Blake Jay Anderson killed while he was committing a home invasion in Midvale, UT

Blake Jay Anderson

Previous charges/convictions:
2007-03-23 Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
1998-12-18 Theft By Receiving Stolen Property [pled guilty – sentenced to prison]

He was killed with his own gun (which he should never have had) while committing a home invasion. He was a member of Soldiers of the Aryan Culture (SAC), which is a white supremacist prison gang.


4 Responses

  1. Good to see some immediate justice getting served on one of these perps for a change!! Amen!

    And with his own gun….fair is fair, he was probably gonna use that gun to kill someone else anyway…but he got it instead…some much needed fairness in life for the intended victim(s).

  2. Hopefully others in his Aryan gang will have the same fate. Nothing but trash blaming everyone else for their pityful lives.

  3. I read these comments, knowing so much more of the story and just sit in augh how truly pitiful these people really are, to assume that justice was served. If you only knew, it would blow your mind and you’d eat your words.

    • Dawn,

      If YOU really know what happen, (which means you were there too), then tell us exactly what happened. Was Blake Anderson not committing a home invasion? Is the home owner lying about what happened?

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