos.)

    Still, I find it interesting how some murderers internal lives are easy to see on their faces. I study Scott Roeder’s face and I see the obsession, the inflexibility, the negativity, the self-righteousness. I look at this old woman (Hanson) and I see the hatred and preoccupation she had with her former daughter-in-law.

    On an unrelated note, however, pertaining to this particular case: I’m shocked that the authorities gave custody of her children to Ms. Nikitina’s ex-husband (Hanson’s son.) First of all, wasn’t there a history of abuse with this guy? Secondly, it just grates that this is is the very thing the old murderous bat Hanson wanted: for her son to have custody of the children. And lastly, I wonder what the son is now telling the children about why they are suddenly living with him – what, “Your mommy pissed off my mommy and so she shot her?” “Your mommy deserved what she got?” “Grandma’s NOT a bad person?” I’m sorry, but there’s something entirely wrong with this scenario. The court needs to REALLY examine where the best place is for those kids – not take the easy way out.


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