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  1. More punks breaking into a home and then killing the home owner, it didn’t have to be that way.


  2. This is a shame. Me and my family have been waiting for 6 months for this case to be resolved. I miss my sister. Still looking for answers to try to make sense of this tragedy. Love u nikki. R.I.P


  3. i am stephanie monica was my mom i cry myself to sleep alot and dont get alot of sleep. y would somebody do this to my mom even on christmas eve i want to find out who done this it is making my life horiable if you could comment on this to say that the person who done this to my mom needs to rot in prison for life. please comment


  4. my best friend is the oldest daughter of this women. it has been 3 years and the police that once seemed to care and seemed to want to find the answers to this case have basically given up…3 years..there was suppose to be DNA results and this family still has not heard anything…how can the police go home to their families at night with a clear conscious after 3 years and still not give this family answers. My friend and her family deserve answers!!!!


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