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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Avis Banks murder *Carla Hughes found guility of her murder – faces death penalty*

Avis Banks
Avis Banks

Hughes convicted of killing pregnant woman
Hughes found guilty
Hughes convicted of killing pregnant woman
Hughes convicted of killing pregnant woman
Archive: Avis Banks murder

carla hughes at conviction
Carla Hughes at her conviction


48 Responses

  1. “Wow” what a sad case. I’m only learning of this case today thru Trutv-Courttv. But I do wonder if Keyon Pittman could have had apart in Avis Bank’s murder. I find Mr. Pittman not attractive at all, and yet both of the women that loved him are beautiful. I wonder if Carla Hughes killed Avis Banks out of a “jealous rage” and does not remember it. Ms. Hughes cousin was smart because eventually that gun would have been linked back to him.

  2. Pregnant women are 10x more likely to die of murder than any other cause. From viewing the brief clip, it is clear that Ms. Hughes had poor defense attorney’s who presented weak arguments. My money is on the fiance, Keyon,…was he abusive to his girlfriend? Could he have set up Ms. Hughes by convincing her to borrow the weapons from her cousin? Could he have planted those shoes? This crime just seems too violent for a woman w/ no previous record to do. Seems fishy, I’m not saying she’s innocent, (think Amy Fisher), but I do think it’s worth revisiting. Plus, they are in Mississippi…. i’ll just leave it at that

    • I agree. He had a hand in this awful act. They both should be ashamed of themselves!

    • As for her lawyer, he stayed that he defends ppl who he knows did the crime. In so many words, he even believes she’s guilty. I knew and still know she’s guilty. Carla is exactly where she needs to be. As for Keyon, I don’t think he had anything to do with it. He was and prolly still is a narcissistic, cheating womanizing player. On the day of the murder, he was texting a married woman while conducting basketball practice. The woman was married and her son played on the team. One of these days, Keyon is gonna get killed messing around with someone’s woman. Karma is a bitch!

  3. “Mississippi” has nothing to do with this. Incidents of this nature happen all over the world. I’m an American living in South Africa, and I read of such occurrences globally every day.

    By the way, Mississippi is not my home state.

  4. I have been watching this case for a brief time, but just from watching, but as a person who has studied criminal justice I feel that there is a lot of reasonable doubt in this case and I really don’t understand how the jury could have come to the guilty verdict in such a short period of time. It has taken longer for a jury to reach a verdict in a lot less cases than this one. I also feel that her lawyers should have advised her to take the stand to at least say that she did not do do it so that would give the jury other things to consider. I don’t really know for sure, as none of us, but God, but my instinct tells me that this young lady was unable to commit a crime of this magnitude, at least not alone. Of course if she did have anything to do with such a terrible crime to any person she should be punished, but I pray that this jury has not made the wrong decision.

  5. I feel like Carla , Hughes may have been involved but I don’t think she masterminded this I think the main person of intrest is Keyon he wasen’t so innocent look at all the women he was fooling around with so I think he is in this up to his neck in this I feel so sorry for Avis and her unborn baby they were the innocent ones and as for Keyon he shoul’d have never been out here cheating and this never woul’d have happened.

  6. When will we learn,no man nor woman that you are having a sexual relationship with is worth going to jail. With all that education, not once, did she stop and think about her son…………now that’s sad

  7. Good points Honeydip. Unfornately, Carla Hughes fell for the “okie-doke”.
    Rule number uno: Never, EVER let a piece of a** get in the way of your freedom. Let’s all NOT act like Carla wasn’t smart enought to plan this herself. I mean, she is a school teacher, so we know she’s not dumb. (in a sense) What happened is she played herself in a way that she can’t recover from. The guy is probably sitting back crackin up right now. He used his “mistress” to kill his woman. Now that their BOTH gone, he can start all the way over with a new chick. Poor Avis, God bless her soul.
    I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for Carla. It’s just too bad she didn’t get the death penality. At the VERY least, I would’ve drug asshole cheater/boyfriend down with me. So, I guess in the end she wasn’t smart at all.

    RIP Avis and your unborn child.

  8. The first I heard about this case was today and it really caught my attention cause I would hate to see an innocent person go to prison, I don’t know what happened but it just don’t seem right and it makes u think about what could have happened like Keyon could have been involved with someone else and framed Carla so that he could be free from both women but if Carla did have something to do with the murder so did Keyon I just hope that if she didn’t do it the truth will come out soon and my prayers go out to both the family’s and to Carla.

  9. I just don’t agree with –she looks too innocent or she seems to nice of a person–the other lover had to help her..

    She got a KNIFE and a GUN from her cousin-returned the gun after she had been questioned in the case(slick)–her gym shoes had the victim’s blood on them..and in her questioning her crazy butt is STILL calling him her boyfriend…

    HE WAS NEVER HER BOYFRIEND..This young lady needs to be in prison for the rest of her life, she even cut Avis’s throat after shooting her numerous times, this was a crime of hate and jealousy. SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING.

    RIP Avis and child

  10. I don’t think she did this alone. I believe Keyon is involved in this as well adn he islatting her take the blame and if thats the case she is stupid for taking all the blame. he don’t give a damn about her.

  11. excuse the typos 🙂

  12. What kills me is that everyone wants to say that Keyon Pittman did it–BUT what do the facts say! Yes, he is a low-down dirty dawg. There is no doubt about it. But all the circumstantial evidence pointed to her, not him.

    Since he was first a suspect, I’m sure the police investigated everything–including the evidence that got Carla charged and later convicted of murder.

    Ever heard of a crime of passion? Well, that’s exactly what this is. I think she got caught up in the emotions of love and jealousy (which can happen to both men and women) and cause some people to lose their freaking minds. There’s a T.V. show named after it, “Snapped”. When desperation sets in during an emotional time, even smart people like Carla Hughes can lose their mind and especially their common sense.

    And, they kept saying that Keyon didn’t want to be tied down with his impending marriage and child. Well, if that’s the case, why get married to someone else a year later? Unless, of course, he knows something (and told his new wife, which would be protected if they were married)–which I believe he does. I believe that Carla confessed what she had done to him after the fact.

    If Avis’ family is confident that he had nothing to do with her murder, what does that tell you – family usually get gut feelings about stuff like that.

    If Keyon Pittman had something do with it, he will get his in due time. Karma is a mofo. Remember O.J.? Yeah, he’s spending what will amount to the rest of his life–considering his age–in prison. No he didn’t get convicted of killing Nicole, but in the end–he got his anyway.

  13. Its clear that smart people do dumb s***. I don’t understand how a person could be so selfish.She never once thought about her son. Its such a sad case. The family of Avis Banks showed great strength during and after the trial. They are forgiving people.I don’t think i could be that forgiving.


    Please remember to read my comment policy or have common sense and courtesy before posting a comment. Writing in ALL CAPS is not allowed and I will not approve any comment, no matter how relevant, that is written that way or in text message language. Write in plain English. Please.

  15. Good she was found guilty, she killed an innocent, beautiful woman and baby in cold blood. She will pay.

  16. Her life was spared and she is telling people that somebody else committed this crime, and she claims she was framed. Guess it is much easier for her to lie to herself. I hope she is haunted every day for the rest of her life because she can not erase what she did. She knows she’s a murderer, which is why she is rotting in jail.

    Women like her who kill once, will kill again the first opportunity they get. She is a sicko and if she is ever granted a new trial, with her ungrateful self, I hope she is not only found guilty of first degree murder, but that she gets the death penalty.

  17. hEY, i just saw this show tonight on NBC dateline. What would happen if the murderer isn’t keyon or carla? What about a woman who wanted keyon for herself? he played around alot…. what about a 3rd person (unknown to the viewing audience) who who killed Avis and set up Carla for the murder?? it would have to be a real mastermind of deceit and evil. carla’s only defense when she talked to dateline from prison during an interview, is that someone was setting her up as the murderer. I described taht scenerio and it just doesn’t seem realistic or logical. I also think that Keyon wasn’t lying on the stand. I think he is a terrible excuse for a man, but i can’t see him doing that crime. for that matter, i can’t see carla. Unless she was so used to getting her own way and “winning” and going after what she wanted, that when she couldn’t have keyon, killed in a blind rage. that is the only thing i can think of……

  18. i saw this on dateline last night and after reading a few of these comments on here i beyond disagree. i think Carla is innocent as far as themorder is concerned. All evidence did not point to carla. first of all they found gun powder residue on HIS hands, witness say he left the gym and came back. he had keys to Carla apt and also has worn those same shoes on numerous occasions that had the blood spatter on them. he set that girl up. before her case even made it to trial Keyon was married to another woman. i believe she didnt rat him out because she had nothing of proof on him. she has a son and after knowing that she couldve have possibly gotten the death penalty for this crime i believe she would have told what she knew if she even knew anything. someone mentioned she returned the gun after she was questioned…No she returned the gun before questioning. i think that this case was poorly represented and that she should have taken the stand. i feel sad for all parties involved except Keyon

  19. This entire situation sickens me! They both need to be sitting together behind bars. Keyon is less than dog shit. His new wife is a new fool. What will happen to you when he gets tired of your dumb ass? This dog had a woman who loved him. She was ready to start a family, and a life long commitment to his shit. He like alot of other men, only was concerned with himself. But the biggest fool of all is Carla. I wouldn’t give up my freedom to protect an asshole. Girl you are the poster girl for STUPID!!! One good thing, you won’t kill for another man. Now that you are surrounded with women. I hope the face of Avis and her child is the only face you see in your dreams! As for Keyon, the Devil has a place with your name on it!!!

  20. Watched it for the first time last night also, on nbc. Recorded it on the DVR and watched it over 3times. Reasonable Doubt, what happened to that!?! GSR on the hands and he is let go? I do not think that either of their hands were on straight enough to commit this murder alone, however, together, yes! What do you think about him doing the shooting and her doing the stabbing? This is case has so many holes. All I know that if Horatio from CSI was handling this case, Keyon would not have walked~

  21. I saw this case on Court TV and was sad for everyone. This is a STRONG message for all women; you can not make a man be with you unless he wants to. If you know he is cheating, why continue to put up with it? Is the sex THAT good until you go temporarily insane over a dude who doesn’t give a damn about you? What was so disgusting was that he did not show his pathetic face in court. I looked high and low, no show!

    He is probably up to his old tricks again with other women. Karma is a Beyotch and trust me, he will get his!

  22. This is a very tragic case. This is what happens when women allow themselves to be manipulated by a man, another woman’s man at that. She incriminated herself by lying in the first place. If she did nothing wrong she should have been truthful in the beginning when the investigators initially questioned her. She lied about her relationship with him and about having access to a gun. She committed the crime and she should do the time. In addition she needs to confess her part in this, ask God for forgiveness so that she can move on with her life that was so graciously spared.

  23. I seen this on SNAPPED and i never in my life wished the death penalty on no one unless they were a child molester but in this case I did that man was not attractive @ all and they were so beautiful and now the bastards married…i dunno it was weird he called her before the police WTF…i think he played a part but when he sat in the court room and said he never seen anything long term with her it think she would have then told on him…i think she was really jealous and saw that life as the one she should have had…i dont have sympathy for her at all

  24. I’ve read all the comments, some good, bad, and harsh. I have studied Carla Hughes Case, It ‘s very true that if you give a person an inch they will take a mile!!! Her Lawyers were very weak, and presented a very weak case, Carla’s case should be appealled and she should be set free, I believe Mr. Pittman have trouble sleeping at night. You can run to a different state but your conscious will follow everywhere you go. Carla saddens me that she allowed her lawyers not to let take the stand and if you didn’t do the crime I will for sure go down with a hell of a fight!!!!** Let me paint this picture, Mr. Pittman has a key to Carla’s home accessed to the weapons. If a women gets attacked by another women even a gunshot to the leg there would have been some type of tussling or something this was a crime commited by a man, the blood on the shoe came from when Mr. Pittman discovered Avis’s body went down for questioning went back to Carla’s house that night and put the shoes back up in the closet, gun powder found on his hands not Carla’s Why there never found any bloody clothes of Carla??? Why no gun powder on Carla? How would Carla know exactly when Avis will pull in the driveway? Who could time Avis to get home better then Mr. Pittman? Passion Crime Please, If So Why She didnt commit the crime earlier!!Why never any altercations between Avis and Carla? Sometimes you have to go a lil deeper and pay a little more for a better experienced Lawyer! This is all my opinion Thanks

  25. After watching the case on Snapped I believe that Carla committed the murders on her own and the evidence backs it up however I do think that Kenyon knew about or knew Carla was going to do it. I heard from a close friend of Carla’s that she had been jokingly saying she would kill Avis if Kenyon married her. (Joke turned out to be real)Carla knows she is guilty because if she was innocent or if Kenyon helped her commit the murders then how come she has never once claimed that especially after he said in court that she was just sex. Right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of where you are from, education,or organization you belong to.God bless Avis and her Family.

  26. She got what she deserved and then some and she should have gotten the death penalty. I hate when people always try to bring up what a person use to be like and how good of a person they were. Listening to the beginning of Snapped shows that even her mother knew that she was having an affair with this man. With the evidence showing directly that the bullets matched the gun her cousin gave her and that it was empty when she returned was evidence enough to convict her trifling ass. I hppe that everyday she sits in prison she is being haunted by what she did and have a hard time sleeping at night. In no way shape or form do I feel sorry for her or her family because at least they know that bitch is still alive while Avis family have to deal with no only never seeing her again but not being able to hold their precious grand baby one which I am sure they could not wait to see. They also should have prosecuted the scum that she thought loved her because without him playing a key role none of this would have taken place

  27. I guess the even more sad thing about this ordeal because I also saw the case on Tru TV is that she don’t look like the type of person that would not only kill someone but in the brutal manner that she did all behind some dick. The guy was not even good looking as the reporter said he was average but not average enough to want to go and shoot someone behind as though if he was with her he would not do the same thing to her dumb ass. It amazes me how she could have been an honor student and done so much good in her life to turn out to be so damn dumb. She shot this girl 4 times one of those shots being in the head and then to turn around and stab her and cut her throat that has to the most evil thing another woman can do. She sat her ass there crying after being read the verdict as though she was the victim. I wish the court could let you beat the shit out the defendant instead of just giving your family impact statement… I hope she rots in hell slow

  28. Its a very sad story to me. I hate that this happened. These two women seem to have such prominant futures. This was a horrible crime. I can’t say that Carla is innocent because if she didn’t do it she knows who did and didn’t say anything. I find it hard to believe that a woman committed this crime. I have many doubts about Keyon. The GRS on his hands and calling Carla before he called 911 those two things were unjustifiable. I hate she didn’t have better counsel. This is a loose-loose situation. I have sympathy for both families.

  29. I think this case is sad and sick. First of all, what does a killer look like? How do they dress? Nobody knows this so for some to say she doesn’t look like it would be surprised at many people who are. Trust me I was, but back to this I think she did it and was jealous and wanted what that girl had and for people to say that Keon did it sickens me just because this man was a cheater doesn’nt mean he was a killer. Facts: His cell phone didn’t hit towers close to his home at any time until he found his girlfriend, but Carla’s did. Fact, Carla’s cousin placed her with the gun and knife not Keon, Fact, Carla wasn’t tested for gpr and he could have gotten it on him by him touching his girlfriend, but this case is just about common sense and facts and not values, morals, or ethics. She knew what she was doing because anybody who knew that they didn’t do something by themselves will tell it and she didn’t. Like I said common sense people.

  30. carla huges is a very dark and evil indivisual.she is a very scary person. there are people like this in our society every day who we dont seem to reconize until its too late.they often hide behind money and education.things that we as a people look up to… toward our means of success.all of this is very sad and unnecessary .to think that you would have to kill some one in order for some one to want you or to be accepted is very shallow.self esteem is very important in all of our lives and we need that at its highest level in our lives. we need to identify with our selves and know who we really are and learn to accept nothing less,most of all we need to be true to our selves and be able to accept reality…carla made a very bad decision in her life, that all the money in the world couldnt set her free nor could all the education in the world find a reason to.these are decisions that we sometimes learn the hard way.. .a lesson well learned is a lesson well earned. my heart goes out to the banks family and you will always be in my senseless…

  31. Shoes are used in crime. gun verified, knife not VERIFIED but added via witness testimony. Damn scary. I know these types. It is not Carla. Maybe a paid hire by one of them…but Carla does NOT FIT THE PROFILE OF THIS TYPE OF MURDERER. She is caught up in an affair. Simple as that an affair. Who hated Kenyon or Avis that much is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR HERE. Kenyon is not all that for Carla to except PRISON as a part of her educational career path. Why the hell she she had the within days of the murder and return it again if freakin scary.. but still does not fit her profile to be dressed in ORANGE the rest of her life. I have many conclusions but can’t get my mind around the damn GUN AND KNIFE in her possession. The shoes.. The print appeared on the door but NO where else with blood trail. a drop blood on the shoes… supspicious… planted ???? who knows. If you remove the gun from Carla it does not make sense. He could have stolen the gun and the shoes. How hard was the impression on the door. I know he was on the phone with Avis supposely when she pulled into the garage…blah blah. But, that does not remove him from a hire for murder… Was Carla that head over hills with a not that attractive, low paying man like Kenyon????? Sex and companionship was it for Carla. i want to WANT ANSWERS REGARDING THE DAMN GUN. HOW did Carla gun “bullets” end up in Avis body. SCARY!!! but still she DOES NOT FIT THE PROFILE PERIOD!!!!!

    • Even with your use of capital letters you fail to make sense.She doesn’t seem the type?you might know about low life thugs but you have no idea about the fact there isn’t a type of person that is able to commit a crime,you hear stories about educated ,loving mothers killing their husband or children in a moment of insanity,there is such a thing as Snapping,it s the inability to handle your emotions in a rational way which enables to overreact and lose touch of reality in order to reach your goal of interest.It’s rather naive to think she s innocent just because she s educated and attractive ( I personally think she looks cold),that perception is simply based on your personal opinion of how a killer should act like or look like,the law is based on facts ,and without a doubt she s guilty.She borrowed the gun and knife returned empty,her shoes had vic s blood on them,she was in the area at the time of the murder.she called Keyon before the killing and after the killing ,he wasn’t in the area if youbfollowed the case you would know it would ve been impossible for him to get to his house kill Avis and go back to practice within killing time frame.Did they plan it Together?of course they did,the reason why she won’t involve him it’s because that would cut every change of a new trial,she has already been denied one.She lied in different occasions which lead detcS to be increasingly suspicious of her.She done it.It’s obvious,no arguments.

  32. Prosecutors are so damn lazy and narrow-minded. I can’t understand how police with little education are able to convince them to go to a JUDGE get warrant for Carla and not KENYON. I got the gun, i got the knife, i got the timeframe. I DON’T GET THE MURDERER. Carla would gain nothing from KILLING Avis. Nothing. Kenyon is just that NOTHING. Why the hell she had the weapon and the shoes in her possession will f….king haunt me. I need to hear from her. Why. Where the blood in her car… in her house… on her clothes. She left work at 4pm killed Avis at 5:30, after breaking into the house like a MAN (KICKING) in a door. Bullshit. Killed her brutually with no blood trail back to Carla… and home by the time Keyon came by from the grocery store. Take away the Gun and shoes YOU GOT NOTHING. Easily they could have been used by anyone. Why THAT DAY. Why go by Carla’s house that day. Why call Avis at that exact time. I would love to see CELL PHONE CALLS to anyoine by BOTH KENYON AND CARLA for the month leading up to the MURDER. Damn where he was at time. We know those stories fall a part all the time.

    • You re insane.Carla didn’t have a motive?you are kidding right? She wanted to be with Keyon and Avis wad in the way .as for opening the door with a foot? She s a very well fit woman,If she had the energy and rage to committ a brutal homicide she had the strenght to kick down a’s really not that hard,she simply hasn’t realized she would have left a shoe print while kicking the door.If we take out the fact she borrowed a gun and returned it empty giving a pathetic excuse for it,if we take out the knife that borrowed and Never gave back,if we take out the fact she had blood on her shoes,take out the fact she was in the area at the time of killing,if we take out she wAs in love with Keyon,if we take out the fact she was obsessed with him,that although he s a low down dog she s a homewrecker,if we take out all that then she d be innocent.Oh let’s not forget all the lying to the police about not having access to a gun ,whoa come on if you had nothing to hide why would youvsay that?

  33. this is a very sad case of jealousy. no matter how educated,smart, or good reputation anyone may hold, jealousy CAN destrpy. I”m not saying all all that Pittman did not know or manipulated her to do what she did. On the other hand,I strongly believe that she did it . She felt in love with him, which that was her mistake, because she should of never felt for someone who was taken and still stayed in the relationship. He was a womanizer, unfaithful ugly piece of shit. Carla, your future was too bright for him. Bot that”s what we get when we don”t guard our hearts. I hate it so badly that Avis had to die the way she did and lose her baby behind it. She did not deserve that. Carla was wrong, dead wrong for taking that lady”s life. If Pittman had his part in it and she sat there and did not open her mouth tnen that”s her dam problem. I no she wasn”t that dam stupid to not spill his skeletons after he sat there n dissed thier relationship on the stand. She was a school teacher but that just goes to show us all, that doesn’t mean that all our decision will be smart. She did it and she deserved the death penalty. The way Avis was murdered that wa s so cruel. She had the smarts and look to go out there and get any man she dam well pleased. She rather pick up a wanna b player. I bet she has no dam mcontact with her nad don”t even think about her at all. He used her for sex. He has married and gone on with his life and she sitting back back and yes that crime is bothering her, don”t think it isn”t. She did all that for a man who would of never even married her because if she would of not comitted those crime, he would of stayed with Avis,I believe. He just liked to jump around from woman to woman for sexual purposes. I wonder how Carla feel now after she have throw her son, career, and life away over a fucking NOTHING…someone now who doesn”t exist in her life

  34. The guy gets his ‘flirt on’ with Avis and then she is pregnant. All the while he is carrying on. He is allegedly on his way home when he calls her parents. He knew Avis was already dead. He has residue on his hands. He poses and wails as if he cares. He knew her schedule and he staged it like the moron he is. It is a ‘no-brainer’ regardless of the female teacher’s involvment with the moron, he is guilty.

  35. Im very sad about what happened to that young lady and her unborn child but the women responding the guy had something to do with it on here wont face the facts of the case. If this had been kenyon murdered by a jealous lover of his fiance none of you wouldve even thought she had something to do with it. But because he was a poor future husband that means he had something to do with it and if he is a cheater he must be a killer. Believe me if he had planned this, carla’s butt wouldve been on the stand singing like a canary.

    Watch snap……..women kill in cold blood every day as a matter of fact I know women who would do this and then claim they were not in their right mind at the time.

  36. This case has bothered me the first time I saw it featured on a true crime show. What is truly sad is that so many of us raise our daughters to be successful in life (meaning get a degree, the good job, the man and the children). Many of these women feel a sense of entitlement and that the rest of their lives should fall neatly into place as easily as the degree and the good job did. However, many are sadly watching their biological clock tick and prince charming is no where to be found. The deep frustration by being unlucky at love when you seem to have everything else going for you has left a lot of women painfully bitter. They are especially bitter when they lose the game of love to another woman who they believe is not of their caliber. Believe me a lot of women who have book sense don’t have an iota of commonsense. I believe this to be true for Carla Hughes I think she got became obsessesed with winning her lover at all costs. When you spiral down that hole the best of people can do things completely out of their character. Most are able to disassociate from their actions entirely because it doesn’t even fit within their own frame of reference. I don’t believe Carla believes in her own guilt. I believe Keyon aided her in motivating her to do this crime and all she saw was her getting what she wanted when it was over – Avis and her baby out of the way so she could be with Keyon. These women who feel a sense of entitlement about everything in their lives can be some of the most vicious and vindictive people you could ever meet. They can go from bible-totting to gun-smoking in 10 seconds flat! Keyon played this woman and she’s not talking because she still feels she can get out on appeal. Once all her appeals run out – then – she just might bear all. Keyon did not get away with murder a life sentence or death penalty pales next to eternal damnation!

  37. I think that this poor girl was framed. I watched this on snapped and I bet she is innocent!

  38. I think and only my opinion!when carla got dump by her fist baby daddy that she was not going to lose the man again. Which fueled the next relationship. You don’t go from prom queen to killer over night. I do believe that the guy with his ugly bolb headed had something to do with the murder. You have a phone but you run next door 4 help waisting time. Wanting her to die. If that’s a friend I don’t need enemy do you. I can go all day but I’m mad. Three lives are gone and the idiot won in the end. Or did he god will win. I hope he get man justice first.

  39. This lady was so arrogant and q social pathos personality, ma’am you are where you need to be.

  40. on all of the photos that I’ve see of Avis and Keyon she’s smiling he is not.
    He does not seem happy about the situation at all. Looks like he know something.

  41. Did Keyon have any defensive wounds that he’s hiding? That would be another way to show that he’s guilty of murder if he did the stabbing part of the crime. Also she could have done the shooting and he could have done the stabbing if they killed her together unless Keyon had the strength to carry this murder out alone.

  42. I’m not GOD, but Carla got what she deserved. I’m pregnant with my first child, so for half you bitches to say “she’s innocent ” go jump off a bridge. She took TWO lives, wtf did the baby do to her? Nothing.

  43. This just breaks my heart she needs every punishment is given to her but NO WAY should the husband be walking free I find this not to be a random act.

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