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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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The murder of Sylvia Likens *Was justice really served?*

My answer to my own question: No, justice was not served. This murder was torturous and heinous, one of the worst there has ever been. All of those involved should have either received the death penalty or received life in prison with absolutely no parole. Which means that Paul, John and Coy should STILL be in prison. I read on one blog where Coy’s child complained that people still did not like his dad because of this and even had the nerve to say that it was in 1965 – people should get over it. What the hell??? Give me a break. My anger was so bad I did not respond, but many others did. This was a person’s life we are talking about. She did not deserve what was done to her. And we should leave these monster’s alone? This child of Coy’s should be happy that they were even born, as Coy should STILL be in prison and there til the day he dies. He, as well as John and Paula should think every single day of their lives about the life that they took. I hope (but doubt) that they feel complete and total remorse for their actions, all of them. They all participated and did nothing to help Sylvia. I do realize that Gertrude was the one who was in charge and ordered them to do these things, but not one of them said no nor did any of them tell another adult or police officer or anyone of authority. They did not care about her. So, personally, I don’t care about them. I care about Sylvia, and am sad for the life she did not get to live, for her life cut way too short.

Sylvia Likens
Retro Indy: The Murder of Sylvia Likens, as told 50 years ago
Trials: Addenda to De Sade
Dark Destinations: The Sylvia Likens House
The Torturing Death of Sylvia Marie Likens (has a lot of photos)
Find-A-Grave: Sylvia Marie Likens
A MySpace for Sylvia
Sylvia (in the comments there are some interesting things said)
Yahoo Questions: Where are Gertrude Baniszewski’s children now?
Coy Hubbard’s obituary (funny thing, it does not mention he helped murder Sylvia)
Iowa teacher aide fired after school officials learn of role in 1965 killing
Central Iowa school aide, tied to 1965 murder, fired for falsifying job info
Sylvia Likens’ missing sister found in California
Wikipedia: Sylvia Likens

House of Evil: The Indiana Torture Slaying
Justice From Within, Serving Time With Gertrude Baniszewski
The Girl Next Door
The Basement: Meditations on a Human Sacrifice

An American Crime
The Girl Next Door

Those Involved:

Gertrude Baniszewski [1st degree murder; life in prison; spent 20 years in prison; changed her name to Nadine Van Fossan and died June 1990]
Paula Baniszewski [first conviction: 2nd degree murder; life in prison; overturned: she pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter; served 2 years in prison – married and moved to Marshalltown, Iowa. Her name now is Paula Pace and she has been working as a teacher aide, recently fired due to her participation in this murder]
John Baniszewski [manslaughter; 2 – 21 years in prison; became a lay minister & real estate agent and moved to Texas, changed his name to John Blake, married and has 3 children]
Richard Hobbs [manslaughter; 2 – 21 years in prison; died of cancer 4 years after being released from prison]
Coy Hubbard [manslaughter; 2 – 21 years in prison – has been in & out of prison ever since – rumor has it that he was acquitted of the murders of 2 other men also; died June 23, 2007]
Stephanie Baniszewski [charges dropped; changed her name and became a schoolteacher, rumor has it she lives in Floral City, Florida and teaches at The New Testament Christian Academy]

Others who participated in the torture/abuse of Sylvia Likens:
Stephanie Baniszewski [charges dropped; changed her name and became a schoolteacher, rumor has it she lives in Floral City, Florida and teaches at The New Testament Christian Academy]
Jimmy Baniszewski
Marie Baniszewski
Shirley Baniszewski
Anna Siscoe
Judy Duke
Randy Lepper
Mike Monroe

John & Gertrude
Coy Hubbard
Richard Hobbs
Gertrude after prison

Paula Baniszewski Pace


30 Responses

  1. Read about this case. It is really messed up. Gertrude Baniszewski is one really sick psychopathic paranoid nutcase.

  2. It is hard to understand the evil that some people are capable of. This pack mentality is very frightening. If one person had stepped up to help perhaps Sylvia would have had a chance.

  3. It scares me that these people are out in the world breeding more generations of perverse dangers to society.
    Sylvia never got the chance to have any children to defend her name like Coy’s son did his….”get over it”?? the guy’s daddy played part in the rape torture and murder of a innocent teenage girl….and the offspring of these monsters-who should never exist in the first place, think that society should “Get over it”, well it’s obvious that monsters breed monsters.
    they live on a farm and work as school a teacher, etc while the girl that they mutilated and tortured to death is gone forever resting under 6 feet of dirt while they get to live like nothing ever happened??….how *&#$@ scary is that??

    • I totally agree. How sad. =,(

    • This is so true!!!! When a child of a murderer says, “Get over it” another murderer has been created!! What a sick child..So in other words..Like father like son…The apple don’t fall far from the tree!!
      If a son can say that than maybe he thinks he can murder too and in twenty years say, “Well, get over it…It was 20 yrs ago when I murdered someone like my dad”! Sick uneducated low class low lives!!

  4. mylifeofcrime nailed it. Justice wasn’t served. For being, “The Worst Crime in Indiana” justice wasn’t served! 2-20 years in jail is like rewarding the Baniszewski family for the crime committed against Sylvia.

  5. i will tell you what needs to be done is the people that let these mother@#!$ers out of prison in indiana and if they are still alive. oh my god there is so much i would like to say that needs to be done to them, but i would get my butt in to trouble! oh god i so freaking pissed at our so called great and wonderful court system! i hate all people of the court system. you people suck! i hope all of you rot in HELL! now as for the killers them selves, holy crap i would fucking love to run into you one day you sumbags. hitler was a better person than you and your demon offspring. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!! THE COURT SYSTEM SHOULD BE BURNED TO THE GROUND AND BUILD A NEW ONE!

    • I agree with you… our court system encourages murders and criminals. I bet that if it was the judges mother, sister, daughter then something would be done. And the kids saying to get over it, makes me wonder if the parents traits didn’t rub off. Maybe they’re child abusers too.

  6. it was a sad event that took place with this young girl but i have to say this Sylvia has been dead over 45 years people need to focus on kids today and not one who died years ago and sometimes people can make a hero or Marta out of someone who does not deserve it ,and yes this poor girl was tortured and starved to death but there are kids right now starving to death and being abused so lets try watching and doing something for kids today and stop worrying about someone who died 45 years ago.

    • Andy,

      That is true, however, victims of any kind of murder should NEVER be forgotten. Sylvia should be remembered for the life she did leave. And we should all learn from this case how fragile life is. This is also an example of a case where justice did not really happen for this victim and her loved ones. And that is what my blog is about. The victims and justice. Neither should ever be forgotten, no matter how long ago it happen. If your loved one was murdered 30 years ago, would you want them just forgotten and be told that they did not matter?

    • it;s lovely that Paula was fired. She is old and won’t be hired by anybody especially now since she has been exposed!
      Gertrude was in jail for 20 years, Ricky Hobbs died at 21, John B died blind, Coy Hubbard in and out of prison then died 🙂 Stephanie teaching, (she is not fit to do this), Randy Lepper was disturbed according to reports and he died couple of years ago. As did Anna Siscoe (of cancer).
      That leaves Shirley, Marie, Jimmy, Judy Duke, Darlene Macguire Mike Monroe. Not sure what happened to these three neighbourhood kids and the three younger B kids. Does anybody know?

      Baby Dennis was the only innocent one, but I hear he died at 48 years of age, and he was diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder.

    • It is Sylvia’s case that shocked people and raised awareness

  7. Well put myliveofcrime! Present abuse or past abuse is still all wrong!

  8. Our justice system sucks. What, those ppl get to serve only 2 years in jail (or Gertrude gets a parole instead of finishing her life sentence) when like ten gazillion INNOCENT men have died under death penalty or are on death row???? wtf.

  9. Randy Lepper died last week. May he rest in peace!

  10. Ever since I saw “An American Crime”, I haven’t been able to forget about this little girl. I was born in 1965, the year she died. I’ve taken my share of abuse in my own life, although nothing like what she must have suffered. I think of this beautiful girl as an angel. I feel a little more at peace knowing she’s up there on my side. She’s on the side of all of us who ever suffered at the hands of others.I never knew her, but I know I love her. May she rest in peace.

  11. What Sylvia went through is so horrendous and heartbreaking, it will and should never be forgotten. I think the courts failed her terribly! The people that witnessed things and didn’t do anything or report it sickens me and failed Sylvia. They all got off to easy and it sickens me that any of them who tortured her are out there in this world free and having children, one even a teacher, thats crazy. I agree, Sylvia’s muder was torturous and heinous, one of the worst there has ever been. There are no words to describe how I feel. God Bless you Syliva, your with the angels now free of pain and terror.

  12. hell no justice was not served

    • I 100% agree. There is no solice in thinking that they are in a better place now. These people need to be properly dealt with – at the time of the occurence. No excuse, no bs. The fucking hammer must be dropped with authority.

  13. Y is stephanie allowed teaching credentials? This disgusting progeny of a waste of carbon is allowed to teach? What???????????

  14. That’s what I want to know, where is she teaching? I’d want to know if she was my kid’s teacher! No, no justice was served in this case. No way in hell should any of them been allowed on the streets again.

  15. well i know it shouldn’t, but it did…so if it makes any of u feel better too….at this time coy, john jr., hobbs and mama all dead. i see the original poster found coy’s obit too but i found john’s to be more disturbing as he claimed to be a minister yet his obit reads of the fake life he assumed hmmm thought u had ta come clean to get that close to God. and his children singing his praises as well, no mention of his monstrous legacy.

  16. I agree! death penalty should go to Girtrude and the rest life in prison. NO PAROLE! They should all happily die in prison, scorned and hated for what they did to poor Sylvia who was a beautiful young girl.

  17. Must be a special place in hell for these people. Thankfully, a few of them are dead and gone. However, a few are living lives they never should have been allowed to live. Also interesting that the women involved got harsher sentences than the men. Typical. The saddest thing is the life (Sylvia’s) unlived. How many other situations are out there where a psycopath is targeting a scapegoat. We need to speak up and teach our kids to not be afraid to speak up.

  18. Gertrude is dead people! So is Hobbs!

  19. I agree with the blog above

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