Parents Gone Wild! LaRhonda McCall is a horrible mother

McCall Hamilton
LaRhonda Marie Pressley McCall Steve Vern Hamilton

Prior Victim of LaRhonda McCall
Ciara Pressley 1/26/1995 (2 years old)

This case really bothers me. This woman should not have had these kids after she starved to death little Ciara. Now, she had 5 more. When she pled to the death of her daughter Ciara, part of the agreement was that she give up to Family Services the children she was pregnant with (she was pregnant with twins, if I remember correctly). Did that happen?? She should have been monitored very closely, no matter where she went. And now as we all see, for good reason. If it is not bad enough to starve one to death, look what she has been doing to her teenage son. Pure torture. All of her children were afraid of her. That is not what I call a loving mother.

LaRhonda McCall Had More Than Skeletons In Her Closet ( a GREAT post – has a lot of information)
[UPDATE] LaRhonda McCall Charged with Locking Son in Closet, Torturing Him for 4 Years (another great post)
Woman accused of locking teen in closet once arrested in death of NYC child
Daughter’s death in ’95 sent Oklahoma City suspect to jail
Okla. boy’s sister says she feared reporting abuse

2 Responses

  1. she never was pregnat with twin. and i should know because im her oldest daughter. and she didnt STARVE CiCi to death as you so harshly put it. my sister was very, veery ill and she wasnt eating. now dont get me wrong, there were things that my mom could have done (which she obviously didnt) but she didnt starve her !

    • She neglected her children just like she did Bernell. Stop taking up for your sick mental mother. Leads me to believe that all her kids might have become mental just like her. You all are to blame for what went on in that house.

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