Update: Brooke Wilberger murder *Brooke’s body has been found; Joel Courtney revealed location as part of plea bargain; he pled guilty to her murder and received LWOP*

Brooke Wilberger

Remains of Missing Brigham Young Student Found 5 Years Later
Brooke Wilberger’s remains found
Brooke Wilberger Found: Killer Gives Location of Remains to Avoid Death Penalty
Brooke Wilberger’s remains found; killer pleads guilty
Wikipedia: Murder of Brooke Wilberger

Motives and Murders: An Angel Taken
FBI Criminal Pursuit: Predator
Dateline: Bringing Brooke Home

joel patrick courtney
Joel Patrick Courtney

4 Responses

  1. joel doesn’t deserve a plea bargain

    • Sally,

      The problem is that her body may never have been found if they did not do this. And her family apparently approved it also. Think of being the family of one whose body is never found. Even an execution would not give peace or closure for them. He may not deserve anything, but the family and Brooke did.

  2. I agree the plus is the closure for the family … seems like a high price to pay for closure … that man deserves the death penalty, not LWOP

    • I totally agree. This scumbag POS got just about eveything he wanted, the death penalty off the table and sent back home, I’m sure so he was closer to family. I have some things I’m hopefully of… NO ONE from his family EVER shows up for visits and that he gets a new boyfriends named Tiny… and it’s not an ironic name. The DA for the state gave into this POS way to easily.

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