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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Avis Banks murder *Carla Hughes on trial now; case going to jury probably today*

Avis Banks
Avis Banks

The Capital Murder Trial Of A Former Jackson Teacher Is Set To Begin
Carla Hughes Double Murder Trial Begins
Prosecution plays recording of Carla Hughes interview
Saturday testimony in Carla Hughes murder trial
Prosecution rests in Carla Hughes case
Bloody shoes tie Carla Hughes to crime scene
Jury deliberations near in murder trial
Hughes trial may call final witness today
Jury in Hughes trial to get case today
Archive: Avis Banks murder

carlahughes in court
Carla Hughes


35 Responses

  1. I don’t believe she did it because Carla was found with her pants down. A woman would not pull her pants down. There was a break in before the murder which explains the gun and the knife. Her boyfriend came to her house all of the time. He could have brought the shoes. I wear my husbands cloths and shoes all the time. That does not make me a murderer. That certainly doesnt make her a murdrer. She has no crimanal background. I believe it was a man. Her boyfriend Im sure came to her after the murder for support. He was the suspect. How does he hug a dead bloody body and only have a speck of blood on it. It is to much doubt. I would not charge her with this crime. I believe he killed her cuase she was pregenant and he wanted his freedom. I am a teacher and I am positive shes inconnent.

    • Tinika,

      Actually a woman would pull her pants down and it has been done before. It is a trick to try to throw the cops off, making them believe it was a man rather than a woman. But, you have very valid points and good observations. I do suspect the boyfriend as well.

  2. This ws on Tru Tv yesterday they were showing live feed from the trial. It sound skeptical to me to. Either she or the boyfriend could have done it. They both have mean and motive.Carla could have wanted him to herself and he could have wanted to get rid of Avis to be with Carla

  3. She borrowed and returned the murder weapon, how can that be explained away? She had sex in this woman’s home and in her bed with her man…she wanted to be Avis Banks….Her mother testified she new both Keyon and Avis, and you accepted your daughters behavior? I have two adult educated daughters and NO, I don’t think so! It is my understanding that Carla is the result of an affair her father had and her “mother” who testified adopted the baby that her husband created with another woman…Twisted from the gate…My prayers go out the the Banks family, “they” are the biggest losers!

  4. Tinika, you statement sounds so sexist to me, cause your basically saying only a male would get caught with his pants down. Im not saying she did it, but i get tired of hearing sexist, racist, and favoritism statements…. Oh, shes too cute, and shes a teacher, and well she went to school, cause that don’t mean shit

  5. Excuse me Denise, but is that really necessary? The woman has already been found guilty and may be facing death, and who is really sure that she did it? I know you can’t be, there wasn’t enough evidence. So now you are going to drag out in the open her parents’ private life.. whatever may have happened in the past, is really none of your business. What you heard doesn’t mean a thing.. that is called “hearsay” and besides don’t you think the Hughes family is also going through a lot right now for you to be so tasteless shows a lot about you as a person. I believe it was 100% Keyon and Bridgette. I found it very unusual for Keyon to wear her shoes.. EVER. What man does that? Seems like he had been planning for a while he just had to get the right time. And it also seems strange that this woman that he had an affair with also, her husband knows they had an affair.. did he know then? What normal man would have let her come testify to save an ex-lover’s tail, when she had cheated on him with the guy? Keyon and Bridgette’s plan went very well indeed. Amazing what such asses can do. Also, Keyon and Bridgette were also missing at the time of her death. Hmm where were they? What about the balls he lied about? What about the knife.. she brought back the gun to him.. if she was going to get rid of the knife, wouldn’t she have also gotten rid of the gun..

  6. Also, she came there looking all up in Carla’s face and giving her stanky looks the whole time.. seemed like she finally got her revenge to me

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but on the night of her death wasn’t he with Bridgette?

  8. This is another case where a black women has let the shortage of black men affective not only her life, but others as well as her family.

    we as black women are so sad and broken that we are willing to do anything just to have a piece of a man, and what does the black man do, stick his little stick in a ton of other women showing he does not give a damn about us,

    and who do we take it out on—each other–shame on you Carla for being so stupid, he used you, you knew he was screwing other women and did not give a damn about either of you, but you took it to another level and that’s what is frighten.

    what has become of us Black Women or we so desparate, sad and lonely that we are willing to sell our own soles for a penis

  9. Very well said Diane…my prayers are with both families.

  10. I personally believe that she did murder her! My brother dated(Carla Hughes) while they attend USM together and he said, “she was very controlling, obsessed,and always wanted to know his were abouts”! Justice was served!

  11. I agree with you 100% Diane.

  12. You don’t convict a woman and hold the death penality over her head unless you have some damn good evidence.
    Unfornately, when something like this happens, past family business, kept secrets, skeletons in closets, etc….all that is out the window, and your family business is FAIR GAME for anybody who wants to know about it. I think sleeping with someone else’s man who has a PREGNANT FIANCE, and killing OR participating in the killing of the pregnant fiance is way more major than having your business exposed of being the “love child” of an affair. People inquiring or offering information about that subject, that should be the LEAST of Carla’s worries. What pisses me off is that asshole/boyfriend is scott free, to maybe plot on another “desperate” female.
    Did you honestly think that this so-called man would be yours after Avis was gone? If he loved you, he would of simply left Avis and got with you. Any man thats ok with someone not only killing his “woman”, but his unborn child, needs to be locked in a cell right across from you. That way you can greet each other every morning, look into each others eyes, and realize how stupid they both are.
    RIP Avis and baby.

    • I just need to make a comment. As women black or white we should NOT disrespect our self or each other when it comes to ANY man or men. My heart goes out to both family and Carla. I often wonder what the heck was she dealing with, within herself to have fallen let alone continue in a relationship with Keyon once she find out he was a married man. When will WE realize when we step into a relationship with a man who already have a significant other whether it be a girlfriend, boyfriend or wife……..He will not be true and honest with US and whatever happens WE deserve it.

  13. Only God knows the truth.Only God suppose to judge.So who are we to judge? Lets get back to living the ten comandments.Everyone who repents,and ask for forgivness will be saved.If they know God.

  14. I thank carla did it, her mother clarified something, about carla, she said that carla had been dumped days before a planned wedding, of hers (carla). This time she was not gona lose her man at no means. Who lost was her special needs son he lost, big time, then again if carla was this sick and messed-up in the head, maybe the baby did not lose, maybe he will be better off, now carla can ejoy some women company in prison not no penis, this is what she deserve. so be it

  15. CARLA IS INNOCENT!!!!!! The boyfriend had splatter on his shirt. Splatter comes from forceful entry into someones body, by way of stabbing them or shooting them. Holding her would have caused him to be drenched or soaked with blood. Why weren’t there any cuts on the Carla’s hands if she cut the victim up?? Where is the knife??? He Said the garage was down, how did the suspect get out, and why didn’t he pull up in the drive way as a normal resident with would, instead he pulled along side of the street. If he liked her enough to take the bike back and forth, he surely would have taken ANY valuables including the shoes or weapon, just as someone who is a friend that you trust would be able to access any of my property, you know, the ones that you don’t take care of your property. Kenyon (what ever the woman eaters name was ) HAD GUNPOWDER ON HIS HANDS!!! HE DIDN”T SAY HE WENT HUNTING, HE SAID HE WAS PLAYING BASKETBALL………WITH A GUN and GUNPOWDER DUDE??? COME ON!!!!!!!!
    I think the sex was so good in Memphis, and other women he had he wanted something EXCITING!! Avis mother said he was bored when with teh family, stepping out to take phone calls etc. He was probally waiting to get back on that adrenaline rush of Motorbike riding! Carla clearly had his interest, not the other way around. She didn’t need him as most girls without a father would, She had a very supportive Daddy figure! Apparently she could deal with disappointment or else the father of her 2 year old at the time would have more than likely been the apple of her eye, yet she got over him, and still had a successful life with a degree. The Ratio of MALES to FEMALES IS LOW!!!!!! There are about 5 women to everyone man in Mississippi. TRUST ME I KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!!!! I feel as though the last murder, Where the Hughes female was tried and freed, set a bad example for another this Hughes girl. I believe that Carla should be freed just as Brian Hughes wife was cleard in his murder which seemed to be a open and shut guilty verdict. FREE CARLA!!!! Keyon saw CARLA’s Class, and Pagent wining trophies and saw the same thing the judges at the pagent saw……FLAWLESS BEAUTY!!! FREE CARLA HUGHES!!!!! Heart goes out to family of the victim, but Keyon was should have never crossed ANY ones daughters path!!!!!

  16. Unlike alot of people, I really know that Hughes Family, and yes people change as they grow, but their is no way in the hell Carla Hughes killed this lady, like Ms Hurricane said, Keyon found a good girl with GOOD CREDIT, OWN PLACE, and was free to do more than, (RIP) Avis Banks, and he used that, being a man myself, as child we do childish things, and as a man, we do away with childish things, and Keyon wasn’t ready to do so, and at the price of life, Avis life was taken on bullshit, that he did, even if he didn’t pull the trigger, which i feel, believe, know in my gut, that he had something to do with it, SO I SAY, FREE FREE FREE CARLA HUGHES, we love u baby, DON’T LOSE HOPE, WE’RE COMING TO GET YOU…

  17. I thinnk if this situation would have happened anywhere in beisdes Mississippi we would have a clear and satisfying answer. Im from Mississippi and i can say our system is not as advanced as any other. I dont think Carla had any invovlment in the murder. There are alot of facts that support this he parked on the curb…well why this is your home isnt it. He had blood on his shirt in the form of splaters well if you hugged her why is there not a big spot….cell phone towers are not exactly placed in a particular spot they are looked at according to distance but how do we kno that carla was near the home but not near enough to actually be placed ther. There is a big picture to look at. Keyon Pittman was cheating on his pregnant fiance and was “cheating” on his girlfriend with another woman and who knows what other women where involved with him, and why a year after the murder he was “happily” married to another woman. If something like this happened to someone who was carrying your child and you planed to marry you wouldnt move on that quick unless your feelings were totally fake. I kno we need to move on but that fast…this man is sneaky and cant be trusted. I really want to see Carla innocent but she could have done this with his helping hand. Last and final Carla was a mother and she knew how it felt to have a child and in her case a child with special needs, i dont think she would have taken that joy from another woman who was about to become a mother. Sometimes you have to be logical in these type situations she was a mother before anything and that is strong title i certainly hope she wasnt one of those types to put a man before their child but how could she seeing that she was a teacher and loved kids. Carla might not be innocent but I tell you that Keyon Pittman had some involvment. Prayer is always the key so I advise Carla and both families to pray and ask that God shows the truth in some kind of way

  18. Did Keyon aid and abet Carla in the killing?

  19. Would a guilty person scream “These motherfuckers think I had something to do with this!” like Keyon had when the authorities thought he had killed Avis?

  20. He took their groceries to Carla’s because if he had left them, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT “RED-HANDED” He had the groceries at the house…said he picked them up for Avis. The guy never stopped…probably still at it.

  21. Well, I read that Keyon said that he did have some responsibility for Avis’ death. Although he says that he didn’t kill her, he feels that his infidelity played a part in her death. Does that mean he’s guilty of murdering her if he did it?

  22. The fact that there was a break in the murder might mean that both Carla and Keyon did it.

  23. I just want to say, to all of the supporters of Carla Hughes, “Shame on you”, if you think somebody else did it! How much more evidence do you need? The part that I don’t get is; the defendant, (Carla Hughes) admitted that it was’nt even serious between her and Ol’ boy. She knew that he was’nt really tryin’ to be wit’ her “foreal”, so, why, did she then go and slaughter that beautiful black woman and child. I believe the answer is simple, she was jealous!! She wanted the dude, for whatever reasons, I’ll never understand, and, nothing was gonna’ stop her! And to the father of the unborn baby, “you’re lucky she did’nt kill you also! As far as I can see, this is yet another tragic case of what happens when people are’nt honest with one another. Let this be an example to all that; ‘some people are not to be played with”, just ask Carla!!! To the family and friends of Avis Banks, I hope you find comfort in the word of God and, just remember, you’ll see her and the baby again. R.I.P.— Black Queen

  24. When are we going to stop blaming the motive behind the murder and start pointing the finger at who actually did it? Just because the motive behind the murder may be seeing someone else instead of the defendant doesn’t mean that they automatically killed someone. Not all affairs lead to murder.

  25. Just how did Keyon get the gun and the knife if he had done this? Did he know Carla’s cousin who owned the weapons? Did Carla give the weapons for Keyon to use (if he acted alone) or give one to him and keep the other (if it was done by more than one person)?

  26. And wouldn’t Carla’s cousin be charged with conspiracy for giving her the weapons used in the crime?

  27. If the knife used in the crime was a kitchen knife then Keyon would have had access to a knife but how would he have gotten the gun that was also used to kill Avis?

  28. Haven’t you people heard of a contract killing? This is in case Keyon did kill Avis and Carla had knowledge of it and did nothing to stop him from doing it. Just putting out another possibility here.

  29. It’s because so many black men and boys are being killed for silly things like buying Skittles and soda for their younger brothers. When people stop killing black men and boys for these stupid reasons then there will be a lot of black men available for black women that won’t be cheaters like Keyon is.

  30. If Keyon did kill Avis did he do it firsthand or if he had enough money paid a hit man/hit woman to carry it out or pressure someone else (like Carla) to do it for him?

  31. To the person who said that Carla was controlling to their brother that dated her how did you get the defense to believe that about her?

  32. I think the real reason that Keyon had asked the neighbor to call 911 instead of doing it himself is that he probably was afraid that the real killer would force him to be quiet on who killed Avis and they would try to frame him for it because he was the fiancé he found her body and he had motive to kill her.

    • I’m from nj and I don’t think she did it I feel bad for both parties I believe the boyfriend did it I believe he put them shoes in her closet look at the boyfriend now he moved and married quickly I want to know if I can write her

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