Pervert Alley: 100-year-old predator pedophile Theodore Sypnier released from prison

Pedophile Theodore Sypnier

This story angers me. This predator pedophile should not have been released. He was 90 when he was charged with raping 2 young girls. He should have been sentenced to life period. He is not going to change, not now or ever. I don’t care that he is 100 years old. He does not have any remorse for what he has already done. What makes anyone think he is “rehabilitated” and won’t do it again? HE WILL. He is a danger to the children of that community. And I hope no one is fooled by his age and thinks it will be okay. If he did it at 90, why not now?

Fears Over 100-Year-Old Paedophile’s Release
100-Year-Old Pedophile’s Release Causes Concern in Buffalo
NY state’s oldest sex offender free on parole

6 Responses

  1. he’ll be one of those old men who grope you when you get close enough.


  2. Thats ok Bonnie. All someone has to do is kick him in the balls hard enough and he’s a goner.


  3. These pedophiles have a sickness. I’m not so sure they can be rehabilitated, and certainly can never be trusted around children ever! Always have to be on the lookout when it come to your kids…be careful, even to the point of paranoia if that’s what it takes to protect our kids.


  4. I agree. And Bonnie, I’m first in line!


  5. what I don’t get is why we victimize children again by releasing re releasing and releasing again of these pervs. why the hell does the justice system have no balls to execute bastards like this. then again our justice system sucks ass with their band aid solutions which claim to work when in reality it’s a sick joke. ok I’ve seen one place and one man who seems to have gotten it right but it sux we don’t have it everywhere else around the counrty. I wish we had a sheriff Joe Hardass Apario in every county in the country.

    in states without southwest weather hell bus them all down on a greyhound to do their time it would cut some cost to states to send them down to the tent camps


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