Rochester Christmas killings 2008 *Jaquan Clark convicted and sentenced to 115 years to life for killing 4; Judge calls him “epitome of evil”*

Donald MacMaster, 62 [12/26/2008]
Jeffrey Szymkowski, 33 [12/26/2008]
Arielle Griffin, 17, [12/26/2008]
Alfredo Ocasio, 37 [12/23/2008]

This Judge tells it like it is:

“These savage acts occurred with personal satisfaction to you. … You are the epitome of evil, plain and simple,” Judge Francis Affronti told high school dropout Jaquan Clark before imposing a minimum 113-year sentence on consecutive murder and gun counts.

Hon. Affronti noted Clark’s demeanor throughout the trial. “You appeared to be sternly cold and callous, even during the most gruesome medical testimony…and photographs of multilated bodies. Your heinous and sadistic crime spree ranks as one of the most ghastly ever. These acts occurred with personal pleasure and satisfaction to you…You massacred defenseless human beings like they were animals taken to slaughter.”

This is the harshest sentenced Jaquan Clark could get as he was not 18 when he committed these heinous murders.

Thank you Joel for the pictures!

NY teen gets life for killing 4 at Christmastime
Teen gets life for killing 4 at Christmastime
“Epitome of Evil” Sentenced to 115 Years to Life
‘Epitome of evil’ gets max sentence

Jaquan Clark – aka “The Epitome of Evil”

5 Responses

  1. Good bye a**hole

  2. I agree with the Judge…he is evil. I hope he never gets out after serving a few years…whether it’s 20, 30, 50…I hope they never let this guy out. Like the post above says…goodbye a**hole!!!

  3. he was wrong for what they convicted him of and who are we to judge him and call him names he was cool if you knew him. Everone maskes bad decisons he has to yake it up with god.

  4. ; Boy Am I Glad You Got Life. Not Only Did You Kill My Godsister Arielle Griffin’s Life But The Loved Oness Of Three Other Familiessss. I Dont Think I Can Hate Anyone As Much As I Hate You. Karama’s A Bi*Ch Huh ?

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