Monsters Among Us: Dennis and Delton Dowthitt raped and killed 16-year-old Gracie and 9-year-old Tiffany Purnhagen *Dennis Thurl Dowthitt was executed for their murders; his son Delton Thurl Dowthitt sentenced to 45 years in prison and now up for parole*

Gracie Marie and Tiffany Elena Purnhagen

Father, Dennis Thurl Dowthitt and son, Delton Thurl Dowthitt, killed 2 young ladies, one was Delton’s ex-girlfriend, the other, her little 9 year old sister. Dennis was executed in 2001. Now, Delton has a parole hearing coming up in March. After reading about what happened to these girls, I know that Delton should not be allowed out of prison. He pleaded guilty and received a sentence of 45 years (plus 7 years more for trying to escape at a later time). A sentence WAY TOO LIGHT for what he did. He should have been executed as well, or even LWOP. What especially angers me is that he still brags about committing these murders. And every time he is up for parole (every 5 years), it only tortures the family and loved ones of these two beautiful girls. But I am hoping that he will not be released on parole, but have to spend every single day in prison that he was sentenced to. It would keep him in prison until he is about 68 years old, if I have figure it out correctly.

If you want to send an email to the Texas Parole Board giving your opinion on this, here is the email address:

Delton Thurl Dowthitt was denied parole in 2010 and 2015. He is up for parole now (6/2021)

(I was not able to find a photo of Delton Dowthitt)

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Dennis Thurl Dowthitt – convicted, sentenced to death; executed 2001
Delton Thurl Dowthitt – convicted, sentenced to 45 years in prison; in parole review now (6/2021]

Dennis Thurl Dowthitt


No picture of Delton Thurl Dowthitt

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